27 January 2017

Our Week ~ 23 Jan 2017 Ramping up the subjects

The first few weeks back are, intentionally, slower as we start to ramp the subject material back up to use.
Neither the children or I enjoy a full on 'back to it' start in a new learning year.

This week consists of Jay, who turns 17 in a few days,  working with focus on the draft copy of a Research Paper, so that hopefully by the end of next week we can tie off NCEA 2 English: a year of correspondence school English has completely finished off ANY desire, from both of us, to do another year of English that way.   Shudder! ;-)

He's been reading through NCEA Accounting Level 1 and 2 books to prepare himself for working towards Accounting credits through Te Kura.
He asked that I subscribe The Whisper of Glocken to him, otherwise he won't get it read, and he wants to.

Jay, Dn and I have been pondering, praying and discussing Jays options for his last year of homeschooling - and today we finally managed to arrive at a settled end result with that.
No maths this year, he's finished.   (So proud of him!!)
No stand alone English courses this year - he'll be completing writing inside Business Studies, and Philosophy.

I've detailed what he, and Daisy, will be studying during 2017 in this post.

Daisy, 15 in a few days,  has eased back into educating at home without a hiccough.  She is such a honey ♥   2017 is her last year with me facilitating ALL her home educating choices... next year, 2018, she becomes a young adult student and starts working on achieving credits for NCEA learning standards  via the NZ Correspondence school, and only doing a few home educating courses.
English, and, Penmanship
This week she's completed a beautifully penned grammar review piece for English, which also ends her handwriting course  (she didn't get a chance to complete that last year and we both wanted her to).

She asked!! (which slightly gobsmacked me) to start working on NCEA topics/workbooks so that next year won't be as pain filled for her, as Jay's first year  using Te Kura appeared to be.  He's been rather vocal and supportive of her decision, and thinks it's a great idea, for her.... he said;   however,  he would never do that, even in hindsight.

She's being going through an NCEA History Level 1 Topic this week, and said she's enjoying it as it's a chance to review what she already knows about Nancy Wake during WWII.

The Hound of Ulster ~ Rosemary Sutcliff
This is our lead in novel to reading Beowulf.  Daisy said the story line is enjoyable, but if she doesn't concentrate she gets all the names beginning with "C" jumbled.

I need to get our (Church) History & Lit reading schedule typed up and running!  Seriously behind in that quarter this year.

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