26 April 2010

Gooney Bird Greene Lapbook or Lapnotes, Language Arts and Art Pages.

 (2013: The broken hslaunch links hve been repaired.  The links now go straight to dropbox.)
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I wanted to put together one more set of language arts pages, pages for Daisy to use, to complete copywork and narration pieces on. I just couldn't hit on a book to 'do'.
Our niece Jaz suggested Gooney Bird Greene. Thanks Jaz, that was an excellent idea .

There is so much that can be done with that book - I didn't want to do a unit study since our previous go through G.B.G we did these things (scroll down until you find the book title) so this time our focus is just language arts as well as adding in art and colour-in pages, so that's all we've made. I've added options for others that want to do more.

Since the drawings in G.B.G are copywrite, we used a combination of the detail in the book along with the faces and personalitites of Daisy and her cousin's 'Z' and 'gcpb' to sketch our own Gooney Bird, pictured above - artistic licence (snort n laugh) born out of necessity. (Hands and shoes are my pet dislikes to sketch - and it shows!!!! But Daisy is happy with the end results so that is all that matters).

(& thanks for asking  ☺ before using our G.B.G clip art for your own projects.)

Our Gooney Bird Greene notebooking pages, lapnotes, et al, are now stored here.
(be sure to check out the update at the end of this post too).

Daisy got right to work to colour in the narration dolls to be photographed for this post.Narrations dolls, two of three options above, with pockets made.Title and colouring in page, along with the geography disc.First Gooney Bird Greene lapnote with one story element tab glued in place.Second Gooney Bird Greene Lapnote with lapfolds attached

Back of second lapnote printed with coloured page option ready for an extra lapfold.

Two art pages - complete by drawing the rest of Goonie Bird Greene.

Update - September 2011 Holly, author of Three Sided Wheel, has created these Goonie Bird Greene Notebooking Pages that you'll want to have a look at too. Nice job Holly!

Update - October 2012  For those looking for extra clip art, or colour in pictures - and the whole book on line - click on the picture above to go straight to e.reader. Scroll down through the book once there.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Naww,its the two cousins who just happen to be best friends :P if only i looked as cute as the sketch!
i wish i had as much fun as this homeschooling :(
the viking mask on your blog is SO cute! I am SOOOOOOOO printing off some of the winnie the pooh colour-ins, i would rather spend my days learning with you guys rather than doing biol or macbeth for english- such is life that passes you unappealing tasks, sigh!
lots of love xx the as-tray-lien[australian] gal

Chelle said...

Honey doll! YOU are cuter than a button!!!!!!
Our GBG doll thanks you for the sparkle you gave her ;-)
Wish you we're HS-ing with us too (sigh).
I'm sure Macbeth would be so much more interesting with a ....... paper doll (lol).
love you a million miles long.

(Thanks for leaving a comment honey g.)

Anonymous said...

ahaha anything would be more fun with a paperdoll here and there :P

Anonymous said...

These are fun looking pages. Thanks for sharing them for free.


Chelle said...

You're welcome.

Anonymous said...

Chelle can I please use your gbg picture in some language arts pages?

Chelle said...

Shelley, thanks for asking - I really appreciate that. And you're very welcome to use the gbg clip art.