30 January 2017

Our Week Ahead ~ 30 Jan 2017 (Still in ramp up mode & my current book basket)

For those who like schedule creating, I do ;) , I'm making some good inroads into getting this years schedule streamlined into a working format.
A schedule is an excellent tool for me to deviate from and swing back too; and, in the high schooling years it sure helps me to discuss with the children, and allocate, what they need to consider working on next.  Jay likes to have things scheduled in for him otherwise books that I'd like to him a good 'try' at would just be ignored for 100% non-fiction, and then he feels he's missed out on an opportunity to enjoy a diversity of reads like
Three Men in a Boat ~ Jerome (humour),
Fahrenheit 451 ~ Bradbury (Utopian) ,
Short Stories by Saki ,
Bleak House ~ Dickens (Brit Lit) , and etc.

Our week ahead, starting 30 January 2017
Bible:  St John Ch:6+

Family Read Aloud:  Hinds' Feet on High Places ~ Hurnard (Daisy & I originally started this together and then decide we wanted the menfolk to enjoy the allegory with us - but it looks like it'll remain just us two)

Book Basket: Poetry

Essentials in Writing: Level 10

CTC, or NZ equivalent MathsBuddy: Algebra (recommence)
Matt from Mathsbuddy left this comment elsewhere on my blog:

Thanks for the post. We now have a purchase page for homeschoolers. 

Homeschoolers will be able to receive the 60% discount via this link: http://www.mathsbuddy.co.nz/purchase/homeschool

If anyone has any questions they can email info@mathsbuddy.co.nz

Literature & Books

Elbows off the Table ~ Rowe
Daisy is sharing portions from this book that are of interest to her, and notes that, while this book is ostensibly aimed at helping to instruct 6-12 yr olds,  adults and teen (herself included) would benefit from reading this book too ;-)

Electives/Delight Led
Programming ~ Khan Academy
Card Making

Te Kura English Research Paper (a paper from last year that needs to be completed)

Business Studies
NCEA Level 2 Business Studies (recommence)

Literature & Books
The Whisper of Glocken ~ Kendall
NCEA Accounting (refresher)

Electives/Delight Led
Plastic Scale Models
Business Lectures

My Book Basket
1 Samuel   (studying *)
The Marshmellow Test ~ Mischel (pre-reading before Jay has to study it)
Brat Farrar ~ Tey   (just completed.  Interesting reading.  Mature themes, not for Daisy)
A Bunch of Sweet Peas ~ Henry Donald ( a lovely read! Recommend)
Cold Comfort Farm ~ Gibbons  (Not for me)
Surprised By Joy ~ C.S. Lewis

* My sister purchased a really lovely bible for me - KJV Life Application Study Bible -  and I'm using that for my personal bible study time this year- it's lovely to use!

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