Curricula 2017 ~ Church Hist

Adjusting as we journey along.  
Choices selected for:  Jay 17, and, Daisy 15

Books detailed on this page listed and linked in this post. 

Any books we read, films, audiobooks and lecture courses we cover will be updated and listed here (at the end of this long post)

Book List in Reading Order

Bible & Personal Growth: 
Bible - Together
The KJV Bible
Book of St. John, Book of Hebrews (study with Dn)

Life Study Books - Daisy:
Start Here: Doing Hard Things Right Where You Are ~ Harris & Harris

Life Study Books/items - Jay:  

Leadership and Character Course  (list of books being used)
Margin ~ Richard Swenson (christian)

Both - Hymns and Memorisation
Then Sings My Soul BK 3 ~ Morgan (Select songs)
Various Bible Verses

Christian World View - Both

Philosophy Adventure: Pre-Socratics 
How Should We Then Live ~ Schaeffer  (dvd)  

Church History
Books  (listed in this post)

History and Geography:
Christian History (AD 64 - today)  Mostly Daisy
New Zealand History & Geography (Review. Daisy
NCEA History Level 1 & 2  (selections.  prep for Te Kura)

English - Daisy
Latin and Greek Roots Greek 
Essentials In Writing
Visual Latin

English: Literature, and Other,  Guides - Daisy 
1:  Essentials in Literature  (selections listed here)
2:  Greenleaf's Guide Yr2: Medieval Literature ~ Shearer (selections)
3:  NZ Based English Guide (selections from NCEA 2) 
Books to read listed here (near the end)

English - Jay
Research papers being completed inside Business Studies, and, Philosophy
Visual Latin  
Books to read listed here (at the end)

Math - Daisy 
Mathbuddy (CTC Math)
NCEA (selections) Workbooks Level 1 & 2
Math based literature and biographies
Real Life Math Application

Math - Jay

Nil  (all finished. YAY!!!) 
So we're switching to Accounting.  Dropped

Business Studies:
Business Studies (Te Kura)
Accounting (Te Kura Level 2) Dropped, can learn at a higher level via an online course later
Legal Studies (Te Kura Level 2)   started August 2017
Digital Technology (Te Kura Level  2, and,  Level 3  in succession)
Other Economics, Business, and Investment studies (Jay with Dn)
*Delight led farming/live stock business study (Both with Dn)

(March 2107: Jay has become involved in a work experience offer, so his academic schooling has shifted somewhat.)

Interest led nature study, books, and DvD's
1: Delight Led Animal Husbandry Course  (increase herd this year)
2: Agriculture (practical application)

Delight Led Animal Husbandry Course 

Photography Both
Cooking (Culinary Course) - Daisy


Delight Led (composers, hymnists).

Music Lessons 
Drums, and, percussion.  

Piano, guitar, violin
Theory for Church Pianists ~ Greg Howlett.  

Other Languages:
Rosetta French (Dai)   


The Art of Argument (Daisy) I'd really like to complete this
Chess (Jay)


Computer Programming (Daisy)
Carpentry, and, Farming Skills (Jay and Dn)
Driving Course (Jay)
Farm Machinery (Daisy)
Home Economics (Interest led. Both)
Crafts (Both.  delight led)

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