08 September 2011

Story of the World 2 & Middle Ages Notebooking Pages

We never got around to using these pages, so I've tidied them up a little and stored them over at dropbox for anyone else that may like to use them.

The design, from memory, was suppose to be representative of medieval wall tapestries.

Middle Ages Notebooking and Lapnote Pages

Story of the World 2 Notebooking and Lapnote Pages


Anonymous said...

Those are seriously NICE!
Typical Chelle moment :-)
Just saying, that's all.
I won't type more otherwise knowing you, you won't post it.
God bless you darlin' friend I'm praying for you all!!!!

Chelle said...

Thanks Eliz XX

Molly J said...

I'm sad to inform you that the links have gone bad. Please let me know if you repost them. mmolly71 at yahoo dot com.


Chelle said...

Thanks Molly for letting us know!
Links repaired & they'll now take you to dropbox