04 April 2010

Paddington Bear ~ Lapbook or Lapnotes

A Bear Called Paddington ( Paddington Bear Lapbook or Lapnotes )

We're just about to enjoy Paddington Bear, again, as Daisy's reader this time.
So I decided we'd create some lapnotes for, some of, the geography that is covered in *that* book to correlate with our study of England, as well as throwing together some language arts pages as go-along helps.
(2013, link repaired and switched to dropbox)
To download from dropbox
Option : Follow the link over to dropbox, once there:

Click the darker blue Download button at the top of the screen.(Hold down the Ctrl key) and click on download as a zip file,
which will open another tab,
Save to a file on your computer before opening.

The Paddington Bear Lapnote pages can be now be found here,  (it's a large file, with about 40 pages, so could take a while to load).
Please excuse the typos in the instructions part - can I balme it on l.a.t.e (!!) night typing? :-)


Shona said...

What a discovery! I've just downloaded this. Thank you very much. Also just wanted to say how well done it is :)

sajmom said...

Thanks so much! I was having trouble finding Paddington-related things to do for school to accompany our reading the books! This is perfect!

Chelle said...

You're most welcome. It's nice to know that they are of interest to others, still, all these years later.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for these wonderful ideas and images! My children loved it!!!