Curricula 2013 ~ Ancients

Choices selected for:  Jay 13, and, Daisy 11 
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A type up of our bible & history choices are explained here

The link to the first 16 weeks of our working Ancients history schedule is in this post


Bible - Together
The KJV Bible (most of the old testament)
Alexander Scourby: Audio Bible
The Greenleaf Guide to the Old Testament    currently available as a free download

Bible Time Hymns & Scripture Memorisation
see this post

Bible - Inspirational Stories
A few Missionary/ Heroes of the Faith biographies by Janet and Geoff Benge

Bible - Jay (13 years old)
1: (Indepth bible study with Dn)
2: The David Cook Journey Through the Bible
3: Various Commentaries - reading alongside portions of Old Testament  

Bible -Daisy (11 years old)
1: Continuing bible time with mum (Growing Little Women)
2: What the Bible is All About for Young Explorers

History & Geography:
Other History (secondary) or Narrative Spines & Reference Books
Detailed here 

Other History Together (which is continually shifting as we go along)
Book of the Ancient World ~ Dorothy Mills (inc portions of the student book)
Our Young Folks' Josephus ~ Shepard
The Famous Men of Greece
The Famous Men of Rome

Other History - Jay
Glencoe World History ~ Jackson Spielvogel    (ancients portion , & Bobs is selecting written assignments)
Kingfisher History Encyclopedia
The Story of Mankind ~ Hendrik van Loon   (compare with biblical accounts / discuss)
The History of the Ancient World ~ Susan Wise Bauer (this book contains some very gritty, raw, adult relationship topics - editing out or discussion strongly recommended)
Documentaries and lectures.

Other History - Daisy
The Usborne Internet-Linked Encyclopedia of World History
Mystery Of History: Vol 1    (small amounts)
Story of the World: Vo1 1    (Colouring Pages, & some on audio)
Greeks ~ Burrell  (Daisy)
Romans ~ Burrell (Daisy)
Invaders ~ Burrell (Daisy)

History/Geography (switched to Biblioplan Text Maps only, once we got to week 24)
Geography Songs (Review)
Time Maps: Ancient x3
Blackline Maps of World History (Ancient Set) ~ Terri Johnson (older set purchase in 2006)

Which includes a selection of living history books and audio titles:
1: Titles Selected from Biblioplan Ancients & Veritas Press, Lamplighter Books
2: Sonlight Core 6/G (first half - most of the read alouds and readers . Using book notes & maps)
3: Other Literature, including books from Ambleside Onlines reading lists
4: Invitation to the Classics ~ Cowan      and listening to, or reading, select works
which are abridged/edited! versions. (updating as we go along)
KJV Bible: Old Testament (entire.  Lit/history study)
The Epic of Gilgamesh
The Iliad (abridged)
The Odyssey
The Aeneid
Julius Caesar ~ Shakespeare (not in Invitation to the Classics)
*Literature Time Line: Ancients up to 29 BC
Update 2014: Ancient Literature
A:  The Children's Favourite Literature
B:  Scheduled Book List
C: Book Basket - Optional
Language Arts:
L/A - Both
All About Spelling (as prescribed for Daisy, review the rules for Jay) NZ Supplier ~ Engaging Minds
Italics Handwriting (used inside our scripture & hymn memorisation lessons)
Poems for Memorization - Rod and Staff (was different grade selections. Daisy only now.)
Poetry lessons in Remembering God's Awesome Acts
Rod and Staff (English books, just for the grammar) Both - different levels & speeds

L/A - Daisy
Writing With Ease (complete book 3, start book 4)
Journal Writing

L/A - Jay
Writing With Skill (continue with)
Writing across the subjects, using the skills being taught in WWS

Math - Daisy
Life of Fred - Intermediate
Making Math Meaningful   (optional)
Khan Academy  - Arithmetic & Pre-Algebra
The Great Courses Math - Fundamentals,  review with mum, for mum (wait for the specials! and bonus code discounts)
New Zealand Money and Measurement
Math based literature and biographies
Real Life Math Application
Also using lots of games

Math - Jay
Khan Academy  - Algebra and beyond
Life of Fred - Highschool   (Currently using Trig)
The Art of Problem Solving (recommending by our, math, friend Carole :) )
Economics and investment studies (with dad)
Real Life Math Application

NZ Based Nature Studies (continuing with: Nature Study by D. Beggs)
Interest led books and DvD's (centred around creation belief thoughts & theories, and ancients science)

Science  - Daisy
Jay Wile's Science in the Ancient World  (delight lead, reading only)
Reading: Human Anatomy and Physiology ~ Jnr Apoloiga
Breeding lambs (update: 1 of Daisy's sheep, with lamb, died)

Science - Jay
Working on a delight led science project (a perpetual motion experiment) with Dn this year.
Cross breeding chickens
Computer Science (with Khan Academy)
John Tiner's Science books.

Mark Kistler's Online Art Lessons (ancients lessons) (picking up again in our summer)
a few art lessons in Remembering God's Awesome Acts
Artistic Pursuits Junior High Level 1  (Jay) (picking up again in our summer)
Other Art books and items of interest
Photography (nature study)

Classical Composers Monthly   (revisting our favourites, and the Psalms of David)
Plus other, random, items of interest.
Music lessons.

Other Languages:
Visual Latin (starting in term 2)
French - starting in Term 4 

Logic (& Puzzles):
The Fallacy Detective
The Art of Argument (Jay only) 
Perplexors - Daisy only
Various Logic Games

Typing Instructor
Building (digger shed, small bridge)
Crafts (delight led)
lots of 'bug' raising

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