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So I'm trying to work on getting our files listed here linked over to dropbox. 
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The 10 Commandments  Logic Level downloads perfectly despite dropbox scrambling the online view
Psalm 91:1-4   Logic Level added 2013
Proverbs 1:7  ~ Memorisation and Copywork
Proverbs 27:17  ~ Italics Copywork
James 4:17 ~ Italics Copywork
Philippians 4:8   Logic Level  added 2013

Ancients ~ Logic + Level
10 Plagues and Egyptian gods Challenged notebooking pgs added 2013

Craft and Misc History Pages
Celtic Style  (1 page)
Florence Nightingale and the Crimean War  (Lapnotes, cut-n-craft, etc.) 
France 1700's 
Knights, Castles and Medieval Feasts
Knights, Castles Colour in, and Art Pages  added 2013
Middle Ages Craft and Colour in Pages
Middle Ages  Generic Lapnote & Notebooking  (also see Sonlight Core 6/G below) 
Oliver Cromwell  
Viking Mask - Farm Girl
World History ~ Gold Rush  New 2012

New Zealand
Notebooking,Language Art, and Craft Pages
ANZAC Day ~ Calender Page

Bats' Nest, The ~ Anne de Roo  Language Arts (WWE style), Geography added 2013
European Explorers to New Zealand 1600-1800 (craft and study)
Math Lessons with NZ Currency
NZ Hist 1700 and 1800s ~ Captain Cook, Maori Wars, Hone Heke
New Zealand Hist and Geography ~  Early Maori, Legend, Art Study
New Zealand History Gold Rush  New 2012
Waitangi Day NZ ~ SOTW3 Ch:41

Story of the World Volume 2
SOTW 2 ~ Lapnotes and Notebooking Pages goes to dropbox

Story of The World Volume 3
Lapnotes and Notebooking Pages
SOTW 3  - Generic ~  (16) Pages
SOTW 3  - Chapt 17:  Peter the Great 
SOTW 3  - Chapt 22:  American Revolution 
SOTW 3  - Chapt 24:  Australian Hist 1700s ~ (Captain Cook, Convicts)
SOTW 3  - Chapt 24 and Chapt 41: New Zealand Hist 1700 -1800's
SOTW 3  - Chapt 41:  Waitangi Day NZ
SOTW 3  - Chapt 42:  Gold Rush  New 2012

Story of the World Volume 4
Lapnotes and Notebooking Pages  link fixed 2016
SOTW 4 - Abraham Lincoln ~ Art Project Page
SOTW 4 - Florence Nightingale ~ Art Page
SOTW 4  - Generic
SOTW 4 - Outline Notebooking Pages (For outline exercises in Activity bk 4)
SOTW 4 - Logic Level Notebooking Pages (For longer written pieces) 

Ancients History Schedule ~ wks 01-16   New Jan 2013
Ancients History ~ Book List   New Jan 2013

Medieval History BLOCK Schedule  
Medieval History Schedule ~ wks 01-10  

Early Modern Times History Schedule  New 2015

Audio Stories Online List (youngers and elementary) pdf not repairable go here  
Discontinued Sonlight Titles ~ Book List  blog post.  Links updated Jan 2014
New Zealand History Stories Schedule ~ Reading Schedule
Chelle's NZ Booklist   

SOTW 3, 6 wkly Schedule with only SL 3, Pict book, NZ flavour
(inital type up )
SOTW3, with SL 3/D  and  SL 7/H, 6 wkly schedule with NZ flavour
(finished schedule)

SOTW 4, 6 wkly Schedule with SL 4, NZ flavour
(initial type up)
** with our SOTW4 schedule PLEASE NOTE: the dvd Gods & Generals is for DH & I to watch,  we haven't listed this as a recommendation for children !

SOTW 4, with SL Cores 4/E, 5/H, and 7H, 6 wkly schedule with NZ emphasis  New 2012
(finished schedule)


Memorisation and Copywork Sheet (for youngers)
Poetry Copywork and Colour in

Sonlight Titles
Core K/A
Dr Dolittle (Narration page)
Dr Dolittle (Lion) ~ Lapnote
My Father's Dragon ~ L/A

Core 1/B
Gooney Bird Greene 
Understood Betsy ~ WWE

Core 2/C 
Language Arts WWE Style Pages
A Little Princess 
Cricket in Times 
Door in the Wall
Good Queen Bess
Peter The Great 
Strawberry Girl 
Tales of Robin Hood  
White Stallion of Lipizza. Set 2  ~ Lapnote, Craft, Copywork
White Stallion of Lipizza. Set 1  ~  WWE
**(NB: We changed the grammar topic & the copywork piece for the White Stallion L/A pages & forgot to update the end note, it should have it's gammar topic as metaphors, not adjectives.

Core 3/D
Johnny Tremain ~ WWE
Witch of Blackbird Pond

Core 4/E
Diary of an Early American Boy
Gone-Away Lake ~ WWE 

Core 6/G
Colour in Pages for Middle Ages (late logic level) New 2014

Core 7/H
The Broken Blade ~ inc LAs & Map
Escape Across the Wide Sea ~ inc Map and Colour in

George Washington's WORLD - Option 1 ~ inc Timeline Pages (2015: link repaired)
George Washington's WORLD - Option 2 ~ generic

Abraham Lincoln's WORLD - Set 1 ~ inc Timeline Pages 
Abraham Lincoln's WORLD - Set 2 ~ inc paper dolls  

Other Books
Betsy Ross
Milly Molly Mandy (Set 1) Pages ~ Lapnotes, Craft and Games (2013: link repaired, goes to dropbox)
Milly Molly Mandy (Set 2) Pages ~ L/A and Colour in (2013: link repaired, goes to dropbox)
Paddington Bear ~ Geography Lapnotes , L/A (2013: link repaired, goes to dropbox) 

Math Lessons with NZ Currency

Gift Tags - Small Cards
Notebooking Pages ~ Set 1  
Notebooking Pages ~ Set 2