Curricula 2015 ~ Early Modern Times

Updating as we go along - selections may change as the year progresses
Choices selected for:  Jay 15, and, Daisy 13
  • The link to our Early Modern Times history schedule can be found here 
  • Books detailed on this page are listed and linked in this post.

Bible - Together
The KJV Bible (The Book Of Proverbs and Nouthetic Bible studies)

Life Study Books - Both:
Love and Respect ~ Eggerich (Go thru Pink and Blue Portion)

Life Study Books - Daisy:
Beyond Beautiful Girlhood ~ Noonan
Made You Look ~ Graydon (secular title) 
Do Hard Things ~ Harris

Life Study Books - Jay:
Practical Happiness ~ Schultz
LOL! OMG ~ Ivester  (secular title, imho, this is a must read for those who use social media. It contains gritty, raw examples of how social media can publicise a 'young adults' physical relationship/s, or other mess ups! And the way to work towards burying that damaging information.) 
Business study type books, still to be selected out with Dn

Bible Time Hymns and Memorisation
Then Sings My Soul BK 2 ~ Morgan (Select songs)
Various Bible Verses

Bible - Inspirational Stories
Biographies/books about select church leaders (1600AD - 1850AD)

Bible - Church History
Church History Made Easy ~ Jones  (Early Modern Times portion)
Biblioplan Early Modern Times Companion Text
New Zealand’s Christian Heritage ~ Stringer
Other Church History books (various)

History and Geography:
Late Renaissance and Early Modern Times 1600AD - 1850AD

(History) Geography
Biblioplan Mapping for Late Renaissance and Early Modern Times 1600AD - 1850AD, includes some current mapping exercises also
Online tools

  • Books detailed on this page are listed and linked in this post.
Consists of a selection of living history books and audio ( titles listed and linked in this post):
1: Literature detailed in Greenleaf's Guide: British and American Literature 1500-1900
2: Titles selected from Biblioplan Early Modern Times
3: Some of the read alouds and readers selected out from:
   Sonlight Core 7/H (1st half)     for Daisy
   Sonlight Core 200, 530     for Both (various)
4: Other Literature, including books from Ambleside Online's reading lists

Guide and Poets detailed in this post  Jay
The Walker Book of Classic Poetry and Poets ~ Rosen (selections)  Daisy

English - Both
Word Up! The Vocab Show (going to watch this as a family)

English - Daisy
All About Spelling (as prescribed for Daisy) NZ Supplier ~ Engaging Minds
Essentials In Writing
Rod and Staff (English books, just for the grammar)
Story Starters ~ Andreola (selections)
Journal Writing (delight led and in her own time)

Early Modern Literature, and Other,  Guides - Daisy: 
  1.  The Prince and The Pauper ~ Twain  (essay questions)
  2.  The Wolves of Willoughby Chase~ Aiken  (discussion questions by chapter) 
  3.  The Scarlet Pimpernel ~ Orczy  (Progeny Press e-guide still to order. The start of this book is a good opportunity for us to discuss the building of walls that can evolve when lack of communication and misunderstanding take over a relationship, marital or otherwise)
  4.   Pride and Predjudice ~ Austen
English - Jay
Writing across the subjects  (using the skills learnt in WWS)
Practice in writing timed essays
Life of Fred Language Arts  
Visual Latin  (taking Rod n Staff's grammar slot)

Early Modern Literature Guides - Jay:
  1.  Greenleaf’s yr 3 Literature Guide: British And American Literature 1500-1900 ~Shearer
  2.  The Screwtape Letters (online guide)   
  3.  Jane Eyre  (SL200 pre-2012 booknotes  or  opt online guide ) 
  4.  Highschool English Guides for exam prep
Math - Daisy 
IXL  ends in March, then trialling CTC Math (Mathbuddy in NZ)
Khan Academy 
Life of Fred - Highschool 
Math based literature and biographies
Real Life Math Application

Math - Jay
Khan Academy 
Economics for Everyone
Other Economics, Business, and Investment studies (with Dn)
Real Life Math Application
Highschool Mathematics Guides and exam prep

Science - Both:
NZ Based Nature Studies (continuing with: Nature Study by D. Beggs)
Interest led books and DvD's

Science  - Daisy
1: Animal Behaviour and Welfare  (continue with)
2: How Things Work 

Science - Jay
Chemistry, Apologia &  VHSG- at-your-own-pace
1: Mechanics - Coursera (8 wks)

Art Instruction (for Daisy)
Photography (nature study) - Both

Random items of interest.
Music lessons - Both

Other Languages:
Rosetta French    

Logic (& Puzzles):
The Art of Argument (Jay only) 
Perplexors - Daisy only
Various Logic Games

Typing (inside each subject)
Carpentry and Farming Skills (Jay and Dn)
Home Economics (Interest led)
Crafts (delight led)


Anonymous said...

Bible and Treaty by Keith Newman is also an excellent NZ history book. :) - Vic

Chelle said...

Thanks for the recommendation Vic!!
I'll have to go browsing for that book, it's not a title I've heard of.
Wishing you a lovely summer break ♥
smiles and blessings,