08 July 2017

My Book Basket ~ July 2017

Posting my sip reading selection for this month, and hoping that sharing my little-by-little progress through books may encourage others that have little time to read or listen to take heart and invest themselves in a sip reading approach too.

I don't always feel like reading one book all the way through, all at once, until I'm done - or I want to allow something I've read to settle and develop before I carry on with the next excerpt - so I have a few titles on the go and sip read from the one I feel like reading/listening to that day.

My book basket for July, and yes many of the titles are still in there from a few months ago.  The items I'm using for church, christian growth, or, that relate to my own academic studies are not included:

Jeremiah, and, St. John    KJV: Life Application Study Bible

New this month
Just as I Am ~ Billy Graham    audiobook 
Death Around the Bend: A Lady Hardcastle Mystery Bk 3 ~ T.E. Kinsey

A Castle Full of Cats ~ Ruth Sanderson    Pict Book,  waiting for it to come from Bookdepository. Update: The pictures are lovely, the story line is a little lacking  ;-)   Would be a fun book to use with really little children and try to spot all the cats on each page.
A Sane Woman's Guide to Raising a Large Family ~ Mary Ostyn     I've seen this mentioned on a few book sharing spots on the internet and managed to procure a reasonably priced 2nd hand copy

New titles added as July rolls along:
Elbows off the Table, Please ~ Jo Seagar   Library loan.  This is a lovely cookbook to read
Echo ~ Pam Ryan   young teens audiobook.  The extra musical performances on this are so well done. Modern times Fairy Tale, contains magic and a witch (at the start).  Available for NZ library users through ePukapuka.

Continuing from last month: 
On Stories: And Other Essays on Literature ~ C.S. Lewis  N/F
Companion reading this with Jay

The Story of Art ~ E.H. Gombrich  N/F   I think I may be sip reading this for a quite a while  ;)

The Man Who Was Thursday ~ G. K Chesterton     Classic Fiction  Available thru ePukapuka

Death Around the Bend: A Lady Hardcastle Mystery.  bk 3 ~ T.E. Kinsey   Fiction
Pre-read for Daisy.  Still haven't started this yet

Gift From the Sea ~ Lindberg     audio      autobiographical/inspirational
This is definitely a pause and ponder listen for me - Lindberg's philosophy is challenging me a little, to try and work out what her world view actually is -  not sure if I'm loving this or not yet ;-P
Pennies for Hitler ~ Jackie French    audio     Y/A historical fiction     Daisy may enjoy this too, even though it's written for a younger age group.   

03 July 2017

Our Month Ahead ~ Books to Read in July 2017

Welcome to July.    So good .... that means only 2 months until Spring!
I'm trying to make the most of the winter months, so one of the indoors tasks we are working on is - trying to -  down scale the home educating items we've accumulated.
I've managed to cull the math section,  many of the history texts,  and most of the spare copies of things just sitting in boxes.  
Now it's time to thin out the educational Dvds and the homeschooling-helps-for-mum books.   Seems to be a lot of both ;-P
We want to down scale as it's time to get rid of younger years 'stuff'  and we're hoping to move home before the end of the year;  the less I have to pack and then find a new home for will be win-win in the long run.

Switching topics to our month ahead and the items in our home educating book baskets; some of the titles still being read are from last month, along with any new books to be read in July.  
Beneath are our initial literary/book basket selections for  July  - I'll update with any extras as we go along.   The C which may appear beside any item, during this month, means completed:



    Family Book Basket:
    Shorter listen at only 3hrs long.

    I'm going to see if I can encourage the family to listen to The Swoose ~ Dick King-Smith with me; I know it's for younger years but June Whitefield has crafted a laughter producing narration.

    01 July 2017

    Audible or Amazon ~ July Sale on Over 1000 Children's Audiobooks

    I'm not an affiliate ... so this is just a share-the-joy post   :)
    There are so many good audio stories on sale  over at Audible during July for  $3.95 USD  ($5.39 NZD)   or less; or,  if you don't have an  Audible account you can still purchase directly through Amazon.com

    ETA: For NZ readers make sure you check for any recently added audiobooks  at ePukapuka, as some of the titles on sale at audible/amazon are available free through our local libraries.

    If you'd like a jump start with audible, beneath are some linked chapter book suggestions from us, other than more obvious titles on offer from authors such as:

    Laura Ingalls Wilder
    C.S. Lewis (1)
    Frances Hodgson Burnett
    (  Heidi  )
    L.M. Montgomery
    Eleanor Estes       2 titles
    George Selden     1 title
    Brian Jacques         our family is not fussed on this series, many are :-)
    Gertrude Warner         Box Car children books, scroll thru the list
    Enid Blyton
    Authur Ransome 
    Kathryn Lasky          I recommend previewing each book in the Ga'hoole series before handing to your children, some topics needed discussion here - we used this series to discuss differing world views, and one title we skipped completely
    Louisa May Alcott
    Marguerite Henry      1 title
    Scott O'Dell       2 titles
    Jean Fritz
    Martha Finley
    Dick King-Smith titles   so many.     I've linked a few of our choices beneath
    Russell Freedman       U.S history 4 titles
    Padraic Colum      2 titles
    and etc.....

    Links to Audiobooks on Sale:
    Starting with younger years books first...
    James Herriot's Treasury for Children: Warm and Joyful Animal Tales ~ James Herriot
    Buttons the Runaway Puppy ~ Holly Webb     love Phyllida Nash's narration! 
    Tatum and Nutmeg ~ Emily Bearn
    Tatum and Nutmeg: A Seaside Adventure ~ Emily Bearn
    The Green Ember Series  ~ S.D. Smith      all three are for sale 
    The Reluctant Dragon ~ Grahame
    The Ordinary Princess ~ M.M. Kaye  ex.SL title

    The Wouldbegoods ~ Nesbit      wonderful.  a childhood favourite for my two
    All-of-a-Kind Family ~ Taylor  series
    Pollyanna ~ Porter   purchase the Free kindle at amazon and the audio book becomes $0.99
    The Star of Kazan ~ Ibbotson
    The False Prince ~ Nielsen
    Freddy and the Ignormus ~ Walter Brooks
    Pippy Longstocking ~ Lindgren
    The Toby Man ~ Dick King-Smith

     Johnny Tremain ~ Esther Forbes     lots of character development in this story
    Black Ships Before Troy ~ Sutcliff
    I, Juan de Pareja ~ de Trevino    ex.SL title
    A Long Walk to Water ~ Park
    The Revenge of the Whale: The True Story of Whaleship Essex ~ Philbrick
    The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood ~ Pyle    brilliant narrator 
    Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm ~Wiggin 
    The Westing Game ~ Ellen Raskin
    The King's Fifth ~ Scott O'Dell    well read!

    I've purchased to preview  - such a hardship - these next titles, perhaps to share with young children that visit: 
    The Witch of Blackberry Bottom ~ Dick King-Smith      she's not a witch at all
    The Swoose ~ Dick King-Smith
    Pax ~ Sara Pennypacker      a RAR interview recommended this title - so time to hear it for myself

    There's an Owl in the Shower ~ George

    30 June 2017

    Artist / Picture book Illustrator Study ~ Highschool

    Winter time gifts us with extra hours indoors to get the practical aspect of our artist / illustrators study up and running for Daisy.
    We are not going to be going fathoms deep with this one - it's the kind of study that a planning mumma (ahem ;) ) could get seriously submerged in resource gathering.... and then we'd never start.

    We signed up, briefly, to the members section on Read-Aloud Revival, as we plan to use the following interviews as a leaping off point:
    Illustrator 101   members section - Workshop
    Patricia Polacco     members section - Author Event  P.P      author/illustrator
    Jonathan Bean   members section - Author Event  J.B    author/illustrator
    Tomie dePaola  members section - Author Event  T.P    author/illustrator

    Books about select picture book illustrators already read:

    I'm placing these few links here for me to find again quickly:
    Exploring Language: Static Images - Picture Books     NZ English
    Thumb templates for writers and illustrators 

    Daisy will be choosing some favourite illustrators of her choice to study, one illustrator a month, and then I'm asking that she:
    1:  craft a brief illustrator biography,
    2:  select various books by that illustrator to work with,  discuss techniques,
    3:  recreate an illustration using the artists techniques.

    Both of us are really looking forward to working on this together since we are devout picture book appreciators -simple picture books and sophisticated picture books, we like both.

    26 June 2017

    Post for NZ Harvesters ~ Items for Sale or Free July 2017

    This is a visual post for NZ harvesters..... 

    New items uploaded Thursday 6 July 2017

    Click on each picture to enlarge image.  Happy to sell items separately, just grouped them for the photos.
    FREE items are listed at the end of this post.
    Items are as priced, with most in (VG) very good used cond, some are (NE) near excellent. Any books that have 'defects' are noted.
    Happy to combine items: I can fit 2 to 4 books in one postal bag, depending on weight...  up to 3kgs worth of books.

    Please contact me via,  nzhskoolwith2 (at) yahoo (dot) com  , not on this blog. Thanks :-)

     SOLD  A:   Suzy's World Dvds.  $2.00 each   Plus postage   SOLD 
    TAKEN    B:  Suzy's World Videos (play perfectly)  FREE    TAKEN
    SOLD  C:  Christian themed DvD's  $3.00 each  Plus Postage  SOLD

    Showing the spines of the books listed beneath..

    1:Ultimate Book of Homeschooling Ideas   VG   $5.50 (plus $5.50 postal bag)

    2: Help for the Harried Homeschooler      $5.50    (plus $4.00 postal bag)
    the first few title pages are a little crinkled - steam from the kettle - the rest of the book is pristine

    SOLD 3:  The Five Love Languages of Teenagers  NE  $4.00  (plus $4.00 postal bag)  SOLD 

    4:   The Relaxed Homeschooler    NE  $5.00    (plus $4.00 postal bag)

     5:  Fundamentals of Home-Schooling   VG $8.00   (plus $4.00 postal bag)

    6: Dating With Integrity   NE   $7.00   (plus $4.00 postal bag)
    lower spine sustained a postal crunch, doesn't affect the book, just advising it's there. Used in Sonlight's Curriculum. Unread.

    7:  Good Stuff: Learning Tools for All Ages   VG $4.00    (plus $5.50 postal bag)
    second hand to us, remains in VG cond

    8:  Homeschooling from a Biblical Worldview   VG  $4.00    (plus $4.00 postal bag)

    9:  Homeschooling With a Meek and Quiet Spirit  NE  $7.00  (plus $4.00 postal bag)

    SOLD  10:  In My Father's House     $4.00    (plus $4.00 postal bag) SOLD
    Brand New, Unread.  Hardcover with dust jacket  

    11:  Home Learning Year By Year   VG   $4.00    (plus $4.00 postal bag)

    12:  The Purpose Driven Life ~ Rick Warren  VG  $1.00   (plus $4.00 postal bag)

    SOLD  13: Say Goodbye to Whining, Complaining and Bad Attitudes ~ Turansky & Miller  VG    $5.00      (plus $4.00 postal bag)  SOLD

    14: The Five Love Languages of Children ~ Gary Chapman   G   $3.00  
    (plus $4.00 postal bag)  2nd hand to us in good tidy cont

    SOLD 15: Every Child Can Succeed ~ Cynthia Ulrich Tobias     G  $3.00  
    (plus $4.00 postal bag)  2nd hand to us in good tidy cont  SOLD

    16: Created to Be His Help Meet ~ Debi Pearl   $3.00  (plus $5.50 postal bag)
    ex.church library, in good reading cond. Cover is a little scuff and used looking

    17. A Celebration of Children ~ Edith Schaeffer    (author of What is a Family?)   VG   $4.00  (plus $5.50 postal bag)
    hardcover with dust jacket, has gift inscription on inside page.

    $4.50   (plus $5.50 postal bag)  SOLD   
    SOLD 19: Discover Your Children's Gifts ~ Don & Katie Fortune  VG  $5.00   (plus $5.50 postal bag) SOLD
    SOLD 20: The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling Your Teen ~ Debra Bell  VG  $4.50   (plus $5.50 postal bag)  SOLD

    21: ESA Study Guide (NCEA) Level 1 Accounting ~ Anne Dick  NE, as New $5.00  (plus $4.00 postal bag)

     (plus $4.00 postal bag)

    The Items below are FREE.  Postage is extra

    Dinosaurs has been taken