15 March 2018

My Newly Launched Book Reviewing Blog

Sometimes I like to write a review on certain books I've just read, and since I don't want to swamp my home educating blog with my own personal reading, random, book reviews - so I have started a review blog:  Tuesday's Views
In our home books count as decor too.

14 March 2018

Highschooling The Final Two Years ~ Down to One Student

Two years from now I'll be donning the badge of homeschool mum emeritus.
With Jay (just turned 18) focusing on self-directed studies in Economics, and working part-time, I have just Daisy to facilitate highschool subjects for this year.
It feels a little surreal to be in the last few years of our family's home educating journey. When we received our exemption to home educate Jay, way back in 2006, the task to educate him seemed to stretch out so far in front of me - and while difficult terms felt longer than they were, the cumulative years of educating at home have gone by so quickly.
People ask me what I'm going to do once I've finished homeshooling the children.  A man's heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.  There are so many things I could be doing - it will be interesting to see how the post homeschooling years play out ..... though I am hoping to take, at least, a few weeks off to clear away the-educating-at-home debris (-: 
However, between now and then Daisy and I have a lot to achieve.

We had to wait until Daisy turned 16 before we could enroll her as a young adult student with (The New Zealand Correspondence School) Te Aho o Te Kura Pounamu - Te Kura for short.  Once her enrollment was accepted we elected for  Daisy to work in only three NCEA subjects this year (Maths, English, and Digital Studies), which is gifting her with time to pursue other areas of interest.

As an aside: the children's birthdays are two years and two days apart - hence the shared birthday cake beneath.
Jay's half of the Cake: Bitcoin and Astronomy-themed 
Stacey crafted this clever split cake. I've blocked out the names.
Daisy loved the hand-painted farm-theme, complete with a horse
A few NZ home educators ask why (?) we choose to unsubscribe from being registered homeschoolers and enroll the children as young adult students with Te Kura.  Though homeschooled students, 16yrs and older, can enroll to study in one or two subjects with Te Kura and still receive the home educating allowance, we find it is more beneficial for our family to have access to the interesting, and sometimes very expensive - though free to us - extras Te Kura offer young adults studying three or more subjects.
IE: The Star Courses. 
Along with a few other worthy courses available in 2016-17, Jay also did a retail experience course, Red Shirts with The Warehouse, which he found very insightful.
Daisy is keen to complete the Barista, and, the Red Cross First Aid courses.

I'll add a separate post detailing the other, non-NCEA based, subjects of interest she plans to do, along with the selection of literature she'll be reading during 2018.
We've selected out quite a few audiobooks for her to listen to as well, which gifts her with time to crochet, colour-in, or card craft.
Posters colour co-ordinated for our decor♥ 

04 March 2018

Picture Post March 2018

I'm still a little short of time to post yet, but still wanted to share an NZ picture post :)
Our favourite local lake to walk around
The other side of the same lake.

Our house build is at this stage.  We're all learning so much.
The start of narrowing down books for Daisy to read this year. 

29 January 2018

Rethinking School in 2018 ~ podcasts and the audiobook

Another extra ….  
I’m endeavouring to listen through Susan Bauer’s podcasts on Rethinking School. Links below.
(For teacher/outschooling friends: the interviews are not a negative hate on all things out school  ☺  the podcasts are on making the way we educate/school each child work for them personally.  I don't agree with some of Andrew Kern's theologically input, shrug, ymmv. )

Part 1
Part 2 

The first podcast encouraged me to want to read through Bauer's book
 Rethinking School: How to Take Charge of Your Child's Education;  however, using an audible credit to purchase the audiobook was more economical for my back to schooling budget - we start next week.  Christina Moore is the perfect narrator for this book.
Update: Despite the fact that I’m not the target audience for this book - we’re nearing the end of our home educating; and, are not US based - Rethinking School was an easy and engaging listen.  Understandably, portions of this book are American,  K-12 grade schooling, centric.  Chapter 21 was of the most interest to me, especially since Ds is taking a road less travelled after highschool, which does not include University.
There are some help filled suggestions in this book which would make it an excellent read for someone newer to home educating, or whose children are younger or pre-teen, or those who are wrestling with their child’s brick and mortar schooling or in their own homeschooling journey.  Sometimes we can get stuck in a rut, that the route we are taking is the only one,  and can not see the wood for the trees: to have someone who is further ahead of us in the educate-the-children journey offer some concrete suggestions can be a game changer.

27 January 2018

Own Your Life ~ Podcast Series

As mentioned a few years back,  I have a real appreciation for Sally Clarkson's book Own Your  Life - the topics covered in that particular book resonated so deeply with me  - and so I was interested to see Sally is currently hosting a podcast series to go with that book.   
I'm about to listen to the 3rd in the series and am enjoying how the podcasts tie in seamlessly with the book.

I liked the content in the audiobook so much I purchased the printed book too, which then allowed me to comb through it at a slower pace. 

I don't own the study guide, nor do I have any intention of purchasing it ☺ , but I am looking forward to listening along while Sally takes those interested through her book.

You can find details for the podcasts in this post on sallyclarkson.com

25 January 2018

Audiobooks on Sale This Week ~ Worth Browsing

Audible has a sale on, this week only, for a collection of audiobooks that were Daily Deal titles during 2017.

Some good listening in there for those that are looking for a few bargains.

Just so you know, from the outset, I don't use affiliate links so make nothing from sharing the links to these titles,  beyond the pleasure of posting the details of a good book sale with friends.

For others that like to save extra dollars where they can - I discovered that some of the audiobooks in this sale were actually more economical to purchase via Amazon by about  .60 cents (USD)  which is .81 cents ( NZD) per book.

First up are a few I'd recommend.  I've linked to audible with the titles we already own, most of them I’ve reviewed+ elsewhere on my blog (typing their titles into the search engine on my blog should pull them up):

+The Lost World (a title I wanted to read by A.C Doyle)

Secondly,  I'm not sure of the content in the following audiobooks yet, but these are the titles I've selected out to try from this sale.  I'll update as I listen along:
The Spaceship Next Door ~ Gene Doucette    How did I end up with, what is at best, a secular,  Y/A, anti-homeschoolers?? (grin), zombie  read?  I got lured in by the narrator.  Note to self: Items on sale do not necessarily mean worthy listens.
The Oedipus Plays (drama)  audible link 

** It was more economical to purchase the kindle edition first then buy the audiobook.