01 December 2014

Our Last Week with Middle Ages History in 2014

I opened my folder this morning to our last week of scheduled history learning for this year
Part 34: Spain and England
If you can be bothered opening that link you'll see we have a pretty lite reading week which is a perfect way to wrap up 36 weeks of learning about the Middle Ages.  We could have easily spent two years in this area of history.

Daisy and I are taking a repeat journey through a delight led art/art history study with Velazques and a few of Ruben's more clothed pictures ;) while we go through  I, Juan de Pareja - de Trevino as our car time audio.
We've been through the book as a family read aloud in earlier years, alongside SOTW 2.

Source and Biography about Velazquez
Today Daisy finished up reading  Red Hugh: Prince of Donegal ~ Reilly  , which means all her readers are done n dusted.

Jay is reading a very easy chapter book as his last book for this year: Rogues' Gold ~ Pilkington
I haven't pre-read this book so I'm interested to hear his thoughts on it ...  it could be a ditcher ☺
Since Jay is also studying through Hamlet for Medieval Lit he's appreciating the easier read as a nice change of pace.  After Hamlet he only has Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead~ Stoppard to read, and write about, and then his reading basket is empty too.

Small side topic for my critter loving friends: We are the proud owners of 20 newly hatched poults ... and a new Apple Snail. (Mango died during a lengthy power cut :/  The tropical fish all made it.  Mango didn't.)
Our new snail is called Peachy and is the most timid of any Apple Snail we've had - it's funny to watch her trying to outsmart the fish.
Poults are so much friendly at the same age than any of the chickens or ducklings we've hatched. 
Pictures will follow.
Another day.

29 November 2014

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Purchases

The beauty of having so many home educational providers offering their items as downloads is a postage saving blessing to us.
{International postage can get nasty and mess with ones homeschooling budget ☺  and if you make good on Rainbow Resources offer of free postage with purchases over $500 USD - those of us in NZ need to be savvy about how those items are sent or otherwise what we saved in postage we end up having to pay in customs duty tax- don't ask me how I know that one  :/ }

We really like Compass Classroom's Visual Latin series and so during this Black Friday sale we have purchased these two downloads from the:
Economics for Everyone
Word Up! The Vocab Show

We pretty much have everything else sorted out for next years curriculum, bar a few lit guides and one subject area for Daisy - so the only other sale I'm waiting on is Audible's ... I hope they have one!

24 November 2014

Lists of Books

I love book lists and during a tidy up of my blog I found some interesting links to the mensa reading lists for kids tucked away in blogging draft dust.
The earlier level (mensa books) links I originally found over at Murrayshire Academy  - great blog to link hop from ☺ - and today I decided to go hunting for the grade 9-12 list so I could see what titles were listed :-)
This next list was originally one of my SL posts  .... resharing here:
Lists of Books for Highschool
Beneath are some of the book lists I refer to, to source the books we're reading.  The list has changed a bit as the children have grown ... Five in A Row and selections from Honey for A Child's Heart ~ Hunt no longer make the cut for the teen/s reading in our home☺... Daisy is nearly 13!)

1000 Good Books Lists
Milestones Academy Bookstore (make sure you click the Additional Lit Selections)
Biblioplan's Recommended Book Lists
Veritas Press Print Catalogue ... it has book descriptions unlike SL's new catalogues ;-)
Sonlight (Pre-2012) Catalogue
Ambleside booklist by Author   pdf
Medieval Mom's Book List (originally shared on TWTM forums in this thread)
All Through the Ages ~ Christine Miller   (includes oop books too which is great for those of us that haunt 2nd hand book sales)
Lightning Literature
Epi Kardia 
TWTM Great Book List (highschool)
The Great Books: History as Literature (SWB)
A Mind in The Light    history, by era, book lists 

And  Norton time line  is great for using to slotting history literature in.

If you click on Book list under labels, on my blog :D ,you'll come up with posts that detail the books we've selected out to read.

Timed Essay Writing in Highschool

As we prepare our children for sitting higher level courses (including test situations) in their schooling years and beyond, being able to write fluently in a set time frame is a skill both my children need to work on.
Getting thoughts down quickly under pressure and still be able to use the correct mechanics of writing is a muscle that needs building in our home.

We're switching the components we use for English (language arts) around a bit next year -  I might write more on that in another post - as I'm wanting to create the time for the children to practice various styles of writing under time pressure more often.

I like how Lori outlined thoughts she's collected and employed for her students to be able to work on timed essay writing - it's nice to find a post where someone has detailed out many of the thoughts I was entertaining, and more besides... and laid them out more succinctly than I ever could.  :D
TWTM post # 54

I'm posting this note here, more for myself than anything.... makes it easy for me to find later, but thought Lori's post may benefit others too.

22 November 2014

Blog Reader

Not long ago someone (thank you to who ever that was!) suggested Bloglovin as a good tool to use as a daily feed to read our favourite blogs. 
They were right ☺
I'm slowly putting my favourite blogs to read over into my feed and should anyone want to here's the link to
Follow my blog with Bloglovin