07 April 2014

Our Week Ahead ~ April 07 2014

It's a lighter workload for us the next few weeks. 
Starting Monday April 07 2014, once academic/ scheduled learning is done the children are working on delight led (personal interest)  areas of learning.
Daisy is sewing, concentrating on piano, and is focused on getting the garden ready for autumn.
Bobs is delving deep into all things chess (playing online, a game with a friend via "correspondence", and up-skilling himself), concentrating on drums and helping mum with yardwork so his turkeys, and the ducks, can have a 'nicer' spot to forage in.
The weather is starting to cool off and so as much time as we can spend outside, we're taking it.
Lego is using up much of Bob's free time .... the annual Lego competition in NZ is now open for submissions.

The list below is our proposed schedule for the week the reality often pans out differently.. I think I'll come back and cross out the things we didn't do :D
  • Bible 
All: 1 Corinthians ch:13 (study)
Memorisation & Cursive Copywork: wk 3 of 4)
Hymn: O God, Thou Art the Father
Scriptures: Ephesians 4:32

  • History & Geography
Topic: The Rise of Islam
Biblioplan Ch: 5 The Rise of Islam (selections)
Differences between Islam & Christianity
Mapping: Arabian & Sinai Peninsulas (Biblioplan)
Encyclopedia Research: Islam

Audio: True Tales RRR Vol 2: The Islamic Empire ~ Diana Waring
(Last week of Side study: St. Columba
Audio: This Sceptred Island 01: St. Columba Comes to Iona onwards)
Audio: True Tales RRR Vol 2: St Columba ~ Diana Waring )
Read Alouds: Book Basket selection
One Thousand & One Arabian Nights ~ McCaughrean (selections)
Car time audio: book basket choice
N/F: The Arabs of the Golden Age ~ Moktefi (SL F) (selections only)
Famous Men: Mohammad (570-632AD)
Poetry:  Oxford Book of Poetry

Daisy ~ History & Literature:
SOTW 2: Ch 6 & 7: Islam
Shadow Spinner ~ Fletcher (SL)  already completed   

Bob ~ History & Literature:
GGML ~ Shearer
Lesson 5 : Beowulf 3, lines 701 - 1250
Reader: The World of Chess ~ Saidy & Lessing (oop)

  • English
All About Spelling (finished up book 4 this week. Yay!!!!!)
Grammar in Rod n Staff 4
S.F.W.W.E (level 4)  ~ Bauer
 Daisy is really focused to complete the last few lesson in her current AAS book - as then it's rewards week for her. Rewards week equates to:  complete a level/workbook and you get to choose a take out tea, and earn computer time credits.

AAS rules  
Grammar in Rod n Staff 6
As soon as Bob has finished his review in AAS I'm proposing to switch him over into Visual Latin as a regular lessons session and use it as a language arts tool as oppose to fitting it into our foreign languages slot for 2 terms a year.
  • Math
Select topics in:  IXL , Khan, and,
Khan Academy
  • Science (both)
Chemistry 101 (Friday)
The Periodic Table of Videos   (Delight led)

01 April 2014

Periodic Table Link

A blogging friend, Chareen of Every Bed of Roses, writes one of my favourite posts to check each week titled Tuesday's Treasures  and last week she shared this wonderful link to a Visual Periodic Table,  a perfect go along to one of Bob's favourite science books, The Elements ~ Theodore Gray

31 March 2014

Our Week Ahead ~ 31 March 2014

Even though our history schedule says The Byzantine Empire, we're not going to immerse ourself in that topic - we'll cover the required amount of reading (meaning whatever mum thinks is necessary ☺) and continue on with our study of Columba, Ireland, & Scotland.
In earlier years we created Byzantine notebooking pages, and arts n craft items (including the pictured paper dolls from SOTW2 student pages) - not this time.

All: 1 Corinthians ch:13 - ch:15:1-19   & discussion with Dn
Daisy: II Kings  (continue)

Memorisation & Cursive Copywork: wk 2 of 4
O God, Thou Art the Father
Scriptures: Ephesians 4:32

History & Geography

Topic: The Byzantine Empire
Biblioplan Ch: 4 The Byzantine Empire: Justinian & Theodora, John Chrysostom, Monophysite, Nestorianism
Mapping: Justinian’s Empire (Biblioplan)
Encyclopedia Research: Byzantines

N/F: Church History (selections complete this week)

Read Alouds
How the Irish Saved Civilization ~ Cahill (n/f)
Car time audio: Beowulf the Warrior ~ Sutcliff

Famous Men: Justinian (527-565ad)
Poetry: Anglo Saxon Poetry: The Dream of the Rood Wk 2 of 2

Daisy ~ History & Literature:
SOTW 2: Ch 4: The Byzantine Empire

N/F: Medieval Myths, Legends and Songs ~ Trembinski
Reader: Where Red Deer Run ~ Jenny Robertson (Columba) Complete, then book basket choices
A Child's Introduction to Poetry ~ Driscoll

Bob ~ History & Literature:
Invitation to the Classics
(early Christian Writers: Augustine AD401 - selections)  ~ Cowan & Guiness (complete on Monday)
Audio: Augustine's Conversion ~ Mclean (complete on Monday)
Greenleaf Guide to Medieval Literature ~
Lesson 4 : Beowulf 2, lines 1-700

27 March 2014

Medieval links - Pt3 The Medieval Christian Church

Links for our Pt3 Schedule: The Medieval Christian Church ~ St. Patrick, St. Columba,  St. Augustine, St. Jerome

While there seem to be so many (!!) books about St. Patrick there are not too many, yet, about St. Columba ... I guess since some of my ancestors came from the Isle of Iona I have a vested interest in what Columba was doing there :)

Columba, brief biography  I find it interesting that the Book of Kells was produced in the monastry Columba inhabited

O God, Thou Art the Father   Hymn ascribed to Columba

Insular Art Ireland (Education Portal)

The list for the Dark Ages from Education Portal

Augustine's Conversion ~ Max McLean (audible)

24 March 2014

Books to Share ~ March 2014

I always find it interesting to see what books other literature loving families have recently purchased, and as book depository is such an economical place to shop (usually) I thought I'd detail some books we've purchased from there in the last few months.
(We don't use affiliate links ..... just doing some book sharing)

Please note: I have not read many of these books, yet .. and a few of them are still in the post.

1: Fire, Bed & Bone
In 1381 in England, a hunting dog recounts what happens to his beloved master Rufus and his family when they are arrested on suspicion of being part of the peasants' rebellion led by Wat Tyler and the preacher John Ball.
Fire, Bed, and Bone

2: Hus the Heretic  (dh is really looking forward to reading this one aloud)
John Hus was one of the greatest religious and spiritual pioneers to ever grace this earth, and many experts agree that the Reformation would have never been possible without him paving the way. He paid for his beliefs, however, by being burned at the stake in 1415 at the age of 42.
The way Hus conducted himself deep impressed Poggius, and this book details the thoughts which he secretly related via letters to his friend Leonhard Nikolai. 
Hus the Heretic

3: Lost City: The Discovery of Machu Picchu  (picture book with gorgeous!! illustrations)
Journey into the wilds of Peru in this story of Hiram Bingham, who, in 1911, carved a treacherous path through snake-filled jungles and across perilous mountains in search of Vilcapampa, the lost city of the Incas.
Lost City: The Discovery of Machu Picchu

4: Red Hugh, Prince of Donegal
In 1587, teenaged Hugh Roe O'Donnell, son of the rulers of Donegal, is seized by the English and imprisoned in Dublin Castle for three years before escaping to join in the struggle to rid Ireland of English rule.
Red Hugh, Prince of Donegal

5: The Story of Rolf and the Viking Bow
This turn-of-the-century novel by Allen French is in the style and tradition of the great Icelandic sagas and is set in the time just after Iceland had become Christian.
The Story of Rolf and the Viking Bow

6: Alone Yet Not Alone
A true story of an American family. Pioneers in an untamed land, caught between two civilizations, a true test of survival, the ultimate test of faith. An ultimate story of survival.
Alone Yet Not Alone: Their Faith Became Their Freedom

7: King Alfred's English ( I've had a quick pre-read of this & the writing style is very engaging)
An entertaining read for any age. This intriguing look at the development of our language is a combination study in both history and English with a bit of linguistics woven throughout. Surprising facts about people and wars, quirky details about spelling and grammar, humorous word histories, all are packed together to form a thoroughly enjoyable and educational overview of English history from 55 BC to 1611, the year the King James Bible was published.
King Alfred's English, a History of the Language We Speak and Why We Should Be Glad We Do

8: The Chronicles of Iona: Exile (This one is for me, not sure of the content, yet ☺)
the story of the two men who laid the foundations of the Scottish nation, an Irish monk, Saint Columba, and a Scottish warlord, Aedan mac Gabran.  What St. Patrick was to Ireland, St. Columba was to Scotland.
The Chronicles of Iona: Exile

9: The Sharpened Sword: John Knox
Knox spent his life with a sword in one hand and a Bible in the other and he wasn't afraid to use either.He began his theological life as a body guard to George Wishart - and it was when that young man was put to death by the religious authorities that John Knox was finally persuaded of the need to awaken his country from the death of injustice and spiritual poverty that afflicted it.He was never built for a quiet life and when he ran from one danger, he often found himself headed straight for another.
The Sharpened Sword: John Knox

10: Kings & Queens of England and Scotland
Don't know your Albert from your Ethelred? Or which Henry had six wives, and which was crowned at eight years old? This book (may ☺) help you to sort your Tudors from your Stuarts, and discover how each monarch helped to shape today's U.K
Kings & Queens of England and Scotland

11: Brightest Heaven of Invention: A Christian Guide to 6 Shakespeare Plays
Shakespeare was, as Caesar says of Cassius, "a great observer," able to see and depict patterns of events and character. He understood how politics is shaped by the clash of men with various colorings of self-interest and idealism, how violence breeds violence, how fragile human beings create masks and disguises for protection, how schemers do the same for advancement, how love can grow out of hate and hate out of love.
Brightest Heaven of Invention: A Christian Guide to Six Shakespeare Plays

12: Shakespeare: His Work & His World
Rosen makes the life and work of Shakespeare vibrant and exciting in this perfectly splendid biography. . . . Beautiful and engaging." -- KIRKUS REVIEWS (starred review) "In exceptionally fresh and vivid terms, the author plies readers with abundant, accurate information on the playwright, his theater, and the plays, looking closely at A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, ROMEO AND JULIET, MACBETH, KING LEAR, and THE TEMPEST.
(Ingpen is one of my favourite illustrators!) 
Shakespeare: His Work & His World

13: Nacar, The White Deer  (author tie-in ;) since we've already read I, Juan de Pareja)
A deep friendship springs up between a boy, who had lost his voice and his mother at the same tragic moment, and an ailing albino deer sent from China as a gift to the King of Spain. It is Lalo's task to nurture the sick deer back to health in the mountains of so that he will be well enough for the sea voyage to Spain. This gentle story of Mexico in 1630 follows young Lalo on his journey back to the Mountain of the Sleeping Lady. The journey and months the deer and the boy spend with Lalo's goats are full both of dangers found in a wild landscape and of charming incidents found in a people brimming with life and faith. As with any friendship there is sorrow as well as joy, and Lalo grows in wisdom and courage as he comes to accept even the uncertainties and difficulties of the trust he has been given.
Nacar, the White Deer: A Story of Old Mexico

14: Beowulf: An Illustrated Edition (about to use.  This book is just a pleasure to look through!)
Composed at the end of the first millennium, "Beowulf" is the elegiac narrative of the Scandinavian hero who saves the Danes from the seemingly invincible monster. This illustrated edition includes full-page illustrations of Viking warships, chain mail, lyres, spearheads, and a reconstruction of a Great Hall - make visible Beowulf's world and the themes of his story: death, "divine power", horror, heroism, disgrace, devotion and fame. This mysterious world becomes more amazing after viewing the objects and the landscape of its origins.
Beowulf: An Illustrated Edition