14 February 2017

2017 Booklist in Reading Order ~ info post for me

2017 Book Lists in Reading ORDER
Daisy (15):  
TGC: Classics of British Literature ~ Prof. John Sutherland (audio. selections)
8: Anglo-Saxon Roots—Pessimism and Comradeship
16: Chaucer—Social Diversity
17: Chaucer—A Man of Unusual Cultivation

AllSorts Selection (Includes Brit Lit books)
2: Elbows off the Table ~ Patsy Rowe   (etiquette refresher)
2: The Hound of Ulster ~ Rosemary Sutcliff  (Celts.  Cuchulain Saga.  Read before Beowulf)
4: The Prince of the House of David ~ J.H. Ingraham   (AD 30's) (Christian Classic)
5-7: How to Write Clearly ~ Beechick   (N/F English)
8: Anglo-Saxon Poetry (selections) GG  (Brit Lit)   
  -Deor's Lament
  -The Seafarer
  -The Wanderer
  -Caedmon's Hymn
  -The Dream of the Rood
9: Beowulf   GG   (Brit Lit)    (the illustrated version is a family favourite)
9: Spring Tide ~ Mary Ray    (Roman. AD 311)
16: Knight's Fee ~ Rosemary Sutcliff  ('England'   1066 tie-in)
17-19: Chaucer (selections)  GG  (Brit Lit)   
17c: I Rode a Horse of Milk White Jade ~ Wilson  (1339.  Animistic themes)
18: Crispin:The Cross of Lead ~ Avi   (England.  1377)
20: Hamlet   GG (Brit Lit)   (Read alongside:  Brightest Heaven of Invention) (Play)
21: The Three Musketeers ~ Alexandre Dumas (1625-28)  (French Lit)
25: The Hobbit ~ Tolkien ( re-read for lit study EiL)
26: Nicholas Nickleby ~ Charles Dickens  1861 (Brit Lit) audio, dramatised  (Brit Lit)   
28: Silas Marner ~ George Elliot    1861  (Brit Lit)   
31: Moonfleet ~J. Meade Falkner  (pub 1898)  setting 1757
34:  Surprised by Joy ~ C.S. Lewis   (1955) (essay.  Auto bio /Christian) (Brit Lit)   
Free Reading (optional titles)
3: Three Little Great Ladies ~ W. Percy Smith (Young Ladies of Virtue Series
3: Dora: A Tale of Influence ~ author unknonw (YLoVS   which are similar to Lamplighter books)
4: A Little Child Shall Lead Them ~ Amy Le Feuvre (YLoVS)
4b: Christie's Next Things ~ Minnie E. Kenney
5: The False Prince ~ Nielsen   (audio series)  
Cadfael (abridged audiobooks)
The Faerie Queen ~ Edmund Spenser (1590's epic poem) (unabridged audio(Brit Lit)   
The First Four Years ~ Wilder (American Classic)
A Tree for Peter ~ Kate Seredy  (illustrator.   Young read)

Daisy  NZ Focus  
Stories of Old New Zealand      (Universal Books) (Out Of Print)
The Women of New Zealand ~ Helen M. Simpson    (O.O.P.)
        (NZ titles.  easy!! reading)
The Rhys Griffiths Read Aloud Stories Vol II  New Zealand History  
Journey Under Warning ~ Elsie Locke  (1843)

Jay (17): 

AllSorts Selection
A: The Marshmellow Test  (documentary, already watched) LC
1: Short Stories by Saki   (British)  (H.H Munro 1870-1916) (English/Short Stories)
4: Surfeit of Lampreys ~ Ngaio Marsh (NZ author.  pub. 1941) (English/Mystery)
4b: Litecoin ~ Branson  (Business
6-8: Leaders Who Last ~ Dave Kraft (christian) LC
9-13: Babylon's Ark ~ Lawrence Arthur   (profanity edited out) (English/Modern Bio)
17-22: Leaders and Misleaders ~ Andre Van Heerden (Business  NZ) LC
18: The Abolition of Man ~ C.S. Lewis (christian) (audio option) LC
23-27: Surprised by Joy ~ C.S.Lewis   (1955)  (English/Essays/Autobio)
23-24: Steven Covey  pdf to read  LC
28: The Most Dangerous Game ~ Connell   (1924) (English/Short Stories)
28-31: Margin ~ Richard Swenson (christian) LC
29: A Letter to God ~ Gregoria Lopex Y Fuentes   (1940) (English/Short Stories)
30: A Sound of Thunder  ~ Bradbury   (1952) (English/Short Stories)
33-36: Have a Little Faith ~ Mitch Albom    (English/Bio)
32: Three Men on The Bummel ~ Jerome (English/Humour)

Other Subjects Books

Poetry/Speeches/Essays ( delight led selection, including)
St. Orfeo  (Poem. Translated by Tolkein)  Circa 1300
Luthien Tinuviel  (Poem from the Silmarillion) 


To Kill a Mocking Bird ~ Harper   (American Lit.  pub. 1960)  US Hist Fict

Book Basket
Bible (KJV)
1: Short Stories By Saki ~ H.H.  Munro  (car time audio)    (free. library loan)
4-22: Church Ages    (Dn to read aloud and discuss)
16: TGC  1066: The Year that Changed Everything ~ Prof J.Paxton (audio. 3hrs)
23: Hamlet ~ Shakespeare (BBC Production.  audio)   (free. library loan)

An NZ History read
Other titles.  To select as we go along

Plays & Films
A: Longitude DvD  (content issues)
21: The Misanthrope ~ Moliere  (1666)  (play)   
33: Arsenic and Lace ~ Joseph Kesselring (play)
Of Gods and Men (2011)   ? DvD 

08 February 2017

Our Week Ahead ~ Tues 7 February 2017 (Te Kura English Level 2 prep)

With only a few weeks into our learning year, it's interesting to see the things that are being deleted or added to our educational wish lists already.
Daisy has decided she rather not complete work inside any text driven agricultural science courses; as she can learn so much more 'in the field' via a farming associate, and working with Dn on our own acreage.
We're really going to switch Essentials in Literature 9 around to make it a complimentary tool to NCEA writing requirements. We'll certainly be trimming some of the time dedicated to The Hobbit too.  I'm wanting to include practise for reading responses , writing across the texts, and an NZ schooling approach to a research paper (all standards from NCEA level 2).
The way the US curric, we've seen - your experience may be otherwise - and used to craft a research paper , the approach is very different from the outcome Jay was expected to submit in 2016.

Jay is in start up mode with his 2017 Te Kura ( NZ Correspondence School) courses for this year and I think we may have a few adjustments to make there too.   Another NZ home educator recommended Digital Tech studies for Jay this year, thank you; he thinks it's okay  ;-)
(Te Kura course work and Jay were definitely oil and water last year, and he's come away not wanting to pursue anymore Maths, or, English especially,  via that portal.)

Music lesson, history and some of our electives won't recommence until the end of February.

Our Week Ahead:


Literature, & Book Basket:  
2:  Audio’s in Feb:
Hinds' Feet on High Places ~ Hurnard  (we both think that Pilgrim's Progress is much richer, more profound, than this)

1:  Essentials in Writing 10  (not to be confused with Excellence in Writing)
2:  Essentials in Literature   The Raven ~ Poe
4:  Greek & Latin Roots    
5:   Penmanship 

CTC  Mon to Thurs
NCEA Math  Fri

Rosetta Stone French  


Literature, & Book Basket
1: Book Basket
2:  Audio’s in Feb  
Te Kura 
Accounting:    Start with:  AC2010Y1
Business Studies   
Digital Studies 

Drums    Mon – Sat

30 January 2017

Our Week Ahead ~ 30 Jan 2017 (Still in ramp up mode & my current book basket)

For those who like schedule creating, I do ;) , I'm making some good inroads into getting this years schedule streamlined into a working format.
A schedule is an excellent tool for me to deviate from and swing back too; and, in the high schooling years it sure helps me to discuss with the children, and allocate, what they need to consider working on next.  Jay likes to have things scheduled in for him otherwise books that I'd like to him a good 'try' at would just be ignored for 100% non-fiction, and then he feels he's missed out on an opportunity to enjoy a diversity of reads like
Three Men in a Boat ~ Jerome (humour),
Fahrenheit 451 ~ Bradbury (Utopian) ,
Short Stories by Saki ,
Bleak House ~ Dickens (Brit Lit) , and etc.

Our week ahead, starting 30 January 2017
Bible:  St John Ch:6+

Family Read Aloud:  Hinds' Feet on High Places ~ Hurnard (Daisy & I originally started this together and then decide we wanted the menfolk to enjoy the allegory with us - but it looks like it'll remain just us two)

Book Basket: Poetry

Essentials in Writing: Level 10

CTC, or NZ equivalent MathsBuddy: Algebra (recommence)
Matt from Mathsbuddy left this comment elsewhere on my blog:

Thanks for the post. We now have a purchase page for homeschoolers. 

Homeschoolers will be able to receive the 60% discount via this link: http://www.mathsbuddy.co.nz/purchase/homeschool

If anyone has any questions they can email info@mathsbuddy.co.nz

Literature & Books

Elbows off the Table ~ Rowe
Daisy is sharing portions from this book that are of interest to her, and notes that, while this book is ostensibly aimed at helping to instruct 6-12 yr olds,  adults and teen (herself included) would benefit from reading this book too ;-)

Electives/Delight Led
Programming ~ Khan Academy
Card Making

Te Kura English Research Paper (a paper from last year that needs to be completed)

Business Studies
NCEA Level 2 Business Studies (recommence)

Literature & Books
The Whisper of Glocken ~ Kendall
NCEA Accounting (refresher)

Electives/Delight Led
Plastic Scale Models
Business Lectures

My Book Basket
1 Samuel   (studying *)
The Marshmellow Test ~ Mischel (pre-reading before Jay has to study it)
Brat Farrar ~ Tey   (just completed.  Interesting reading.  Mature themes, not for Daisy)
A Bunch of Sweet Peas ~ Henry Donald ( a lovely read! Recommend)
Cold Comfort Farm ~ Gibbons  (Not for me)
Surprised By Joy ~ C.S. Lewis

* My sister purchased a really lovely bible for me - KJV Life Application Study Bible -  and I'm using that for my personal bible study time this year- it's lovely to use!

27 January 2017

Our Week ~ 23 Jan 2017 Ramping up the subjects

The first few weeks back are, intentionally, slower as we start to ramp the subject material back up to use.
Neither the children or I enjoy a full on 'back to it' start in a new learning year.

This week consists of Jay, who turns 17 in a few days,  working with focus on the draft copy of a Research Paper, so that hopefully by the end of next week we can tie off NCEA 2 English: a year of correspondence school English has completely finished off ANY desire, from both of us, to do another year of English that way.   Shudder! ;-)

He's been reading through NCEA Accounting Level 1 and 2 books to prepare himself for working towards Accounting credits through Te Kura.
He asked that I subscribe The Whisper of Glocken to him, otherwise he won't get it read, and he wants to.

Jay, Dn and I have been pondering, praying and discussing Jays options for his last year of homeschooling - and today we finally managed to arrive at a settled end result with that.
No maths this year, he's finished.   (So proud of him!!)
No stand alone English courses this year - he'll be completing writing inside Business Studies, and Philosophy.

I've detailed what he, and Daisy, will be studying during 2017 in this post.

Daisy, 15 in a few days,  has eased back into educating at home without a hiccough.  She is such a honey ♥   2017 is her last year with me facilitating ALL her home educating choices... next year, 2018, she becomes a young adult student and starts working on achieving credits for NCEA learning standards  via the NZ Correspondence school, and only doing a few home educating courses.
English, and, Penmanship
This week she's completed a beautifully penned grammar review piece for English, which also ends her handwriting course  (she didn't get a chance to complete that last year and we both wanted her to).

She asked!! (which slightly gobsmacked me) to start working on NCEA topics/workbooks so that next year won't be as pain filled for her, as Jay's first year  using Te Kura appeared to be.  He's been rather vocal and supportive of her decision, and thinks it's a great idea, for her.... he said;   however,  he would never do that, even in hindsight.

She's being going through an NCEA History Level 1 Topic this week, and said she's enjoying it as it's a chance to review what she already knows about Nancy Wake during WWII.

The Hound of Ulster ~ Rosemary Sutcliff
This is our lead in novel to reading Beowulf.  Daisy said the story line is enjoyable, but if she doesn't concentrate she gets all the names beginning with "C" jumbled.

I need to get our (Church) History & Lit reading schedule typed up and running!  Seriously behind in that quarter this year.

26 January 2017

Card Crafting , Colouring, Art and Turkey

Card crafting met school stationary this year.
Daisy and her friend, Fleur, enjoy card crafting and Fleur decided to get creative with covering her schooling exercise books this year and crafted these:

Aren't they lovely (!) and much more appealing to use than just plain ruled exercise books.
Daisy, and I, thought they were so pretty that she put some of last years calendar pictures to work on her exercise books too :)

Daisy likes to cover notebooks, and send them as small gifts to family and friends, here are a few of her recent creations.
Jazzed up 3B1 notebooks
This one is my current favourite
 A few of Daisy's current card creations:
The student diary she customised for Jay
Colouring in while she listens to audiobooks is a favourite pastime for Daisy; the following are out of the colouring book Be Still and Know That I Am God.
Thank you cards are an old fashioned observance that never goes out of style! Handmade ones from a friend's children... so lovely to receive!
The same friend has very artistic children, her 10 yr old created the following lovely works of art for us.  So talented!  The tractor, coloured pencil, piece was a gift to Dn.
And her, then, nearly 6 year old drew the next gorgeous 'fridge art' picture for me. I love it!
One of our turkey 'babies' feet started to deform and cripple up so we had to use the plaster trick on them... which makes him look like he has duck feet :-)
Crippled feet can be painful for the bird and as soon as we straightened them out with plasters he was happy and chirpy and racing around.

20 January 2017

Jan - Feb 2017: Books to research ~ post for me

Gift of the Sea ~ Anne Morrow Linberg (Via Thoroughly Alive blog)
Simplicity ~ Richard Foster
The Awakening of Miss Prim ~ Natalia Sanmartin Fenollera
Cold Comfort Farm ~ Stella Gibbons
A Seaside Practice ~ Todd Smith
George MacDonald ~ C.S. Lewis

For Jay
Leaders Eat Last ~ Simon Sinek
Good to Great ~ Jim Collins
The Marshmellow Test ~ Walter Mischel  (Library)
Ender's Game ~ Card ( I didn't think there was anything so wonderfully amazing in this book that Jay 'needs' to read it.  Optional read?  Edit out crass language and cursing.)

For Daisy
The False Prince ~ Nielsen ( interesting story. Clean!)
Birds, Beasts  and Relatives ~ Durrell