20 June 2016

Our Week Ahead ~ 20 June 2016 ( World War I pt 1)

This is a no frills post, just copying and pasting portions of what we'll read together as a family,  and Daisy's history and literature line-up .
We're about to start our last 'official' home educating study of World War 1 and we're wanting to inject a decent focus on New Zealand and Australian soldiers and nurses - especially since we have 'family' that served, and died, during that war.  I'm not listing everything that we're using.

All:  Luke 13+

Classics of British Literature Lecture  
3:  Poetry Study:  TGC : Classics of British Literature ~ L44:  Great War, Great Poetry

4:  Short Stories:   Katherine Mansfield  (NZ author)
The Doll's House  (1922)
5:  Dvd:   ANZAC's 

History & Geography  
1:  Story of New Zealand ~ Basset
o   Ch:14  The Growth of a Nation p.150-160

2:  Bp Early Modern Times:      
o   Ch: 17 WW1  pt1 p.250-257a 
3:  Kingfisher Encyclopedia
o   p.388-389  (Start of WW1  1914)

o   Biblioplan  Wk 17    WW1
o   Review:  Countries of the World  Quizz (Lizardpoint)

History, Literature, & Book Basket:
1: Book Basket:
o   1:  Corrie Ten Boom  ~  Benge (missionary)
o   2:  The Keeper of the Bees ~ Stratton-Porter (WWI)
Nice Day for a War by Matt Elliott
o   3:  Nice Day for a War ~ Slane  (1914-18) N.Z  (site)  

2:  Audio’s in June:
The Harvester ~ Stratton-Porter
I am David ~ Holm

13 June 2016

Our Week Ahead ~ 13 June 2016 (Recent Book finds for Daisy)

 A week or so back I posted about praying to find some extra reading for Daisy and we're being blessed with more books and audio titles happening into our space.  So thankful!
(Others looking for books suggestions do look in the comments section on this post;  Allie & her daughter, Elise, kindly ♥ typed up some of their favourite books.)

On a recent trip to Palmerston North we found:
Eight of the Betsy-Tacy books   We've read the first two during our earlier years using Sonlight's readers.
A Season of Gifts ~ Richard Peck
Cyrano ~ Geraldine McCaughrean     easy reading
A Little Bush Maid (bk 1) ~ Mary Grant Bruce
From Billabong to London (bk 4)  ~ Bruce 

Other books:

Code Talker ~ Joseph Bruchac     Recommended by some Sonlight forum moms.

Mother ~ Kathleen Norris

Small Acts of Amazing Courage ~ Whelan     recommended by Allie

Mary Emma and Company ~ Moody  (Daisy's just completed this and really enjoyed it)

The Harvester ~ Stratton-Porter

I'll only list the history topics we are reading about, along with any new reads in the book baskets, otherwise the Our Week Ahead portion of my posts can get a little long.

Our Week Ahead
Jay and Daisy are both reading Biblioplan's history text and ITTC.
With English writing and lit, Jay is about to start working on a Reading Response to Goebbel's essay (propaganda) The Jews Are to Blame, and has nearly completing a Te Kura booklet on Business Communications.

All:  Luke 13+

History & Geography
Hymn:  Nearer, Still Nearer  ~ Leila N. Morris (Then Sings My Soul Bk 2 ~ Morgan p.237)     
Artist:   Mary Cassatt

1:  Read Alouds:   
o   Winston Churchill ~ Severance (1847-1965) U.K
o   A Season of Gifts ~ Peck

3:  Poetry Study:  TGC ~ L44:  Great War, Great Poetry

History & Geography  
2:  Bp Early Modern Times:  Ch: 16 p.230-235a,  237b-238a
3:  Kingfisher Encyclopedia:  p.386-387  (World at A Glance 1914-49)
4:  ITTC: The Makers of The Modern World  p.295 - 298

Review:  Countries of the World  Quizz (Lizardpoint)

History, Literature, & Book Basket:
1: Book Basket:
1:  Corrie Ten Boom  ~  Benge
2:  The Keeper of the Bees ~ Stratton-Porter

2:  Audio’s in June:
The Harvester ~ Stratton-Porter
I am David ~ Holm
Mary Emma and Company ~ Moody (completed)

02 June 2016

Random Pet Post ~ June 2016

This post will only interest pet loving people
Hatched December 2015
 From a cute ball of yellow fluff , above, to well grown, in just 4 months
These Royal Palm Turkeys do create chaos in our back yard ;-p
Notice the pure white one to the left, extreme rear, we're not sure what breed she is.
 Count the Cats
This one is for Tracy :-D   
Lady Penelope, aka Penny, (tabby marked burmese) and Chess (seal point burmese) often snuggle (??) up this way.  Penny is rather Garfield-ish, and it amazes us how Chess just carries on sleeping when she flops down on top of him

30 May 2016

Books... Instead of Our May 30th Week Ahead Post

We're still completing last weeks type up, and then we're taking a much needed week off.
So I figured I'd post about a favourite topic: books.

Our districts annual Red Cross, second hand, book sale fell on my birthday this year,
so Dn took me ♥
I came home with a few treasures to enjoy;
Custard and Company (Ogden Nash Poetry)
15 Minutes Alone With God ~ Emilie Barnes
Black Boots and Buttonhooks ~ Phyllis Johnston  (NZ historical fiction)
A Comet in the Sky ~ Phyllis Johnston (NZ historical fiction)
Milly- Molly- Mandy and Billy Blunt ~ Joyce Lankester Brisley  (a really old copy) ☺
A Selection from the Canterbury Tales ~ Retold by Selina Hastings, illustrated by Reg Cartwright

We also found some more books for Daisy (God was so good to answer my recent prayer with a yes!) she selected out some of the vintage Nancy Drew titles to enjoy as lite (younger ;/)  reading; and, I managed to gather a few extra titles to add to her reading basket for this term - some I want to pre-read before giving them to her, any that make the cut I'll be sure to share.
Items going in her book basket now:
The Adventures of Sir Edward Leithen ~ John Buchan (author of The Thirty-nine Steps) There is a portion missing at the end of the old book we purchased, so we'll need to read the rest of that via a kindle edition. )

When the Siren Wailed ~ Noel Streatfield (younger read)       WWII   (ouch on the amazon price!!)

Four Perfect Pebbles: A Holocaust Story ~ Perl & Lazan       WWII

The Boy in Striped Pyjamas ~ John Boyne    WWII     (content???)

Spring Tide ~ Mary Ray   (set in Roman Britian)

"Billy"  Sunday:  The Man and His Message ~ William T. Ellis     (Modern Times Evangelist)

23 May 2016

Our Week Ahead ~ 23 May 2016 (Finding Books for a Voracious Reader)

Having a teen that is a voracious reader, and an audio book devourer, is a great problem to have.... until it's time to start finding additional titles that are content appropriate for that particular child.
Keeping up with the supply and demand seemed easier during the younger years;  we are finding keeping Daisy's Free Reading basket supplied with interesting and good quality stories a challenge this year.
We've been scouring  through all/any book lists and suggestions others have compiled and are coming up with very few usable options.  I could start pulling books that are semi ear marked for the next three years English Lit studies, but we were wanting to save those for 'new' stories to enjoy and study then - my prayer orientated friends will understand this;  so, I figured it's time I started praying that we will come across some more worthy or interesting/delightful  (& age appropriate)  books for her,  since Daisy doesn't have many Free Reading titles left on this years list.
(Her free reading options, for 2016,  are listed part way down this long post under  Free, Unscheduled, Reading for Daisy).

Here's a portion of our week ahead:

May Monday 23  2016
·       Family
All:  Luke 

History & Geography
Christians of Note:  
Jonathan Goforth 1859-1936,  (Canadian.  Missionary to China)
Smith Wigglesworth 1859-1947  (British Evangelist)  

3:  Short Stories: 
·        The Open Window  ~ Saki (1914) Notes for Daisy
·        The Interlopers  ~ Saki (1919)    (extra)

·       Jay
History & Geography  
2:  Bp Early Modern Times:    (allowing 2 weeks)
Ch: 14 p.210a,   Ch:15 Big Business (Robber Barons) 212-224a

3:   ITTC: Henry James (1881)  p.287

Mapping:  BP  wk.15  U.S.A in 1912

History, Literature, & Book Basket:
1: Book Basket:  
Outliers ~ Gladwell    (Assignment)  

Free Reading
Animal Farm ~ Orwell   (1945)  Brit Lit

·       Daisy
History & Geography  
2:  Bp Early Modern Times:       
Ch: 14 p.210a,  Ch:15 Big Business (Robber Barons) 212-224a

3:  KF p.378-379 (Arts), p.382-383 (Science) (1836-1913)
4:  ITTC: Henry James (1881)  p.287
Mapping:  BP  wk.15  U.S.A in 1912
Review:  Your choice  (Lizardpoint)

History, Literature, & Book Basket:
1: Book Basket:
1:  Hudson Taylor  ~  Benge
2:  The Keeper of the Bees ~ Stratton-Porter  (post WWI)

Free Reading
When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit ~ Kerr  SL300 

2:  Audio’s in May:
Mrs. Pollifax series  
Bk8:  Mrs. Pollifax and the Golden Triangle       Story line is more intense in this book than others that we've listened to in the series so far.
Mrs. Pollifax and the Golden Triangle Audiobook
Bk10:  Mrs. Pollifax and the Second Thief         Interesting art history/art forgery theme in this one. 

18 May 2016

Fahrenheit 451 ~ A Few Extras

Jay is using Fahrenheit 451 ~ Ray Bradbury as one of his dystopian reads for a research paper he's needing to complete, and SL 300 Lit doesn't have this as one of their Modern History books so I decided to go searching for some discussion guides/writing prompts etc for us to use.  Here is what we archived:
Fahrenheit 451 Teachers Guide (pdf)  Under the heading Books & Lesson plans, scroll down to:  Teacher Guide from Simon & Schuster
The Big Read Fahrenheit 451 (pdf)  also can be down loaded from here
Steppenwolf Guide (pdf)
Essay Questions   &  Themes  (also includes other items that may be of interest)

We also had a brief look at anti-heroes in Modern Times literature and in today's culture.

Spare, sit down and just read, hours seem to be in very short supply this year so I elected to listen through this book on audio (to check for possible content issues, and so I could discuss it with Jay... and in a few years time with Daisy when she reads it.) 
I was able to download the audio for free through e.pukapuka (pertinent info, just for kiwis) - though I did notice that audible USA has the version read by Tim Robbins available too (I thought he read this book really well).

I know of  a few other mums who appreciate knowing of potential content that may need  discussion in books, ahead of time too, so tossing this comment in, again:

Fahrenheit 451 ~ Bradbury    1953
(Dystopian.   This makes for tame reading after pre-reading 1984, and, Brave new World.  We purposely went with this book as opposed to other curriculum providers dystopian suggestion  (depressing! s3x & drug based,  suicidal and despair filled ending) Brave New World.
Fahrenheit 451 still contains content issues -  a woman tries to commit suicide, dysfunctional marriage, totalitarian state which murders people, protagonist uses a fire torch on his work colleagues - but!  the story ends with hope!  We both really appreciated the ending