30 March 2015

Our Week Ahead ~ 30 March 2015

It's a short week due to Easter remembrance starting on Friday.  I shan't wax eloquent in this small intro to our week ahead, but will say that we have enjoyed going through Out of Many Waters ~ Green  (SL 7) as a family read aloud.  I've read it before, but Daisy has never heard it so Dn picked it up to read it out aloud to all of us.  The ending is a little less than Dn & Daisy hoped it would be.... I won't add any spoilers here for those that haven't read it yet.
Next week is our end of term break, and we are all looking forward to that.

For my critter love friends I've included a few natural science pictures near the end of this post ♥

·       Bible
All: II Timothy 
Hymn: Jesus, Priceless Treasure (Johann Franck) (All Glory, Laud & Honor C/D)

·       History & Geography
Biblioplan Ch 8:  The Puritian Migration; the English Civil War pgs 176-181,  187 - 198   (Tues – Thurs)
Mapping: wk 8  English Civil War
·       Family
1:  Read Alouds:
Out of Many Waters ~ Greene (SL7)   (finished! :-)  )
** The Story of New Zealand ~ Basset  12A : The Explorers, p.18-19  
It feels so good to be coming back around to some NZ history again! This is the last go through of Early Modern Times World History for Jay... I'm tying not to mentally over focus on that point.
2:  Afternoon Audio:   The Best of Our Island Story
3:  Book Basket:
Christian Men of Science ~ Mulfinger (Kepler)
King Alfred’s English ~ White
Life and Times: Pepys & the Stewarts
Adding these pictures because it's nice to see what an OOP book looks like.
 ·        Daisy ~ History, Literature & Book Basket:
N/F: Life and Times: Pepys and The Stuarts ~ Ross
1:  Life Lesson Book: Made You Look ~ Graydon
2:  Reader:  Limbo Lodge ~ Aiken
3:  Book Basket:  Beyond Beautiful Girlhood  ~ Noonan  (with mum)
4:  PoetryOver the next 6 weeks
Coleridge 1772-1834, Byron 1788-1824, Shelley 1792-1822
5:  Free Reading: Elsie’s Vacation ~ Finley
6:  Audio: Don Quixote ~ Cervantes  parts 3 and 4
·        Jay ~ History, Literature & Book Basket:
N/F:  Life and Times: Pepys and The Stuarts ~ Ross
1: Book Basket:
 Screwtape Letters ~ Lewis (wks 7-10)
 Practical Happiness ~ Schultz (discuss with dad)
2: Free Reading: various - delight led
3:  Audio:
 Don Quixote ~ Cervantes  parts 3 & 4
Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God ~ Edwards (Screwtape Letters Side Study)

·       English
Timed writing together with mum.      (Mon - Thurs)  Switch to copywork from your current reader 
Typing.  Narration from history reading.        (due Thurs)

1:  Essentials in Writing, Level 8:  Lessons 6A +
2:  RnS
3:  AAS Level 5
4:  Word Up!  The Vocab Show (Latin and Greek Roots)

1:  Greenleaf Guide Yr 3 Lit (1550-1900)  ~ Shearer
  Lesson 6:  George Herbert  (1593-1633)
Our family enjoys poetry and so this course is nearly a custom made fit for Jay.  We are tweaking and modifying, just a little, how we are using this guide as we go along.
2:  Essentials in Writing, Level 10:  Lessons 7 & 8
This course is working so well for Jay as it's allowing him to pull together all he's learnt in WWS and now apply it with guided instruction.  
3:  The Screwtape Letters Online Guide (selections only)
4:   Review in RnS
5:   Greek and Latin Roots

·       Maths
CTC Math 
Daisy is really learning with this program - it's an excellent fit for her.  She passed her first topic test with 97% which has boosted her confidence no end!   
Emperor Moth Caterpillar spinning his cocoon.    Picture taken by Dn   :)
·         Science (both)
Emperor (Moths) Caterpillars.  One caterpillar, Nehemiah ;), has entered his cocoon.  So interesting to watch!  He changed to the colour shown in the photo the night before he started spinning his cocoon.
Daisy: How Things Work  (Coursera)   Mon, Tue
Jay: Mechanics - Coursera (8 wks)   Mon, Tue

·         Languages
Rosetta Stone French for All; yep, including Dad & Mum      Mon, Tue (Daisy only), Wed

·         Logic
Jay: Chess
Daisy:  ??

PS:  Look who we found in the pigeon loft.  Totally unexpected as we've been diligently removing the eggs so that we wouldn't have any more pigeons. Ha ☺
Dn took this picture,  and included his fingertip on purpose to show the size of these little fellows.

26 March 2015

Latin and Greek Roots with Word Up! The Vocab Show

Higher level subjects can feel pretty intense and serious much of the time so I like to break up the pace a bit and have some lighter 'study' tools to use.  Word Up! The Vocab Show is one of those tools we all decided we wanted to have a go at this year and so we've totally ignored any suggested age range Compass Classroom may have put on this course :-D
Just noting here;  this is not an asked for review, nor does it contain affiliate links ... just sharing what we are using and enjoying during our high schooling years.
I've just ramped Word Up! into our weekly schedule, and yes, it definitely is a lighter, zany look at some of the Latin and Greek Roots we are wanting to go through this year.  I did screw up my nose a little at one of the examples given in the first session with Word Up! attributing hydrophobia as the reason for Moses 'wanting' to part the Red Sea, but other than that this Dvd led series is all that we hoped a word study show with Dwayne would be; funny, and educational.

Along with the movie clips we downloaded we are also using the go-along extras provided online for this course, and the good thing is I can customise the tests.
The Quizlet Tools page lists the root words being covered, and if you click on each root word the link will open up into a new page which show the study and play tabs that compliment that root word.

Tracy, you and your Dd might enjoy a go at the games, Scatter and Space Race,  in that section☺

23 March 2015

Our Week Ahead ~ 23rd March 2015

We're on week 6 of our history schedule and the children are managing to complete the work set each week.   Paring the reading down in Biblioplan is necessary to keep us moving steadily forward week to week in history, otherwise we get totally out of synch with any other reading we have lined up to compliment Biblioplan. 

This weeks Biblioplan chapter is very full, yet I think Jay and Daisy will be able to complete it as the rest of their reading load is lite.
 (Yes, I do hand the Companion to them to read individually  - it's easier for us to each read it separately, now they are older, and then we discuss topics of interest during history time on Thursday.  Thursday is the day we do mapping work and the day I also have them type up a history outline, or a narrative piece.

·       Bible
All: 1 Timothy   
We are going through the book of Timothy very slowly as a family, and enjoying a wonderful indepth study of this book together.
Hymn: Jesus, Priceless Treasure (Johann Franck) (All Glory, Laud & Honor C/D)
Cursive Copywork:  piece of your choice

·       History & Geography
Biblioplan Ch 7:  30 Years War pgs 151 - 175   (Tues – Thurs)
Mapping: wk 7B Thirty Years War
  ·       Family
Read Aloud: Out of Many Waters ~ Greene (SL7) p9-105
Afternoon Audio: Don Quixote ~ Cervantes 
Car time audio:  The Best of Our Island Story
Trial &Triumph Ch.27  Adolphus 1594-1632 
Christian Men of Science ~ Mulfinger: Kepler 1571-1630  (Scientist for this term)
King Alfred’s English ~ White

·        Daisy ~ History, Literature & Book Basket:
N/F: ITTC: John Donne 1572-1631,  Herbert - The Temple 1633
Reader:  still to be decided
Poetry:  The Walker Book of Classical Poetry .. ~ Rosen
None of us are enjoying this book as much as I hoped we would, so we are going to drop it and just focus on using the book both children read from, aloud, during Family Time in the morning.
Free Reading:  Limbo Lodge ~ Aiken
Audio: El Dorado ~ Orczy (read by Karen Savage)
·        Jay ~ History, Literature & Book Basket:
N/F: ITTC: John Donne 1572-1631,  Herbert - The Temple 1633
1: Book Basket: 
Won by the Sword ~ Henty  (lite read)
Practical Happiness ~ Schultz (discuss with dad)
2: Free Reading: various - delight led

·       English
Timed writing together with mum.      (Tues – Thurs)
Typing.  Either a narration from history reading, or from your current reader          (due Thurs)
Essentials in Writing, Level 8:  Lesson 4B +
Restart  AAS
1: GG Yr 3 Lit (1550-1900)  ~ Shearer  Lesson 5: John Donne (1572-1631)
2: Essentials in Writing, Level 10:  Lesson 3+
Review in RnS
Greek & Latin Roots

·       Maths
CTC Math  
Computer Science 101
Computer Science 101

 ·       Science (both)
Emperor (Moths) Caterpillars. 
Daisy: How Things Work  (Coursera)   Mon, Tue, Fri
Jay: Mechanics - Coursera                     Mon, Tue, Fri
Our Emperor (Moth) Caterpillar eating his freshly discarded skin.   Pict taken by Dn
·       Languages
Both: Rosetta Stone French      Mon, Tue (Daisy only), Wed, Thurs

·       Logic
Jay: Chess

·       Other
Daisy:  Complex Loom band designs .... she made a horse last week (& lots of other things!)

17 March 2015

Teachers Notes ~ To go with New Zealand Literature

Having teaching, literature, or book notes to go along with the books being read in our home is so helpful, and then for me to be able to source book notes for NZ titles is really nice, and often so unexpected!

I keep forgetting to share these book notes in a stand alone post, and it wasn't until Allie was asking me about NZ literature that I got motivated enough to list and link them.

I'll toss some links in that will take you to the kindle edition, or book edition of each title.
Checking the titles out through a local NZ library, or loaning the books off a friends bookshelf  are not options everyone is able to do...

Book notes for some of our preferred New Zealand History, story format, titles:

Caesar the ANZAC Dog Book edition

Nice Day for a War Book edition

Paddy the Wanderer Kindle edition

The Runaway Settlers Kindle edition

Shadow of the Boyd Kindle edition

And those looking for book notes to go with Scholastic, NZ, books, try here
I'll just be linking up two from that list:

16 March 2015

Our Week Ahead ~ 16 March 2015

Just sharing the items that are (mostly) new this week.
·       Bible
Cursive Copywork:  piece of their choice

·       History & Geography
Biblioplan Ch 5: nil
Biblioplan Ch 6:  Puritan & Separatists pgs 126-135A, 136B-137A
Mapping: nil

·       Family
Read Aloud: My Escape from the Auto de Fe ~ la Mina
Recommending this book as the story is very interesting, though
Dn is struggling a little to get his tongue around some of the Spanish place names :D

Car time audio:  SOTW3 Ch: 4
  ·        Daisy ~ History, Literature & Book Basket:
FM of 16th & 17th Century: Champlain (1570-1635)
FM of 16th & 17th Century: Wallenstein (1583-1634)

Reader:  1607 Pochahontas: True Princess ~ Hanes
Poetry:  The Walker Book of Classical Poetry .. ~ Rosen
(Blake, Wordsworth)
Optional:  Two Mighty Rivers: Son of Pocahontas ~ Hanes
Free Reading: The Stolen Lake ~ Aiken
Audio: Squanto: Thanksgiving FOTF (optional)

·        Jay ~ History, Literature & Book Basket:
FM of 16th & 17th Century: Champlain (1570-1635)
FM of 16th & 17th Century: Wallenstein (1583-1634)
1: GG Yr 3Lit (1550-1900)  ~ Shearer  
 Lesson 3: Reading Poetry 
Thomas Wyatt (1503-1542), Henry Howard (1517-1547), Christopher Marlowe, Shakespeare (1564-1616) sonnets.   Already completed so onto:
Lesson 4: More Renaissance Poets, Ben Jonson (1572-1637)

2: Book Basket: Twenty Years After ~ Dumas (wk 4 of 6) 
Content issues:  Ch22  An Adventure of Marie Michon  (we read it and discussed it - others may prefer to skip it)

** This book should come with a "your student will be compelled to keep reading" warning!   Jay has finished it two weeks ahead of schedule :)  Every chance he gets he's had his nosed buried in this book, and he said today it's so nice to have 2 great books to read one right after the other. 
The first one was The Prisoner of Zenda ~ Anthony Hope  

We've got one more week to go after this one, and then we'll be taking a weeks break.  I, for one, am looking forward to it so that we can down our academic tools and get outside to enjoy some local walks and casual tramping, weather permitting, as we're not sure how long our sunny summery weather is going to last.  

14 March 2015

Two Recommended Reads from Jay

Jay thinks it would be a good idea for me to let other mums with boys aged 13-15 know about 2 books he recently enjoyed reading; one book at the end of last year, and the other one during our summer break (2015).
Even though I'd had Shadow Hawk sitting in his optional book basket since the beginning of  2013, he's only felt motivated enough to read it this year, and then he devoured it.
1: Shadow Hawk ~ Andre Norton (Ancient Egypt)  Veritas Press title
An action packed, involved, read with lots of fighting.  Jay had no problem keeping all the characters straight, though that may be a challenge for some (like his mum).
Not a story for sensitive readers, and I think it would be rather challenging, for me, to read it aloud. 

2: The Trumpeter of Krakow ~ Kelly SL 200 (1241 AD)
This is one book Jay kept avoiding - it's the cover, it looks romancey, schmancey  :/
I'd placed two possible reading options in his book basket and he only had to read one more book before we counted the year as done n dusted.  Jay really did not want to read the other title - so he picked up The Trumpeter of Krakow and gave it our 3 chapter try out.  (If you still really do not want to read it after 3 chapters .... we'll negotiate).
He says this was one of the best books he read during 2014.