22 August 2016

Our Week Ahead ~ 22 August 2016 (Nearly Spring Time!)

It's only a few weeks until Spring 'officially' arrives here:  it's so nice to have the days getting progressively warmer and to have the sun setting later.  
The last week has definitely felt easier to get some outdoors exercise in without the need to bundle up too.  Lovely!
Daisy and I have 12 weeks worth of scheduled history and literature to complete for this year and then we'll be getting ready for Christmas .....

Just posting the new topics and reads for our week ahead:

August Monday  22  2016

History & Geography  
1:  Bp Early Modern Times:      
o   Ch: 23 The Great Depression  p.336-348A (selections) 
2: Story of New Zealand
o   Ch:16  Depression & the Welfare State p.172-184
3:  Kingfisher Encyclopedia
o   p.404-405 (Great Depression), 
o   Arts p.426-27,
o   Architecture p.428-29, 
o   Science p.430-31

o   Review New Zealand Regions (Lizardpoint)
o   BP Map 23  U.S.A

History, Literature, & Book Basket:
Free Reading

Small Acts of Amazing Courage ~ Gloria Whelan (thanks Allie & Elise for recommending this!)

All:  Luke 17+
History & Geography
Hymn:  Lead Me to Calvary  ~ Jennie E. Hussey (1921)
 (Then Sings My Soul Bk 2 ~ Morgan p.281) 

Artist:   George Edmund Butler     wk 1 of 4
Behind the Twisted Wire: NZ Artists in World War 1 ~ Jennifer Haworth Ch:5-6  (library book)
2:  Book Basket:

o   Parallel Journeys ~ Ayer   (SL 300)

15 August 2016

Our Week Ahead ~ August 15 2016 (New titles being read)

Just listing the new topics and titles being read, or listened to, in our week ahead post.
History & Geography  
1:  Bp Early Modern Times:
Catch up, and, Missionary Focus  p.330-331
Eric Liddell, Gladys Alyward

History, Literature, & Book Basket:
1: Book Basket:
3:  Years of Dust ~ Marrin (1930’s) U.S  ( I usually avoid books set in the depression era  - they're so depressing ;-/ - yet,  I really appreciated this one.  Recommending it to my non-U.S associates too.)

Book Basket:
Pre reading, or listening to, 
before handing to Daisy:
  • Star of Kazan ~ Eva Ibbotson
  • The Murder of Roger Ackroyd ~ Agatha Christie
  • They Found Him Dead ~ Georgette Heyer
before handing to Jay:
  • Go Set a Watchman ~ Harper Lee  (currently on special , 2 bks for 1 credit - on audible USA)
My books:
  • New Zealand's Greatest Doctor Ulric Williams of Wanganui:  A Surgeon Who Became a Naturopath ~ Brenda Sampson (Some really interesting details/testimonies in this book.  I've been regaling the family at tea time with anecdotes about this very dynamic man  ;)
  • Own Your Life ~ Sally Clarkson (re-read)
  • The Great New Zealand Baking Book ~ created by Murray Thom & Tim Harper
  • John & Naomi Hill: Pioneers in Australia from 1841 ~ Compiled by Ronald H. Hill  I've been reading some of the excerpts, that have interested me, out loud to the family, and we all decided the letters between Naomi Hill (in Australia) and her brother Jesse Vickery (in England) read like something written by Charles Dickens; so much death, sadness, sickness and sorrow.

11 August 2016

Sally Clarkson ~ Podcasts

Term break gifted me with an "opportunity" to select out a few refresher, encouragement based, podcasts from Sally Clarkson to listen through . At Home With Sally Clarkson ~ podcasts
Thought I'd share that link for others who may be interested too.
a word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver - Google Search:

Two Weeks in One Post ~ 01 August to 12 August 2016

This is just a quick copy and paste of the past 2 weeks.  Some books we're still reading, discussing, and, where necessary, writing about.

August Monday 01  -  Friday 12  2016

All:  Luke 15-16+

History & Geography
Hymn:  God Leads Us Along  ~ Leila N. Morris
(Then Sings My Soul Bk 2 ~ Morgan p.245)  
Artist:   still to decide
A WWII Christian of Note:  Corrie ten Boom
Audio:  The Hiding Place ~ ten Boom 
The Hiding Place Audiobook
Modern Church History: Man Sent From God ~ Lindsey (read and discuss the start of healing "campaigns".)

History & Geography  
1:  Bp Early Modern Times
Ch: 20  Treaty of Versailles,  USSR under Stalin p.295b-305
Ch: 21 The Roaring 20’s (Pt2), Italy, Egyptian Independence p.307-320 

2: Story of New Zealand
Ch:15 Years Between the Wars: the 1920’s p.161-171 

Mapping:   B.P  Wk 20, 21 

History, Literature, & Book Basket:
1: Book Basket: 
Night ~ Wiesel  (sober, emotive. Excellent read)

1:  Essentials in Writing Level 12 
2:  Te Kura English   
A: Completer Reader Response to The Jews Are to Blame ~ Goebbels 
B: read  Night ~ Wiesel, then start Reader Response

 History & Geography  
1:  Bp Early Modern Times
A: Ch: 20  Treaty of Versailles,  USSR under Stalin p.295b-305
B: Ch: 21 The Roaring 20’s (Pt2), Italy, Egyptian Independence p.307-320 

2: Story of New Zealand ~ Bassett
B: Ch:15 Years Between the Wars: the 1920’s p.161-171 

3:  Kingfisher Encyclopedia
A: p.396-397  (WWI Aftermath 1918-23)
B: p.358-359  (Italy 1833)   (Rise of Fascism 1922-1939)

Mapping:   B.P  Wk 20, 21 
Review:  A: France,  B: Italy (Lizardpoint)

History, Literature, & Book Basket:
1: Book Basket:
1:  Do Hard Things ~ Harris & Harris
2:  Enemy at The Gate ~ Werry (1936) NZ

3:  Stalin ~ Haugen (1879-1953)

Free Reading

A: The Dragonfly Pool ~ Eva Ibbotson (Thanks Allie & Elise, Daisy really enjoyed this book)
(Though the cover may give the suggestion that this could be a mystical/magic type book  - it's not; this is a historical fiction book centred around education :-), character, and set in a WWII era.  Recommend.)
B: Mrs. Pollifax Unveiled ~ Dorothy Gilman  (world views. discussed & read)

2:  Audio’s in August:
The Hiding Place ~ ten Boom (with mum)

1:  Essentials in Writing     Complete essay on Music
2:  Essentials in Literature 8  

08 August 2016


Just switch out snow for rain, and Eeyore's got things covered

08 July 2016

Purchasing Bargain Sells off Fishpond in NZ

Being able to procure good quality, economically priced, books is always a blessing.
A while back a friend put me on to the better priced and second hand sales books on Fishpond - for us to not only purchase good finds, but onsell our surplus items too.

The added bonus; postage is free.
If you search for an item, I'll select Writing With Skill, Level 2: Student Bk by Susan Wise Bauer, and toss this simple visual up to explain.  (Someone pointed out that you'd need to type in Susan Wise Bauer to pull up her listing on Fishpond.)

I've also noticed that items I've been looking for, and tucked away in my wishlist, start going down in price the longer they are on Fishpond - I think this may just be on the items that people box up and send into Fishpond to sell on their behalf  - which is a wonderful purchase for the buyer, and no doubt a loss to the seller.
ALL the items we've purchased off Fishpond, this way, have been very good quality... and I'm particular.

Happy browsing:  and no, I don't have affiliate links with Fishpond.