20 January 2017

Jan - Feb 2017: Books to research ~ post for me

Gift of the Sea ~ Anne Morrow Linberg (Via Thoroughly Alive blog)
Simplicity ~ Richard Foster
The Awakening of Miss Prim ~ Natalia Sanmartin Fenollera
Cold Comfort Farm ~ Stella Gibbons
A Seaside Practice ~ Todd Smith
George MacDonald ~ C.S. Lewis

For Jay
Leaders Eat Last ~ Simon Sinek
Good to Great ~ Jim Collins
The Marshmellow Test ~ Walter Mischel  (Library)
Ender's Game ~ Card 

For Daisy
The False Prince ~ Nielsen
Birds, Beasts  and Relatives ~ Durrell

16 January 2017

Curricula ~ Possibilities for 2017

Crafting this as an ongoing, idea collecting, post as we head down the wire towards our 'official' start up date for scheduled learning in 2017.  (Jay restarted on the 9th Jan, and Daisy recommences in a few more weeks) :

Possible Choices for:  Jay 17, and, Daisy 15
This years focus for both is a (may be) one year study in Christian History/World View.
Daisy will begin part 1 of a two year study in British Literature.
We think this is Jay's last year of 'educating at home' with me as the facilitator - unless he decides to continue with additional courses through Te Kura (NZ Correspondence School) in 2018.
Both of their reading lists will include  literature allsorts - which I'm compiling at the end of this post.

(Helpful lit post and rabbit trailing links !! over on TWTM forum.)
Bible & Personal growth: 

Life Study Books - Daisy:
Start Here: Doing Hard Things Right Where You Are ~ Harris & Harris

Life Study Books - Jay:  Leadership and Character
The Student Leadership Challenge ~ Kouzes & Posner
Leaders and Misleaders ~ Andre Van Heerden (business. NZ)

Leadership Styles - Workbook

Select 2 more bks, available to us, for Character and Leadership course:
  • Leaders Who Last ~ Dave Kraft (christian)
  • Margin ~ Richard Swenson (christian)
  • The Abolition of Man ~ C.S. Lewis (christian) (audio option)
  • The Road Less Travelled ~ M Scott Peck   (psychoanalytic, Freudian approach.  use nouthetic items instead)     
  • Leaders Eat Last ~ Simon Sinek
  • Good to Great ~ Jim Collins
  • The 7 Habit of Highly Effective People ~ Stephen Covey  (audio option) pdf to read
  • Outliers ~ Malcolm Gladwell (already read)
  • The Marshmellow Test ~ Walter Mischel

Both - Hymns and Memorisation
Then Sings My Soul BK 3 ~ Morgan (Select songs)
Various Bible Verses

Christian World View - Both

Philosophy Adventure: Pre-Socratics 
How Should We Then Live ~ Schaeffer    (youtube  & study guide ?  discussion)

Inspirational Stories 
Biographies/books about select Christians (delight led selection)

Church History

Christian History Made Easy ~ Timothy Paul Jones (use Learning Activties pg 15-29 )

Other Church History books (various)

  • Church Ages 
  • Bede's Ecclesiastical Hist of the English Speaking Church (use with Greenleaf Guide to Med Lit)

History and Geography:
Christian History (AD 64 - today)  Mostly Daisy
Christian History Made Easy ~ Timothy Paul Jones

New Zealand History & Geography (Review. Daisy

Stories of Old New Zealand (Universal Books) (Out Of Print)
The Women of New Zealand ~ Helen M. Simpson (O.O.P.)

(History) Geography
Online tools, or go for blank map copywork?

English - Daisy
Latin and Greek Roots Greek 
Essentials In Writing
Visual Latin
Books to read:    How to Write Clearly ~ Beechick

Literature, and Other,  Guides - Daisy:  

1:  Essentials in Literature  (selections)
2:  Greenleaf's Guide Yr2: Medieval Literature ~ Shearer (selections)
3:  NZ Based English Guide (selections from NCEA 2)

English - Jay
NCEA research paper ( MUST be completed by first week of term 1)
Essentials in Writing Level 12 
Visual Latin  
Books to Read:      How to Read Slowly ~ James Shire

Math - Daisy 
CTC Math
Math based literature and biographies
Real Life Math Application

Math - Jay
NZ Based Maths Course (yr 13.  4 days a week)
IXL   (1 day a week)
Real Life Math Application

Business Studies
NZ Based Business Studies Course (3 days a week)
Accounting?  Legal?  Commerce?  Other? (Sort strands with Instructors)

Digital Studies (inc Spreadsheets, advanced)

Other Economics, Business, and Investment studies (Jay with Dn)

*Delight led farming/live stock business study (Both with Dn)

Interest led nature study, books, and DvD's
1: Delight Led Animal Husbandry Course  (increase herd this year)
2: Agriculture?

1: Delight Led Animal Husbandry Course 

Photography - Both

Delight Led (composers, hymnists).
Music lessons - Both (Jay: Drums, and, percussion.  Daisy: Piano, guitar, violin)
(Theory for Church Pianists ~ Greg Howlett.  Daisy)

Other Languages:
Rosetta French (Jay to complete this year)   

The Art of Argument (Both?) I'd really like to complete this
Chess (Jay)

Computer Programming (Daisy)
Carpentry and Farming Skills (Jay and Dn)
Driving Course (Jay)
Farm Machinery (Daisy)
Home Economics (Interest led. Both)
Crafts (Both.  delight led)

Book Lists:

Family Book Basket
TGC  1066: The Year that Changed Everything ~ Prof Jennifer Paxton (audio. 3hrs total)
Elbows off the Table ~ Patsy Rowe   (etiquette refresher)
Short Stories By Saki ~ H.H.  Munro
An NZ History read (?)

part 1 of British Literature
TGC: Classics of British Literature ~ Prof. John Sutherland (audio. selections)
Anglo-Saxon Roots—Pessimism and Comradeship
Chaucer—Social Diversity

Chaucer—A Man of Unusual Cultivation

Bede's Ecclesiastical Hist of the English Speaking Church  GG
Anglo-Saxon Poetry (selections) GG
Beowulf   GG
Chaucer (selections)  GG
Hamlet  (?)  GG   (Read alongside:  Brightest Heaven of Invention)
Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead  GG

The Hobbit ~ Tolkein ( re-read for lit study EiL)

AllSorts Selection
The Whisper of Glocken ~ Carol Kendall (fantasy)
The Hound of Ulster ~ Rosemary Sutcliff  (Celts.  Cuchulain Saga.  Read before Beowulf)
The Prince of the House of David ~ J.H. Ingraham   (AD 30's)
Spring Tide ~ Mary Ray    (Roman. AD 311)
Knight's Fee ~ Rosemary Sutcliff  ('England'   1066 tie-in)
I Rode a Horse of Milk White Jade ~ Wilson  (1339.  Animistic themes)
The Hawk and the Dove ~ Penelope Wilcock   1300's
Crispin: The Cross of Lead ~ Avi   (England.  1377)
Gateway of the Sun ~ Lori Wagner    1541+
The Ghost in the Tokaido Inn ~ Hoobler ( mystery) 1735
Flame-Coloured Taffeta ~ Rosemary Sutcliff   (England. 1750+)
Silas Marner ~ George Elliot    1861
Moonfleet ~ J. Meade Falkner  (pub 1898)
1 Charles Dickens

Free Reading
The Witch's Brat ~ Rosemary Sutcliff  (England AAD 1121)
Cadfael (abridged audiobooks)
Alexandre Dumas (select 1 title)
These Happy Golden Years ~ Wilder   (American Classic) already read
The First Four Years ~ Wilder (American Classic)
Young Pioneers ~ Rose Wilder Lane  (American)
Underground to Canada ~ Barbara Smucker   (1850-60.  US Slavery. Canada)
A Tree for Peter ~ Kate Seredy  (illustrator.   Young read)
Miss Buncle ~ D.E. Stevenson

NZ Focus  (easy!! reading)
The Rhys Griffiths Read Aloud Stories Vol II  New Zealand History  
Journey Under Warning ~ Elsie Locke
No One Went to Town ~ Phyllis Johnston
Black Boots and Buttonhooks ~ Johnston
A Comet in the Sky ~ Johnston


AllSorts Selection
Complete these 4 titles from 2016's reading list
  • To Kill a Mocking Bird ~ Harper   (American Lit.  pub. 1960)  US History Fict
  • Surfeit of Lampreys ~ Ngaio Marsh (NZ author.  mystery.  pub. 1941)
  • Babylon's Ark ~ Lawrence Arthur   (profanity edited out.  pub. 2007) Modern auto Biography
  • Have a Little Faith ~ Mitch Albom   (semi- autobiographical  pub. 2009) Religion
Other titles (possibilities):
The Whisper of Glocken ~ Carol Kendall (fantasy)
1 Shakespeare (?)  Brit Lit/Drama/ Classic
1 Charles Dickens Brit lit/Classic
A Severe Mercy (?)
Surprised by Joy ~ C.S. Lewis 
Three Men on The Bummel ~ Jerome humour 
Sci-fi  (?)
French or Russian authors (?)
other (? )   
select above (? ) together (factor in Character and Leadership books.)
Litecoin ~ Branson

Plays & Films
Longitude DvD  (content issues)
The Misanthrope ~ Moliere (play)  ?
Arsenic and Lace ~ Joseph Kesselring (play)
Of Gods and Men (2011) ? DvD  

19 December 2016

Was Our Week Ahead ~ in November 2016, is now...

This is my last post on Modern Times history and literature covered during 2016.
It's more to archive the books read, and audios listened to during the end of November, into the middle of December.  Academic school has officially finished for 2016.  (Though Jay's new English teacher has gifted him an assignment to complete before the middle of Term 1, 2017.  We've closed the books and just walked away from it - it'll still be there next year.)

We're really happy to close the door on November - finishing assessments for Te Kura added extra excitement to life-happening things;  talk about a horrible, no good, very bad, month (Judith Viorst),   .... but, let's not talk about it   ;-P
I'd rather focus on the grace of God seeing us, along with those we love and care about,  through ♥
And learning to acknowledge, once again, that there are "things" we cannot change.

Our family is quietly enjoying preparing things for the end of year celebrations.  Celebrations that surround the commemoration of Christ's birth.
This is a lovely time of the year for us - I look forward to it very much.

Beneath is the literature, Daisy & Jay, read late November to mid-December:

3:  ITTC: 
o   Solzhenitsyn  – One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich (1962) p.357
o   Contemporary Writers   p.361

Short Stories:  
Contents of The Dead Man’s Pockets ~ Finney (1956)

Free Reading:
  • Alas, Babylon ~ Frank (sensuality edited out)
  • The Gammage Cup ~ Kendall (fantasy.  Does have romance element in it.  Recommend parents read it first.) 
  • The Boy in Striped Pyjamas ~ John Boyne
  • Mama’s Bank Account ~ Forbes

Audio’s in Nov/Dec:  
  • Sermons
  • The Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweil ~ Konisburg
  • Tale of Holly How ~ Wittig Albert
  • Tale of Cuckoo Brow Wood ~ Wittig Albert                                                                                         (both of the above Wittig Albert books focuses on Potter, proportedly, believing in fairies;  and, the Tale of Holly How feels enshrouded in that theme  :-/)
o   4:  Short Stories:  
Contents of The Dead Man’s Pockets ~ Finney (1956)

3:  ITTC: 
o   Solzhenitsyn  – One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich (1962) p.357
o   Contemporary Writers   p.361
      Short Stories:  
Contents of The Dead Man’s Pockets ~ Finney (1956)
Free Reading in Nov/Dec
  • Virtual BillionsEric Geissinger (library bks)
  • The Dark Net: Inside the Digital Underworld ~ Jamie Bartlet (library bks
Audio’s in Nov/Dec:  
  • Sermons
  • Finance Lectures

14 December 2016

52 Books in 6 months PT.2 (July 01 to Dec 18) ~ 2016

I've read, and listened, through more than 52 books this year, so I split the list up.  
Part 1  of 52 books in 52 Weeks   can be found here 
This post contains the rest of the books we read after June 2016 -  which, amazingly, ended up being 53 more titles.  Audiobooks count in my world.

The number beside each book is my personal rating for the book, or audiobook, at the time of reading with the range being:
(1) = would not recommend,
(2) = some interesting aspects but not one of my recommended reads,
(3) = would recommend.
(4) = Really good (or worthy) read, would definitely recommend
(5) = Excellent book, highly recommend

The next few were ongoing, sip, reads so I’ll add them here:
A: How to Read Slowly  ~  James W. Shire (3)
B: Consider This ~ Karen Glass  ()
C: The Christian Family ~ Larry Christenson (4)
D: Christian Living in the Home ~ Jay Adams (4) 

(As in previous posts, I won't include the books I'm reading for my own extra-mural studies;  and,  the titles in green are ones I pre-read as possible reads for the children.)  
  1. The King James Bible: The Books of;   Luke,  John   (5+)
  2. The Harvester ~ Stratton-Porter (2)
  3. The Merchant of Venice ~ Shakespeare (3)
  4. The Tempest ~ Shakespeare  (3) 
  5. Twelfth Night ~ Shakespeare (2)  I struggled thru this play. For those that like a heads up before reading; contains bawdy humour; which I don't find funny.
  6. The Affair of the Mutilated Mink ~ James Anderson  (3) (not for Daisy) 
  7. Grand Designs: Handbook ~ Kevin McCloud (2)
  8. Star of Kazan ~ Eva Ibbotson  (2)              Daisy enjoyed this,  and gave it a (4)
  9. They Found Him Dead ~ Georgette Heyer (3+)   (okay for Daisy)
  10. Go Set a Watchman ~ Harper Lee (2)
  11. New Zealand's Greatest Doctor Ulric Williams of Wanganui:  A Surgeon Who Became a Naturopath ~ Brenda Sampson (4)
  12. Own Your Life ~ Sally Clarkson (repeat read) (4++)
  13. The Great New Zealand Baking Book ~ created by Murray Thom & Tim Harper (4++)
  14. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd ~ Agatha Christie  (2) (not for Daisy)
  15. Queen Lucia ~ E.F. Benson (dropped.  Just could not get into this book)
  16. Then Sings My Soul. Bk 2 ~ Robert J. Morgan (4)
  17. Regency Buck ~ Heyer (2)  (too romancey-schmancey to give to Daisy)
  18. The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio ..... ~ Terry Ryan (2) 
  19. 100 Cupboards ~ N.D. Wilson   (3)  child's book 
  20. Mrs. Pollifax on Safari ~ Gilman (2-3) (Not for Daisy)
  21. The Tightrope Walker ~ Gilman (1) (Not for Daisy) Odd ideology in this book,  Gilman's Unitarianism beliefs permeate every chapter. For others that like to know potential content issues: promotes the idea that premarital s3x is totally fine with the right person, strong on 'eastern' beliefs, details suicide.
  22. Saturday the Rabbi Went Hungry ~ Harry Kemelman (3-) the book does contain two crass excerpts (degrading s3xual intent) about one of the woman's body parts.
  23. Thrush Green ~ Miss Read (3) 
  24. Stay Where You are & Then Leave ~ John Boyne (WWI) (3-) younger. children's book. Has a few, mature themed, crass,  adult comments at the end of the book.  Could have sensitivity issues for children with a family member that has mental health issues: for those reasons I'd notate this with: content/sensitivity issues. 
  25. The Hiding Place ~ Corrie ten Boom  also FoTF Radio Drama (4)  the book is much better and rates a (4-5)
  26. Birth Order ~ Leman (re-read) (3) Leman is rather long winded!
  27. Girl Waits With Gun ~ Amy Stewart (3+) based on real events and the Kopp sisters of  New Jersey.  Contains one portion that needed editing out: the sewing machine salesman seducing an 18yr old girl and 'getting' her with child. Could be a sensitive listen for anyone involved in adoption.
  28. Lady Cop Makes Trouble ~ Amy Stewart (4)
  29. Bonhoeffer ~ Eric Metaxas (4+)
  30. The Roman Hat Mystery ~ Ellery Queen (2)
  31. Rare Leadership ~  (2+) enjoyed the intro, and the beginning portion of the book.
  32. Sunday the Rabbi Stayed Home ~ Harry Kemelman  dropped this, just wasn't appreciating the story which was woven around a drug taking/pushing teen, and there seem to be a lot of swearing in this one...  I also think I may be Rabbi Small-ed out
  33. An Infamous Army ~ Georgetter Heyer (3)  Not for Daisy.   The initial chapters in the book made it feel like a penny-dreadful romance. I nearly ditched it, I loathe books like that.  Barbara Child's lack of character throughout, most of, the book was very off putting.  However,  Heyer's retelling of the Battle of Waterloo, from the Allies perspective, and the devastation of life there is very well written and ended up making the book an appreciated read for me.
  34. Death At Wentwater Court ~ Carola Dunn (2) Not for Daisy 
  35. To Davy Jones Below ~ Carola Dunn (2)
  36. The Cross of Lead (Crispin bk 1) ~ Avi (4)  child’s book.  I was surprised I enjoyed this so much, very well written.
  37. Rare Leadership ~  Warner, Wilder (3-) the sort of book that needed skipping  ahead to read the pertinent info.  Odd writing structure to this book
  38. The Body in The Library ~ Christie (3-) Has a swear word tossed in at around 38 minutes in
  39. A Life in Secrets ~ Sarah Helm (WWII) (2) Vera Atkins came across as an awful woman, this book portrayed her as ambitious, deceitful and cold.
This time of year is an excellent opportunity for me to listen while I work, so I'm hoping to enjoy a good pile of audiobooks, before the end of the year.  I kept coming back and updating with books & my ratings as I went along.  All finished now.

Summer time listens & reads.  Mostly pre-listening for Daisy:

40:   High Rising ~ Angela Thirkell   (audio  3 + )       A.M. Smith's  review is worth reading before you start this one.  For my Christian friends, Thirkell includes a portion where she has Laura supplicating her creator repeatedly with Oh, G**.     Thirkell also has the main author making disparaging remarks about her deceased husband - perhaps a reflection on the men in her 2 unsuccessful marriages?
41:  Deadly Climate ~ Richard Barth (audio)  (returned.  Too much profanity for me.)
42.  No Wind of Blame ~ Georgette Heyer  (audio 3)    okay for Daisy (discuss the unfavourable conversation that takes place about a woman becoming a christian.  Heyer details her as a groupie :-/ )
43:  The Unknown Ajax ~ Georgette Heyer (audio 3 + )   repeat listen. okay for Daisy
44.  Then Sings My Soul: Book 3 ~ Robert J. Morgan (book)  (4)
45:  Jane and the Twelve Days of Christmas ~ Stephanie Barron (audio 3 + ) for those that like to know of details like this: has a scene where an unmarried couple kiss,  one of the characters says  "oh my G"
46:  Miss Buncle's Book ~ D.E. Stevenson (audio 3 + )    okay for Daisy.  (For other mums:  There is a scene where a young man talks about wanting to kiss a girl he greatly admires.  And the book focuses on village gossip).  I did rather enjoy this gentle, ambling, English Country tale: perfect for when you just want to have a rest from deep literary genius, and indulge in a in lite listen.  A book like this would irritate me during the busy times of life, but not during summer break.
47:   The Excursion Train (bk 2) ~ Edward Marston (audio  1)
 I was really wanting to like this one. Not a recommended listen from me 
 It struggles to rank as a 2.  I was expecting a more gripping whodunit - and one that was heavier with railroad history - this one isn't it.   For others that like to know details like this: The story surrounds an attempted r@pe, and seems to be riddled with adulterous relationships - including one between step parent and their young adult child. meh! - and the conduct of select character with prostitutes.  A few curse words at the beginning.  My Catholic friends may not appreciate what, I felt, was a slap at the Catholic faith.  Shrug.  Maybe I was just in the mood to find as many faults as I could with this book?
48:   A Nun in the Closet ~ Gilman   (2)    Unitarian to the hilt :-/    Not for Daisy
49:   A Quiet Life in the Country Bk 1 ~ T.E.  Kinsey    (3) okay for Daisy
50:   The Found Him Dead ~ Heyer (3 + )   okay for Daisy
51:   The Unfinished Clue ~ Heyer (2 - )   not for Daisy.    Emotional adultery.  Verbally abusive husband. 
52:   Dick Barton and the Firefly Adventure ~ BBC (Radio Drama) Mason, West  (2 to 3)   this is a terrible :), cheesy, 'ages' past radio drama.  We enjoyed our trip down vintage lane - on New Year’s Eve - with this and the next listen.  I think we may be done with Dick Barton though.

53:   Dick Barton and the Black Panther ~ BBC (Radio Drama) Mason, West (2 - )