16 August 2014

Daisy Posts What We've Been Reading in the Last Few Months

Hi, Daisy here again.
Quite a few of mums friends keep asking what we have been doing lately.
Here is what we’ve been reading. 
We just copied and pasted from mums big list.
The green typing are books we read that are not on mums list.
Mum’s helping me do this, only a wee bit she says.


Dad just finished reading this book to us and we all liked it.  {mums says:It does contain some content that may need to be edited out for young or sensitive readers. (The book starts with Sam's mother dying, and describes floggings on board the Orpheus).}  It's based on the sinking of the Orpheus in New Zealand in 1863 where 189 men, out of a crew of 259, lost their lives.  It may seem like a boys book, but it's not it's a very good story for girls too.

14: Life & Times: Chaucer & The Middle Ages~Ross (N/F)
18A: The Settlement of Australia: from Colony to Nation ~ Hatt
18A: The Story of New Zealand ~ Basset/Sinclair/Stenson (our, highschool level, New Zealand History Spine)
19: The Mongols ~ Nicholson SLF

Read Alouds/Audios
11: Otto of the Silver Hand ~ Pyle (SLG R/A)
Captain Blood ~ Sabatini
Moonfleet~ Faulkner
Rhiannon ~ Grove (Audio) still listening
swapped in NZ book   Where the Flag Floats ~ D.C. Grant.
16:    1: Homeless Bird ~ Whelan  

Morning Family Reading
The Bible.  We are reading through Paul’s letters to the churches, we are up to Philippians.
4: Treasury of English Verse: New & Old  (selections) ~ University Tutorial Press
21: A Glorious Age in Africa~ Chu (SLF)
King Alfred’s English ~ White

Daisy My books.
I like reading and I listen to lots of audio books while I do crafts.
10: Adam of the Road ~ Gray (SLG R) We tried this as a read aloud but only dad was in the mood for this book, so we never read it all. we just skipped to the end to see what happened.
12: A Cathedral Builder ~ Caselli
17: The Great Wall of China ~ Fisher (SL1) (PBAS)
17: Li Lun, Lad of Courage ~ Treffinger  (China) SLF
16:    1: Homeless Bird ~ Whelan  
18: Crowns of Fire ~ Morrow (PBS)
18: The Voyage of the Poppykettle ~ Ingpen (Aust) (PBS)
18B: SeeSaw Girl ~ Park  (SLF)
19: The Big Wave ~ Buck (Japan) SLF (read with mum) opt
10: The Castle Diary ~ Platt (large pict bk) (PBS)
11: Kingfisher Tales from Russia ~ Mayhew (Selections) PBS
13: Robin Hood ~ Howard Pyle (audio opt)
13: Reformation Heroes ~ Kleyn Ch.1: Peter Waldo
14: A Florentine Merchant ~ Caselli (1300s AD)
18B: Tales of a Korean Grandmother  (Start) (SL Core F) I only read about 2 thirds of this book and then asked mum could I read something else.
Shakespeare Stealer ~ Blackwood   I really liked this book!
11: (onwards) The Great & Terrible Quest ~ Lovett (SLG R) (discuss before reading)
16: The Silk Route 7,000 Miles of History ~ Major (repeat read)
18: The Samurai Warriors ~ Steele
(1600's) The King's Equal ~ Paterson
The Phantom Toll Booth ~ Norton Juster (WWE4)
Eight Cousins ~ Alcott
Rose in Bloom ~ Alcott
And some Lois Leppard books
22:The Dog Who Wouldn't Be ~ Galdone I am reading this now

J (14)
(Greenleaf Guide to Medieval Lit, reading through selections of:  The Canterbury Tales)
12: Saladin: The Muslin Who Defended His People~ Macdonald
12: The Magna Charta ~ Daugherty
13: Robin Hood ~ J.C. Holt (selections)
14: Girl in a Cage ~ Yolen    Robert the Bruce (Scotland) (1380AD)
18A: Favourite Maori Legends ~ A.W. Reed
19: Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World ~ Weatherford N/F  
(J says very mature adult content in this audio and he and mum say to discuss it with your student.)
10: Cadfael title by Ellis Peters (audio)
Made You Look : How Advertising Works… ~ Graydon (SL200)
10: Unfinished Tales of NĂºmenor and Middle-earth ~ Tolkien
16: The Samurai's Tale ~ Haugaard SLG (opt)
17: The Silmarillion ~ Tolkien (opt)
18: The Girl in A Cage ~ Yolen
20: The Prince Across the Water ~ Yolen & Harris (opt)  (the Stuarts series)
21: Dido & Pa ~ Aiken  (Wolves of Willoughby Chase series)
The Westing Game ~ Raskin (SLG R/A)

The Year 1000 ~ Lacey  942.01 Lac  (audio option)  contains mature content, and curse words. editing out needed
9: 1066: The Year of Conquest     audio (modern times work, about 1066) J and I thought this was pretty boring
8: Gawain and the Green Knight (c. 1400)     audio/book  GGuide
11: Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales (selections)(c. 1400) GGuide
16-20: A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1600) BBC production/guide we are about to start this

14 August 2014

Early Modern History - Planning Post

Daisy here ☺
I'm helping to type up some of the things we are looking through, and might use during 2015.
This a planning post and so it won't look all pretty and tidy.
Mum said to just toss it up as we'll be adding to it over the next few month.
Oh, and I'm supposed to mention that both of us, Bobs and me, will be highschool level next year.

History Spines
Biblioplan Early Modern Companion  
The Story of the World v.3 (Daisy) audio
MOH v.3 & v.4 (selections)
Kingfisher Encyc (Daisy)

Other History Books  N/F
Famous Men of the 16th & 17th Century ~ Shearer
The Best of Our Island Story (audio)
The Story of New Zealand ~ Bassett

Literature Options
Biblioplan Booklist 8-12
Sonlight Core H - first 1/2 (Daisy)
SL Core 200 & 530 (selections)
TWTM Great books - Eleventh grade, 1600-1850
Hewitt Homeschool - Lightning Lit 
Greenleaf Guide Year 3 Lit if mum can manage to find a way to purchase this. ** We found a way! Amazingly, Greenleaf gifted us a draft copy to use! Really liking what this guide covers.  J will be using this during 2015 with Daisy tagging along in places.
Ambleside Year 10 lit
1000 Great Books year 7-9
1000 Great Books year 10-12
Milestones Academy (Early modern list)


look through:
Education Unboxed

to be continued.

07 April 2014

Our Week Ahead ~ April 07 2014

It's a lighter workload for us the next few weeks. 
Starting Monday April 07 2014, once academic/ scheduled learning is done the children are working on delight led (personal interest)  areas of learning.
Daisy is sewing, concentrating on piano, and is focused on getting the garden ready for autumn.
Bobs is delving deep into all things chess (playing online, a game with a friend via "correspondence", and up-skilling himself), concentrating on drums and helping mum with yardwork so his turkeys, and the ducks, can have a 'nicer' spot to forage in.
The weather is starting to cool off and so as much time as we can spend outside, we're taking it.
Lego is using up much of Bob's free time .... the annual Lego competition in NZ is now open for submissions.

The list below is our proposed schedule for the week the reality often pans out differently.. I think I'll come back and cross out the things we didn't do :D
  • Bible 
All: 1 Corinthians ch:13 (study)
Memorisation & Cursive Copywork: wk 3 of 4)
Hymn: O God, Thou Art the Father
Scriptures: Ephesians 4:32

  • History & Geography
Topic: The Rise of Islam
Biblioplan Ch: 5 The Rise of Islam (selections)
Differences between Islam & Christianity
Mapping: Arabian & Sinai Peninsulas (Biblioplan)
Encyclopedia Research: Islam

Audio: True Tales RRR Vol 2: The Islamic Empire ~ Diana Waring
(Last week of Side study: St. Columba
Audio: This Sceptred Island 01: St. Columba Comes to Iona onwards)
Audio: True Tales RRR Vol 2: St Columba ~ Diana Waring )
Read Alouds: Book Basket selection
One Thousand & One Arabian Nights ~ McCaughrean (selections)
Car time audio: book basket choice
N/F: The Arabs of the Golden Age ~ Moktefi (SL F) (selections only)
Famous Men: Mohammad (570-632AD)
Poetry:  Oxford Book of Poetry

Daisy ~ History & Literature:
SOTW 2: Ch 6 & 7: Islam
Shadow Spinner ~ Fletcher (SL)  already completed   

Bob ~ History & Literature:
GGML ~ Shearer
Lesson 5 : Beowulf 3, lines 701 - 1250
Reader: The World of Chess ~ Saidy & Lessing (oop)

  • English
All About Spelling (finished up book 4 this week. Yay!!!!!)
Grammar in Rod n Staff 4
S.F.W.W.E (level 4)  ~ Bauer
 Daisy is really focused to complete the last few lesson in her current AAS book - as then it's rewards week for her. Rewards week equates to:  complete a level/workbook and you get to choose a take out tea, and earn computer time credits.

AAS rules  
Grammar in Rod n Staff 6
As soon as Bob has finished his review in AAS I'm proposing to switch him over into Visual Latin as a regular lessons session and use it as a language arts tool as oppose to fitting it into our foreign languages slot for 2 terms a year.
  • Math
Select topics in:  IXL , Khan, and,
Khan Academy
  • Science (both)
Chemistry 101 (Friday)
The Periodic Table of Videos   (Delight led)