26 January 2017

Card Crafting , Colouring, Art and Turkey

Card crafting met school stationary this year.
Daisy and her friend, Fleur, enjoy card crafting and Fleur decided to get creative with covering her schooling exercise books this year and crafted these:

Aren't they lovely (!) and much more appealing to use than just plain ruled exercise books.
Daisy, and I, thought they were so pretty that she put some of last years calendar pictures to work on her exercise books too :)

Daisy likes to cover notebooks, and send them as small gifts to family and friends, here are a few of her recent creations.
Jazzed up 3B1 notebooks
This one is my current favourite
 A few of Daisy's current card creations:
The student diary she customised for Jay
Colouring in while she listens to audiobooks is a favourite pastime for Daisy; the following are out of the colouring book Be Still and Know That I Am God.
Thank you cards are an old fashioned observance that never goes out of style! Handmade ones from a friend's children... so lovely to receive!
The same friend has very artistic children, her 10 yr old created the following lovely works of art for us.  So talented!  The tractor, coloured pencil, piece was a gift to Dn.
And her, then, nearly 6 year old drew the next gorgeous 'fridge art' picture for me. I love it!
One of our turkey 'babies' feet started to deform and cripple up so we had to use the plaster trick on them... which makes him look like he has duck feet :-)
Crippled feet can be painful for the bird and as soon as we straightened them out with plasters he was happy and chirpy and racing around.

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