Curricula 2014 ~ Middle Ages

Choices selected for:  Jay 14, and, Daisy 12
The link to the first 10 weeks of our working Middle Ages history schedule is in this post

Long List of Books for our Medieval Time / Middle Ages Study.

(Due to unforeseen circumstances we decided to change our educating choices around during this year and switched to options that we could use to suit those circumstances.  The new inserts are in green, the things we left for another year are now crossed out.  The items that we continued to use, though in a more delight led fashion are now in small sized font.)

Bible - Together
The KJV Bible (1 Corinthians - the book of James)
Alexander Scourby: Audio Bible

Bible Time Hymns & Memorisation
Select songs, and verses

Bible - Inspirational Stories
Biographies/books about select church leaders (400AD - 1600AD) 
and a few modern missionary biographies.

Church History Guide
Church History Made Easy ~ Jones
Biblioplan Middle Ages Companion Text
Other Church History books (various )

History & Geography:
Medieval, and, Renaissance & Reformation 400AD - 1600AD

(History) Geography
Biblioplan Mapping for Middle Ages
Sonlight's Booknote Maps (selections)
Online tools

Consists of a selection of living history books and audio titles:
1: Titles selected from Biblioplan Middle Ages; Veritas PressBethlehem Books
2: Some of the read alouds and readers selected out from:
Sonlight Core 6/G (2nd half) for Daisy
Sonlight Core 5/F (the old version) for Daisy 
Sonlight Core 200, 300, & 530 for Jay
3: Other Literature, including books from Ambleside Online's reading lists
4:  Invitation to the Classics ~ Cowan
5: Treasury of English Verse: New & Old  (selections) ~ University Tutorial Press 
6: and listening to, or reading, select medieval literature which include unabridged, and abridged/edited versions. 

Books from the above listed in this post.

Language Arts:
L/A - Both
All About Spelling (as prescribed for Daisy, review the rules for Jay) NZ Supplier ~ Engaging Minds
Spelling City & Hangman app
Italics Handwriting (used inside our scripture & hymn memorisation lessons)
Letter writing (regular)
Poetry various books
Life of Fred Language Arts  Jay to use in 2015
Rod and Staff (English books, just for the grammar) - different levels & speeds for each☺

L/A - Daisy
Writing With Ease (book 4 - selections only)
Story Starters ~ Andreola
Poems for Memorization - Rod and Staff
Journal Writing (delight led)

L/A - Jay
Writing With Skill (portions only)
Writing across the subjects, using the skills being taught in WWS
Medieval Literature Course (listed at the end of this post)
Highschool English Guides  and exam prep

Math - Daisy
Life of Fred - Intermediate 
Khan Academy  - Arithmetic & Pre-Algebra    switched to being used as a tutorial tool alongside:
Math based literature and biographies
Real Life Math Application
Also using lots of games

Math - Jay
Khan Academy  - Algebra and beyond
Life of Fred - Highschool  
The Art of Problem Solving (recommending by our math loving friend, Carole☺ )
Economics and investment studies (with dad)
Real Life Math Application
Highschool Mathematics Guides & exam prep

Science - Both:
NZ Based Nature Studies (continuing with: Nature Study by D. Beggs)
Interest led books and DvD's
The Periodic Table of Videos (recommended by Carole & Tracy)

Science  - Daisy
Chemistry 101  (2nd half. Our entire family enjoys this Chemistry curric)
Reading: John Tiner's Science Books 
&,  Scientific Revolution ~ Jay Wile (pilot testing, not available in the US yet)
Computer Science (with Khan Academy)
Delight led science (coursera): 
1: The Horse Course (contains a Darwinism theory of the evolution of the horse right at the beginning)
2: Animal Behaviour and Welfare
Breeding Welsh Harlequin Ducks

Science - Jay
Continuing to work on a delight led science project (a perpetual motion experiment) with Dn this year.
Chemistry, Apologia &  VHSG- at-your-own-pace
Jay joined in to keep Daisy company while she used Chemistry 101 
Delight led science (coursera) : 1: solarsystem   2: astrotech
Computer Science (with Khan Academy)
Breeding Turkeys, and, Racing Pigeons

Art history books, and items of interest
Photography (nature study)

Classical Composers Monthly   (revisting our favourites)
Plus other, random, items of interest.
Music lessons.

Other Languages:
Visual Latin (terms 2 & 4)
Rosetta French   Both children wanted to drop 'art' time to do this.

Logic (& Puzzles):
The Fallacy Detective (2nd 1/2)
The Art of Argument (Jay only) 
Perplexors - Daisy only
Various Logic Games

Typing(inside each subject)
Carpentry Skills (Jay & Dn)
Home Economics (Interest led)
Crafts (delight led)


reader19 said...

Can you tell me what "Perplexors" are --they are listed for your Dd... is this what they are? MindWare Perplexors: Level A by MindWare

Chelle said...

Hi Tracy,
the perplexor books are put out by mindware.
I've popped a link in (in the above list) which will take you to a list of books over at christianbook.
Daisy is currently using book C.