(Our) New Zealand Book List

We often get asked for the titles of the New Zealand based literature and referencing books we are using during our home educating journey so we typed up the pdf, linked below, as a help - hopefully -  for others. 

While we make good use of our local library I prefer to use what we have off our own shelves first.

The books on our list have been sourced in, well over, 20 years of me buying , trading, and fossicking through many used book sales so please just ignore the titles you can't get or source more easily - using what one can find or already has makes life so much more relaxed.   It's what I'm learning to do more and more as we homeschool along   {insert wry smile}   .....  if we don't have a title that seemed to be the better read aloud, right then,  for our history studies then that's a good space to switch in a title we do have, even if it's slightly off tangent.

(We're known to side step a pre-scheduled title if we come across a New Zealand book we want to read more.)

We don't like to read diary formated books so you won't find any of the New Zealand "My Story..." series listed in our pdf  which can be found at:

Chelle's New Zealand Book List   Link repaired 06/2015

List Copyright © 2011 Chelle G

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