16 January 2017

Curricula ~ Possibilities for 2017

I originally crafted this as an ongoing, idea collecting, post as we headed down the wire towards our 'official' start up date for scheduled learning in 2017.  (Jay restarted on the 9th Jan, and Daisy recommenced the week after) :

Possible Choices for:  Jay 17, and, Daisy 15
This years focus for both is a (may be) one year study in Christian History/World View.
Daisy will begin part 1 of a two year study in British Literature.
We think this is Jay's last year of 'educating at home' with me as the facilitator - unless he decides to continue with additional courses through Te Kura (NZ Correspondence School) in 2018.

Both Jay's and Daisy's book lists  include  literature allsorts - which I'm compiling at the end of this post.
(Helpful lit post and rabbit trailing links !! over on TWTM forum.)

Bible & Personal growth: 

Life Study Books - Daisy:

8-17: Start Here: Doing Hard Things Right Where You Are ~ Harris & Harris

Life Study Books/items - Jay:  Leadership and Character Course (other titles listed at the end of this post)

Both - Hymns and Memorisation
Then Sings My Soul BK 3 ~ Morgan  (Select songs)
Various Bible Verses

Christian World View - Both

Philosophy Adventure: Pre-Socratics 
Surprised by Joy ~ Lewis (1955) essay,  Autobiographical/Christian
How Should We Then Live ~ Schaeffer    (youtube  & study guide ?  discussion)

Christian World View ~ Jay:
Church History In Plain English ~ Bruce Shelley (free pdf)  (read and discuss)
Leaders Who Last ~ Dave Kraft (christian)
The Abolition of Man ~ C.S. Lewis (christian) (audio option)
Have a Little Faith ~ Mitch Albom   (semi- autobiographical  pub. 2009) Religion

Christian World View ~ Daisy:
Bede's Ecclesiastical Hist of the English Speaking Church     (use with Greenleaf Guide to Med Lit.       GLG is Now, amazingly, available through Whitcoulls NZ)
The Prince of the House of David ~ J.H. Ingraham (AD30's) Christian Classic

Inspirational Stories 
Biographies/books about select Christians (delight led selection)
George MacDonald ~ C.S. Lewis
The Autobiography of George Muller ~ George Mueller   (purchase whispersync kindle first)
Just as I Am ~ Billy Graham   Autobiography

Church History
Christian History Made Easy ~ Timothy Paul Jones      (Learning Activities pg 15-29 )
Rose Book of Bible Charts, Maps & Timelines  (think we'll switch back to this. Using pgs 34 -36)
Documents of the Christian Church ~ Edited by Bettenson & Maunder (selections)
Church Ages 

History and Geography:
Christian History (AD 64 - today)  Mostly Daisy

New Zealand History & Geography (Review. Daisy
NCEA History Level 1 & 2  (selections.  prep for Te kura)
Stories of Old New Zealand      (Universal Books) (Out Of Print)
The Women of New Zealand ~ Helen M. Simpson    (O.O.P.)

(History) Geography

Online tools, or go for blank map copywork?

English - Daisy
Latin and Greek Roots Greek 
Essentials In Writing
Visual Latin
Books to read:  5-7:  How to Write Clearly ~ Beechick

Literature, and Other,  Guides - Daisy:  

1:  Essentials in Literature  (selections beneath)
Short Story 
The Secret of Walter Mitty ~ Thurber
The Most Dangerous Game ~ Connell
A White Heron ~ Jewett
The Bet ~ Chekhov
Charles Martel (research)
John Steinbeckon on Falling in Love
Mockingbird & Kathryn Erskine (Review)
Hobbit ~ Tolkien  (switch out some of the topics & use NZ NCEA writing requirements)
Poetry (various)

2:  Greenleaf's Guide Yr2: Medieval Literature ~ Shearer (selections)
3:  NZ Based English Guide (selections from NCEA 2.  Reader Responses and a final Research Paper.  Refer to NZQA Exemplars for standards to use.)

English - Jay
NCEA research paper ( MUST be completed by first week of term 1.  Finished. Yay!!)
Essentials in Writing Level 12   fini :-)
Research papers being completed inside Business Studies, and, Philosophy
Visual Latin  
      Books to Read:      
How to Read Slowly ~ James Shire
On Stories: And Other Essays on Literature ~ C.S. Lewis

Math - Daisy 
Mathbuddy (CTC Math)
NCEA (selections) Workbooks Level 1 & 2
Math based literature and biographies
Real Life Math Application

Math - Jay

Nil  (all finished.   switching to Accounting studies.)

Business Studies
Business Studies (Te Kura Level  2, and,  Level 3  in succession)
Accounting (Te Kura Level 2)
Digital Technology (Te Kura Level  2, and,  Level 3  in succession)
Other Economics, Business, and Investment studies (Jay with Dn)
*Delight led farming/live stock business study (Both with Dn)

Interest led nature study, books, and DvD's
1: Delight Led Animal Husbandry Course  (increase herd this year)
2: Agriculture?


1: Delight Led Animal Husbandry Course 

Photography - Both


Delight Led (composers, hymnists).
Music lessons - Both (Jay: Drums, and, percussion.  Daisy: Piano, guitar, violin)
(Theory for Church Pianists ~ Greg Howlett.  Daisy)

Other Languages:

Rosetta French (Jay to complete this year)   


The Art of Argument (Daisy) I'd really like to complete this
Chess (Jay)


Computer Programming (Daisy)
Carpentry and Farming Skills (Jay and Dn)
Driving Course (Jay)
Farm Machinery (Daisy)
Home Economics (Interest led. Both)
Crafts (Both.  delight led)

Book Lists:


Book Basket
Bible (KJV)
Church Ages    (Dn to read aloud and discuss)
TGC  1066: The Year that Changed Everything ~ Prof Jennifer Paxton (audio. 3hrs total)
Hamlet ~ Shakespeare (BBC Production.  audio)   (free. library loan)
Elbows off the Table ~ Patsy Rowe   (etiquette refresher. switched to reading individually)

An NZ History read.
Other titles to select as we go along.

Plays & Films
A: Longitude DvD  (content issues)
21: The Misanthrope ~ Moliere  (1666)  (play)   
Arsenic and Lace ~ Joseph Kesselring (play)

Of Gods and Men (2011)   ? DvD 

part 1 of British Literature

TGC: Classics of British Literature ~ Prof. John Sutherland (audio. selections)
8: Anglo-Saxon Roots—Pessimism and Comradeship
16: Chaucer—Social Diversity
17: Chaucer—A Man of Unusual Cultivation
8: Anglo-Saxon Poetry (selections) GG
  -Deor's Lament
  -The Seafarer
  -The Wanderer
  -Caedmon's Hymn
  -The Dream of the Rood
9: Beowulf   GG  (the illustrated version is a family favourite)
17: Chaucer (selections)  GG
20: Hamlet   GG   (Read alongside:  Brightest Heaven of Invention)
Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead  GG   already covered
25: The Hobbit ~ Tolkien ( re-read for lit study EiL)
26: Nicholas Nickleby ~ Charles Dickens  1861 (Brit Lit) audio, dramatised
28: Silas Marner ~ George Elliot    1861  (Brit Lit)
34: Surprised by Joy ~ C.S. Lewis   (1955) (essay.  Auto biographical/Christian)

AllSorts Selection (Includes Brit Lit books listed above)
2: The Hound of Ulster ~ Rosemary Sutcliff  (Celts.  Cuchulain Saga.  Read before Beowulf)
4: The Prince of the House of David ~ J.H. Ingraham   (AD 30's) (Christian Classic)
9: Spring Tide ~ Mary Ray    (Roman. AD 311)
16: Knight's Fee ~ Rosemary Sutcliff  ('England'   1066 tie-in)
17c: I Rode a Horse of Milk White Jade ~ Wilson  (1339.  Animistic themes)
18: Crispin:The Cross of Lead ~ Avi   (England.  1377)
21: The Three Musketeers ~ Alexandre Dumas (1625-28)  (French Lit)
26: Nicholas Nickleby ~ Charles Dickens  1861 (Brit Lit) audio, dramatised
28: Silas Marner ~ George Elliot    1861  (Brit Lit)
31: Moonfleet ~J. Meade Falkner  (pub 1898)  setting 1757
34 Surprised by Joy ~ C.S. Lewis   (1955) (essay.  Auto biographical/Christian)

Free Reading (optional titles)
3: Three Little Great Ladies ~ W. Percy Smith (Young Ladies of Virtue Series
3: Dora: A Tale of Influence ~ author unknonw (YLoVS   which are similar to Lamplighter books)
4: A Little Child Shall Lead Them ~ Amy Le Feuvre (YLoVS)
4b: Christie's Next Things ~ Minnie E. Kenney
Cadfael (abridged audiobooks)
The False Prince ~ Nielsen   (audio series)
The Samurai’s Tale ~ Haugaard  (Japan 1500’s)
The Faerie Queen ~ Edmund Spenser (1590's epic poem)   (unabridged audio)
The First Four Years ~ Wilder (American Classic)
Underground to Canada ~ Barbara Smucker   (1850-60.  US Slavery. Canada)
A Tree for Peter ~ Kate Seredy  (illustrator.   Young read)

(NZ titles.  easy!! reading)
The Rhys Griffiths Read Aloud Stories Vol II  New Zealand History  
Journey Under Warning ~ Elsie Locke  (1843)

NZ Focus  
Stories of Old New Zealand      (Universal Books) (Out Of Print)
The Women of New Zealand ~ Helen M. Simpson    (O.O.P.)

(NZ titles.  easy!! reading)
No One Went to Town ~ Phyllis Johnston
Black Boots and Buttonhooks ~ Johnston
A Comet in the Sky ~ Johnston

Other Subjects Books
(Church History)



AllSorts Selection
4: Surfeit of Lampreys ~ Ngaio Marsh (NZ author.  mystery.  pub. 1941)
9-13: Babylon's Ark ~ Lawrence Arthur   (profanity edited out.  pub. 2007) Modern auto Biography
33-36: Have a Little Faith ~ Mitch Albom   (semi- autobiographical  pub. 2009) Religion

Other titles
1 Shakespeare (?)  Brit Lit/Drama/ Classic  (completed)
1 Charles Dickens Brit lit/Classic (completed)
A Severe Mercy (?)  (read C.S. L directly)

Sci-fi  (?)  refer to Loris links on WTM thread Helpful lit post 
Harvard Classics (reference pdf)
French or Russian authors (maybe switch to short stories)
Short Stories  (Source from town library: Select extra works from Scotland, Minority Groups, Polynesia, NZ, Australia)   

Other Subjects Books
(Church History)


Poetry/Speeches/Essays ( delight led selection, including)
St. Orfeo  (Poem. Translated by Tolkein)  Circa 1300
Luthien Tinuviel  (Poem from the Silmarillion) 
23-27: Surprised by Joy ~ C.S.Lewis   (1955) (essay.  Autobiography/Christian)

Short Stories
1: Short Stories by Saki   (British)  (audio free. via library)  (H.H Munro 1870-1916)
28: The Most Dangerous Game ~ Connell  (American)  (1924)
29: A Letter to God ~ Gregoria Lopex Y Fuentes  (Mexican)  (1940)
30: A Sound of Thunder  ~ Bradbury  (pdf & lesson) (American)  (1952)

4: Litecoin ~ Branson  

(Life/Personal Growth)
18: The Abolition of Man ~ C.S. Lewis (christian) (audio option)
23-24:  Steven Covey  pdf to read  
Margin ~ Richard Swenson (christian)
The Marshmellow Test  (documentary, already watched)

To Kill a Mocking Bird ~ Harper   (American Lit.  pub. 1960)  US History Fict
Died in the Wool ~ Ngaio Marsh (audio) (Mystery)
Sparkling Cyanide ~ Agatha Christie (audio) (Mystery)
Curtain: Periots’s Final Case ~ Agatha Christie (audio) (Mystery)

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