22 March 2010

Middle Ages Notebook Pages , Lapnotes and Colour in Sheets

Middle Ages Notebook Pages , Lapnotes and Colour in Sheets

We've just flicked some pages together to use for our study this week (yay, so happy to be, finally, studying this portion of history) of The Middle Ages (Medieval Times) alongside;
The Magic Treehouse Research Guide #2 ~ Knights and Castles,
The Making of A Knight By Patrick O'Brien
A Medieval Feast By Aliki,
A page or two out of DK Eyewitness Knight,
and, Usborne Internet-Linked Encyclopedia of World History.

{update: also take a look through our free pages for extra notebooking pages we've made}

I'm not sure, due to copywrite on 1 or 2 of the pictures, if we can share all these  - here  and here are the pages that we can.
Two of the lapfolds, in the second photo below, can be found at homeschoolshare.
Pages to study and label ~ A Castle and A Knight's Armour
Lapnote and lapbook folds detailing a Knight's Code of Honour, How to Become a Knight, How to Treat a Lady, and, Samuari Colour pages.
Medieval Colour Pages, Notebook Pages and an Art Page 

ETA: Why is it that after we've finished a study I stumble back across a great site like this one ... with most of the pages, I thought we might need, already done :-)

Most of the notebooking pages the children completed.


Megan said...

Great collection of worksheets to enrich our Middle Ages study. Thanks so much!

Chelle said...

you're very welcome Megan. Enjoy your M.A study!!