06 March 2015

Our Week Ahead ~ 02 March 2015

I know we're already near the end of the week but I'm still going to leave the title as, Our Week Ahead and only type up our English and book sections.
We're pretty much up and running with all the subject areas we are wanting to work in for our first term.
This year feels like it's flying by; March already!!

Our week ahead in:
One of the key areas of learning Dn and I are wanting to focus on this year with both children is writing.
Here's what we're doing:
  1. Three mornings a week we're working on timed writing, and this week we've chosen random, creative writing, topics. 
  2. We've just started Essentials in Writing, Level 8, with Daisy.  Jay and I are watching the video instruction part of the lesson with her and benefiting from it .  (sample via youtube)
  3. Jay is working in Greenleaf Guide to Literature Yr 3 and is way ahead of the schedule we tentatively set up for him to go through with this guide.  I've pulled the reigns in a bit as he's too far ahead of me to be able to go through our 'class time discussions with him.  Needless to say he is really enjoying this years Greenleaf Guide, and the added benefit is he's noticing the typo's in the draft copy we are using    
  4. During typing practice, for this week, I'm requiring that Jay and Daisy type up: 
A: A narrative piece about something, or someone, they are reading about in Bibliloplan History Companion Ch2: The Scottish Reformation; The Dutch Revolution.                              
B: Either a book review, or a narration about a chapter in the book they are currently read.

Daisy's Books:

Night Birds of Nantucket ~ Aiken  (Wolves of Willoughby series)
The Mandie Collection. Vol 10 ~ Leppard
Mr.  Standfast ~ John Buchan (audio)     free download
Poetry (various, mostly humorous ☺)
Jay's Books: 
Twenty Years After ~ Dumas (wks 3-6)
Don Quixote: Part 3 ~ Cervantes (audio) Daisy and I are listening to this also
Poetry for Dummies ~ Timpane  - with Greenleaf Guide)
Family Book Basket (incs Early Modern Times titles)
Invitation to the Classics: Cervantes ~ Cowan
King Alfred's English ~ White
My Escape from the Auto de Fe at Valladolid: October, 1559 ~ la Mina (not started yet)
(still reading) Papa Was a Preacher ~ Porter
Christian Men of Science: Kepler ~ Mulfinger
The New Oxford Book of Children's Verse ~ Philip 

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