05 March 2015

Math Buddy is 60% off for Homeschoolers (CTC NZ Math Equivalent)

**Scroll down for the NZ Math Buddy link and their offer to homeschoolers.
ETA: This is not an affiliate run post - just a 'heads up' post for my fellow home educators.

We are currently using CTC Math as Daisy's math choice for this year.  CTC offer homeschoolers 60% off, and then they gifted us with 6 extra months on top of that.  My homeschooling budget is very happy ♥
Better still, Daisy is enjoying using this program so far, an Australian voice is more user friendly for us than a U.S one would be; and, we needed to switch from IXL as there was just not enough instruction for her to grasp some of the concepts need for higher level math.

The only aspect neither of us are that fussed on is the checking system the program uses once a student has worked through the math problems.
The answers are listed at the bottom of each sheet in scrambled format, more answers than problems to solve,  and they have a letter from A-Z beside them - you match the answers with the the A-Z selection at the bottom of the worksheet and then key them into CTC to see if you have answered the questions correctly.  It's a small bug-bear but is something that could make a difficult math session, for us, feel even more difficult.

The good news is the NZ equivalent of CTC,
Math Buddy is also available to NZ homeschoolers at 60% off the screen price.  I inquired and received this reply  (ETA: see the comments section, for the update , 2017, concerning homeschoolers):

Thank you for your email regarding our home school program. Chelle, we do have a homeschooling discount available to your family and any other homeschooling families (so please let them know).

All subscribers to Maths Buddy who are registered as a home educator are entitled to a 60% discount. All we ask is that you email us documentation supporting that you are a home educator within the next month.

The discount is actually 60%, so the $397 family yearly rate is priced at $158.80 for homeschoolers. A single student yearly (normally $297) is $118.80.

Family membership is automatically set to 3 students but many people will want to increase that number so that all the family members get it. It’s that's easy - just shoot an email to us after registering and we will change it right away. There is no extra charge for this.

Chelle, the membership is for a calendar year.

To get the 60% discount, take out an offline subscription at http://www.mathsbuddy.co.nz/purchase.html, after your name please put in (Homeschool).  Once we received the details of your subscription, we will send the necessary information to proceed with the payment.

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Matthew Rahi said...

Hi Chelle

It's Matt from MathsBuddy.

Thanks for the post. We now have a purchase page for homeschoolers.

Homeschoolers will be able to receive the 60% discount via this link: http://www.mathsbuddy.co.nz/purchase/homeschool

If anyone has any questions they can email info@mathsbuddy.co.nz