24 November 2014

Timed Essay Writing in Highschool

As we prepare our children for sitting higher level courses in their schooling years and beyond, being able to write fluently in a set time frame is a skill both my children need to work on as we prepare for exams, and test situations.
Getting thoughts down quickly under pressure and still be able to use the correct mechanics of writing is a muscle that needs building in our home.

We're switching the components we use for English (language arts) around a bit next year -  I might write more on that in another post - as I'm wanting to create the time for the children to practice various styles of writing under time pressure more often.

I like how Lori outlined thoughts she's collected and employed for her students to be able to work on timed essay writing - it's nice to find a post where someone has detailed out many of the thoughts I was entertaining, and more besides... and laid them out more succinctly than I ever could.  :D
TWTM post # 54

I'm posting this note here, more for myself than anything.... makes it easy for me to find later, but thought Lori's post may benefit others too.

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