09 March 2015

Our Week Ahead ~ 9 March 2015

We're looking forward to our week ahead, me probably more than the Jay and Daisy, as I'm enjoying the selection of items we're using this year.
I've purposely included the page numbers we've selected out to read with Biblioplan just encase other N.Z or Australian home educators, that read our blog, are ever interested to use Biblioplan's Early Modern Time History Companion with less of a U.S. history focus.  I have speed read through the U.S. history focus sections myself though; so interesting!  
*Reader19, if you decided to eventually go on and get this companion text I'm sure you'll appreciate the U.S. content too!!
It's only 4 days of scheduled learning for us this week as we had a field trip lined up to enjoy as a family... sometime before Saturday comes around again.

Here's the line up for our week ahead:
·       Bible
All: 1 Timothy 
Hymn: All People That on Earth Do Dwell
“Pink & Blue” excerpt from Love & Respect ~ Eggerich

·       History & Geography
Biblioplan Ch 3: The Union of the Crowns pgs 59 -68
(drop U.S history portion)
Biblioplan Ch 4: Jamestown, Pt 2 pgs 82, 97, 100-101
Mapping: Complete Maps from wk 2

·       Family
Read Aloud: My Escape from the Auto de Fe ~ la Mina
Afternoon Audio: Don Quixote ~ Cervantes 
Car time audio:  SOTW3 Ch: 3
* Christian Men of Science ~ Mulfinger: Kepler 1571-1630  (Scientist for this term)
* King Alfred’s English ~ White

·        Daisy ~ History, Literature & Book Basket:
Invitation to the Classics: 1601-11 Shakespeare ~ Cowan
**Select Shakespeare Play of your choice to go through
Reader:  Night Birds on Nantucket ~ Aiken
Poetry:  The Walker Book of Classical Poetry .. ~ Rosen
(Shakespeare, Blake, Wordsworth)
Optional:  Famous Men of 16th & 17th Century: James 1
 Free Reading:
 The Diary of A Young Girl ~ Anne Frank 
** book put aside due to content issues.  I'd mentally misplaced that info :-o  ... (thank you S.M for the alert!!!!   So nice to have someone watching my back  too ♥).   Daisy has already read most of the content involving Peter and so we turned that into a good opportunity for discussion.
Elsie Yatching With the Raymonds ~ Finley  
Daisy mentioned that this book is more about the history of the US, with just a tiny bit of an Elsie story weaved in.
·        Jay ~ History, Literature & Book Basket:
Invitation to the Classics: 1601-11 Shakespeare ~ Cowan
1: Lesson 3:  Poetry of The Early English Renaissance : The Sonnet
2: Book Basket: Twenty Years After ~ Dumas (wks 3-6) (contains content issue)
3: Free Reading: various - delight led
·       English
Essentials in Writing
Restart  AAS
1: GG Yr 3 Lit (1550-1900)  ~ Shearer
Lesson 3:  Poetry of The Early English Renaissance : The Sonnet (writing & discussion)
Other :)
·       Maths
CTC Math  
Computer Science 101
Computer Science 101

·       Science (both)
Poult raising   (we're currently nursing another sick poult - they are not very hardy birds when young)
Emperor (Moths) Caterpillars.  (Currently raising 3, which were gifted to us by some very dear friends!!)
Daisy: How Things Work  (Coursera)
Jay:  Mechanics(Coursera 8 wk course)

Books I'm currently pre-reading:
The Lacemaker & The Princess ~ Bradley  (Early Modern Times)
Thomas Paine: Crusader for Liberty ~ Marrin (Early Modern Times)
A Year Down Yonder ~ Peck ( A friend gave me a shout out about the chapter on the artist & the model in the loft ... think I better pre-read this before handing it over to Daisy... I don't think it'll be going back in the church library ☺)

And adding an end note review about Papa Was a Preacher ~ Porter.
I think the author let down the tone of the book in the end chapter - my review so I get to share my opinon ☺ - by making the deceitful conduct the children used against their parents to *sneak out* to spend time with their boyfriends and girlfriends seem like a humorous lark.  Childish misconduct while they were growing up we enjoyed as humorous - deceit in teens/young adults when it comes to "romantic" entanglements never is. 
Regardless, it was a good opportunity for discussion and we did enjoy the other chapters in the book.

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