03 February 2014

Middle Ages Schedule 2014

Popping this post here, for those that may be interested in having a look at our Middle Ages schedule for 2014.
(Just leave a comment if the links won't work... sometimes dropbox throws a wobbly)
Bobs (14, this month) is in his 2nd year of NZ levelled highschool learning, and Daisy (12, this month - yep, two birthdays in one month ☺) is in her last year of intermediate levelled learning.

For those that want to just skip to a long list of books we selected, I've included that link at the end of this post.

Here is our block schedule, in it's entirety, which also includes our book basket options:
Middle Ages Block Schedule

I've left our weekly schedule very open on purpose and will scrawl all over it as we go along, here's a sample of that:
Middle Ages Schedule Parts 1-10

In a nut shell: we are using Biblioplan's Companion Text as our leading spine and then branching out from there.
I do like BP's Companion Text - it's a perfect leaping off point as a discussion starter with my late logic, and early rhetoric stage children.
I learnt my lesson from trying to use Sonlight's schedule in the early years - someone else's schedule does not work for us - so I've ignored the thought of using a Biblioplan schedule and created our own.

Bobs chose Susan Bauer's History of:  the Middle Ages, and, the Renaissance & the Reformation as his history reading spines (there are no where near as many eye widening inserts in these books as there appear to be in the Ancient's volume - which he & I have been through together).
We've chosen medieval literature (including selections or tie-ins) from:
TWTM list (selections from the grade 10 list),
Greenleaf Press

Daisy chose Story of the World: Middle Ages for her history reading spine (though she may decide to move over into using Dorothy Mills books as we go along, maybe ☺).
We are using a huge chunk of Sonlight for her history based literature, selecting from:
(the old) Core 5/F,
the Middle Ages part of Core 6/F,
 and some Core 200 titles.
(I really like the old Sonlight book notes, and mapping work, so we are using those too.)
Also selected books from:
 Biblioplan's mega long book list,
Selections from Ambleside on line,

And now, we start ☺

ETA:  Linking our long list of books for both children.

The literature list for our highschooler, who was also reading titles selected from various highschool literature lists for Medieval Literature 400 - c.1600AD , can be found here.
And this post lists some of Jay's, other,  optional titles (scroll down to J (14) )

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