05 February 2014

Middle Ages Colour in and Craft Pages ~ 2014

Daisy likes to colour in, and water paint, black line illustrations while we listen to audio books - so that is excuse enough for me to toss together some pages for her.

Middle Ages Colour in and Craft Pages for 2014   updated June 2107


reader19 said...

Very timely post, my Dd has been coloring up a storm lately...of course her pictures are of Star Wars books!!! I'm just glad to see her coloring! So enjoying your posting! It is good to have you back and present!!!

Chelle said...

Thanks Tracy :-)
The first few weeks of 'back to it' always feel a little crunchy to me ... but it is nice to be re-establishing a more set routine again.

Yay on your Dd's colouring in surge .... Daisy colours in a lot!