21 February 2014

Middle Ages History in 2014 ~ Highschool List

The list of books for Jays high school levelled Middle Ages study.

Spines, Guides, Reference: 
1: The History of the Medieval World ~ Bauer (Discussion)
1: Bilioplan 2's Companion Text  (he likes it!)
2: This Sceptred Island  (55BC – 1660) audio dropped
10: (Start) Classics of British Literature ~ Sutherland (The Great Courses.  audio)
26: The History of the Renaissance World ~ Bauer (Discussion) 
Online Courses
Non – fiction (mostly) Scheduled  (Bobs portion)
3: Audio: Augustine's Conversion ~ Mclean
3: How the Irish Saved Civilization ~ Cahill  (selections)
5: The Arabs of the Golden Age ~ Moktefi (SLF)   Flick through read only
16: Da Gama ~ Doak    (1500's India's "Discovery")
16: Adventures on the Ancient Silk Road ~ Galloway (N/F) (selections)
18A: The Story of New Zealand ~ Basset/Sinclair/Stenson
19: The Mongols ~ Nicholson SLF
23: El Cid Champion of Spain ~ Matthews (N/F reference. selections)
The Story of New Zealand 
Read Alouds/Audios (Bobs portion) 
2B: Idylls of the King ~ Tennyson (audio)
9: 1066: History in an Hour ~ K. Jones (car time audio)
15: Hunchback of Notre Dame Hugo (opt)  (1482 AD)
27: Luther in His Own Words ~ Martin Luther
30: Famous Men of the 16th & 17th Century ~ Shearer                                      
Family Read Aloud
Optional Book Basket Choices (Bobs portion)
The Trumpeter of Krakow ~ Kelly SL 200 (1241 AD)  (he really enjoyed this book!!)
The Great Courses: C.S Lewis Study (audio) & select works of Lewis
C.S Lewis at War: The Dramatic Story Behind Mere Christianity (FOTF Radio Theatre)
14:  Girl in a Cage ~ Yolen    Robert the Bruce (Scotland) (1380AD)
16:  There's a Sheep in my Bathtub (... Mongolian Church Planting Movement) ~ Hogan (SL300)

Literature  Books & Audios (scheduled) 
2: Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court ~ Twain (opt)
5: Tales for the Arabian Nights ~ edited by Lang
9: Discovery Mag #14 William the Conq, Battle of Hastings
9: The Gauntlet ~ Welch (opt)
12: Saladin: The Muslin Who Defended His People~ Macdonald
12: The Magna Charta ~ Daugherty
13: Robin Hood ~ J.C. Holt (selections)
15: Dante Aligihieri: The Divine Comedy  ~ Longfellow (inferno selections)      
18A: Favourite Maori Legends ~ A.W. Reed
19: Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World ~ Weatherford N/F  (favourite listen!)
21:  (African Missionary) choose 1 biography
24: The Kings Fifth ~ O'Dell  (1541) (audio opt)
25: Ferdinand Magellan ~ Brewster (ex.SL really easy reading)
27: Martin Luther’s “Here I Stand”  (Narrator Max McLean)

Book Basket (scheduled) 
** Includes a highschool, Medieval Literature, study (detailed at the end of this post)
2: Thirty Days Has September ~ Chris Stevens
2: The Hound of Ulster ~ Sutcliff (opt)
6: The White Stage ~ Seredy (AD 408) (already read so dropped)
7: Great Battles ~ Jorgensen: Tours/Poitiers AD732 p. 59-65 (optional)
8: Viking's Dawn ~ Treece (opt)
9: Hero Myths & Legends of Britain & Ireland ~ Ebbutt: Hereward the Wake
10: A Proud Taste for Scarlet & Miniver ~ Koningsberg (opt) discuss before reading, content issues!
10: Cadfael titles by Ellis Peters (audio)  We ended up going with the BBC dramatized options :)
14: The Story of Joan of Arc ~ Twain (audio) (opt)
27: Reformation & Society in 16th Century Europe ~ Dickens (selections) refer to during  wks 27-29
(Personal Growth books still to be decided)

Book Basket (Optional)
The Crest of the Dragon ~ Leonard
or, The Gauntlet ~ Welch
The Hawk & The Dove ~ Wilcock SL200 (1300'sAD)
Made You Look : How Advertising Works… ~ Graydon (SL200) 
2: Tales from King Arthur
9: Wulf the Saxon ~ Henty (Repeat listen. Dropped)
14: (1415AD) Ring Out Bow Bells! ~ Harnett
17: The Samurai's Tale ~ Haugaard SLG (opt)
20: St George for England ~ Henty (opt),
20: or, The Seas of Morning ~ Trease
25: Cortez, Conqueror of Mexico ~ Syme (opt)
28: Leonardo’s Notebooks https://archive.org/details/noteboo00leon
34: Cue for Treason ~Trease
Masterman Ready ~ Marryat set in the Napoleonic Wars (1803–1815) and will be a summer read sometime
Mr. Midshipman East ~ Marryat   set in the Napoleonic Wars (1803–1815) and will be a summer read sometime 
The Westing Game ~ Raskin (SLG R/A)
Here Lies the Librarian ~ Peck

Great Tales from English History ~ Lacey   942 LAC
The Year 1000 ~ Lacey  942.01 Lac  (audio option)
The Knights Templar  ~ Hodge   271.7913 Hod
The Times: Kings & Queens of the British Isles ~ Cussans   941 Tim
Medieval Literature Study 400 - c.1600AD 
A:  The Greeleaf Guide to Medieval British Literature ~ Shearer
B:  Level 3, English AME Workbook (selections)
C:  Invitation to the Classics ~ Cowan & Guinness (ITTC)
D:  Stories from Shakespeare ~ Marchette Chute (selections) (n/f)
Online Guides:
F:  Spark Notes

The 8 items in bold, listed beneath, are the medieval literature selections Bobs will be studying in depth this year, alongside our Middle Ages/Renaissance History study:
3: Augustine  (selections)  (c. 411)      audio/guide   (ITTC pg 81-84. pg 84 Issues to explore)
1: Bede: The Ecclesiastical History of the English People (AD 731) GGuide
6: The Song of Roland (selections) ~ Translated by Dorothy L. Sayers (AD 778)
2: King Arthur (c 500 + AD)        (various)
3: Beowulf (c. 1000)      translated by Seamus, illustrated edition  GGuide
9: 1066: The Year of Conquest     audio (modern times work, about 1066)
8: Gawain and the Green Knight (c. 1400)     audio/book  GGuide
11: Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales (selections)(c. 1400) GGuide
27: Writings of Luther (selections) Martin Luther  (c. 1520) audio/book/guide
(weeks 16, 21, 27, 32: Shakespeare (c. 1600’s)   4 plays (GGuide: Hamlet)  )
14: Saint Joan ~ George Bernard Shaw (audio production)
B: Shakespeare Unit:
16a: Level 3, English AME Workbook (selections)
16: Stories from Shakespeare ~ Marchette Chute (selections) (n/f)
16: Shakespeare Stories ~ audios (for Daisy)
16-20: A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1600) BBC production/guide
16-20: The Tempest (1623)  BBC production/guide
21: Hamlet (Greenleaf Guide, Lessons 15-19) Hamlet (1603) (BBC Production)
Hamlet audio  & whispersync kindle option
27: Henry VIII (1623)     BBC production/guide
32: Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead ~ Tom Stoppard (GGuide Lesson’s 21-23) ** we chose to edit out the portions that used God's name in vain here - and used the 'gods' instead.  Our play study, our choice :)   Jay enjoyed this play so much, he read through it at least twice.
4: Treasury of English Verse: New & Old  (selections) ~ University Tutorial Press

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