18 October 2012

Working on it: Ancients History Schedule ~ Part 1

It's head down and tail up, in any spare time I may have ☺to get a running draft of our Ancients history schedule organised.
Which means if I find other books/spines we like *more* before 2013 arrives, I can switch things around.

This page is more for my own reference, than anything else, so I'm going to be updating our proposed selections as we go along, tossing crossing out things we are dropping and adding -  in brown  - any new items.)

Pop over to hslaunch to see a Sample Page (1 only) of our intended schedule for Ancients. The ages of our children using this schedule will be (Bobs) 13, and,  (Daisy) 11.
The link to the first 16 weeks of our now completed Ancients schedule can be found in this post.
I am planning with a mix of these items:
  • The Ancients Textbook from Biblioplan along with their maps, Cool History for Upper Middles (review/research/comprehension and a testing of knowledge), and many of their book recommendations.
  • A few of the books from Sonlights old Core G - along with their separate book notes, parts of Credo, and , The Heavens Declare - bible verse CD's produced by the Harrow family.
  • Added in some scripture songs by Esther Mui
  • Various books we already have on our shelves.
  • Audios.

 For Bible Study during lesson time:
  • The King James Bible - also used as a history spine.  Our main spine really! 
  • (including the option of the audio version of the KJV read by Alexander Scourby. 
  • Greenleaf Guide to Old Testament History or  Balancing the Sword (decisions, decisions. The Old Testament History guide is available as a  free download  via lulu - I'm now able to read and compare our two options. )
  • The Victor Journey Through the Bible (was maybe? Now - Yes.
  • Remembering God's Awesome Acts (just select portions of this)
  • Daisy: What the Bible is All About
  • Bobs, with Dn:  Comparing various bible reference books over pre-selected topics. So That's Why Bible, &, The Rose Book of Bible Charts are very helpful.   Dn really likes Zondervan commentaries. 
 History Spines:
  • Biblioplans Ancients Textbook (as mentioned above)
  • The History of Mankind by van Loon (the updated ed)     Portions of. I've already gone through and written side notes and topics for discussion & further study with scripture references, inside the book.   Bobs has already read through this (that's what happens when you leave books laying around) so ??????  I may use the next book instead as out read and discuss together spine.
  • Book of the Ancient World by Mills (inc portions of the student guide) publisher: Memoria Press
  • Daisy: Usborne Internt linked Encyclopedia
  • Bobs: A little of Kingfisher Encyc (scheduling in all the relevant pages though).
  • Bobs & I: reading separately then discussing parts of Glencoe World History, which also details some very good primary sources and interesting real life 'stories'.  Things I'm looking forward to Bobs using from this book are: The Guide to Reading boxes, Reading Checks (I'll be asking for verbal narrations here),  Geography Skills  and some of the things out of the Assessment area.  We'll only be reading through the anicents portion of this book and using it in the way that suits Bob best....  read and discuss.     ETA: We dropped Glencoe World History part way through the year and switched totally to reading and discussing The History of the Ancient World ~ Susan Wise Bauer, which has some very gritty (even eyepopping!) topics that I chose to have us discuss, as opposed to just editing them out.  This text contains very mature themes and I recommend that other mums know exactly what it contains before handing it over to their highschooler to read.)
  • The Romans - Burrell  (switched to Daisy)
  • The Greeks - Burrell (switched to Daisy)
  • The Invaders - Oxford Jnr Hist 1 - Burrell  (Dropped. Too young by the time we got to this era in history ... though Daisy made sure she browsed through the book to see if their we're any comic excerpts :) )
For areas of individual interest & self- study topics:
  • Daisy: The Ancient World (A History of Fashion & Costume)
  • Bobs: DK Weapon
We won't be scheduling in or using all of the following, the children will pick and choose from amongst the selection when we get to those portions in history.  Nearly all of these books were sourced through second hand books sales/thrift shops.  It's amazing what homeschoolers actually have stashed on their shelves, courtesy of book sales☺ 
Our local library has a good selection of other books we can incorporate into our studies - so I'm working on a select-from-the-book-basket concept for 2013, which means a more open schedule.
The children will be selecting and studying more from books of their choice, than just reading titles prescribed by me, or another scheduler ☺

Other books for reference:
  • Kingfisher Datelines of World History
  • DK Visual Encyclopedia
  • Illustrated Dictionary of Mythology - Wilkinson
  • The Roman Empire and the Dark Ages - Caselli (History of everyday things)
The True Story of Noah's Ark - Dooley
& we're going to comparison read these next two picture books:
Adventures in the Ice Age - by Bailey, and,  Life in the Great Ice Age - by Oard
Ancient China:
DK Tales of the Dead. Ancient China - Ross (story format)
Life and Times.  Confucius and Ancient China
(story format) Silkworms - Johnson
Silk Route ~ Major

Ancient Egypt
DK Eyewitness. Ancient Egypt
DK Tales of the Dead. Ancient Egypt - Ross (story format)
Adventures in Ancient Egypt - Bailey

Ancient Greece:
How Would You Survive as an Ancient Greek? - Salaria
Adventures in Ancient Greece - Bailey (story format)
In Search of Troy. One man's quest for Homer's fabled city - Caselli (a blend of modern & ancients)

Ancient Rome:
Discoveries Ancient Rome (wonderful illustrations)
People who Made History in Ancient Rome - Levy
How Would You Survive as an Ancient Roman? - Salariya
Life and Times: Julius Caesar and the Romans (story format)
A Day in the Life of A Roman Centurion (story format)
The Everyday Life of a Celtic Farmer  - Caselli (story format- set in AD 43)

The Vikings  (leave until Middle Ages)
How would You Survive as a Viking - Morley
DK Eyewitness. Viking
Life & Times. Canute and the Vikings (story format)
The Vikings in Vinland (story format)
Adventures with the Vikings - Bailey (story format)

Around the time of Jesus Christ:
Living in the Time of Jesus of Nazareth - Connelly
Life at the Time of Jesus - Feinberg-Vamosh

end of part 1 ☺

To be continued (maybe) with literature and audios ....

Part 2: Our Ancients book list can be found here


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