04 November 2012

Book List for Ancients

Working on it: Ancients History Schedule - Part 2

Someone ☺ asked about the book list Biblioplan uses for Ancients, so I thought I'd reshare that here
In my ancients brain frying storming travels I came across this site  which looks like a great, already scheduled out, option for anyone that embraces the Mormon faith,  we don't ☺ but I sure do like some of their book options (suggestions ☺) for Ancients!

The books we're sorting through as options to use for our Ancients study include:
Sonlight G (the older Core 6)
We'll be using a portion of the books listed in SLs Core G.  I've pulled out the titles we'd like to read -or listen to if listed as audio option-  and I'm planning on using the SL book notes that go along with those books.

SL G - Family Read Alouds
God King 
The Bronze Bow (boy as central character- in the time of Christ)

SL G - Jay:
Augustus Caesar's World ~ Foster
(thinking about this one since trying to read through both of those US president books in core H has given Bobs an adversion for Foster books.  Doing the notebooking pages was the only thing that kept us going by the time we got to Abrahma Lincoln ☺ - one Foster book would have been O.K,  two was just one too many!  )
Eagle of the Ninth (& sequels)
Hittite Warrior (switch - Bobs to read)
Theras & His Town
Trojan War, The

SL G -Daisy:
Archimedes and the Door of Science
Cleopatra ~ Stanley (ex. SL)
Mystery of the Roman Ransom , The

SL titles switched to Audio:
The Golden Goblet (Both)
D'Aulaire's Book of Greek Myths (car audio)
Eagle of the Ninth (Daisy)

Other books we are considering:

For Daisy: 
** with the Sutcliff books we'll be editing out a few of the scary pictures listening to these via audio.  
JM.... There is a picture, or 2, that you'll be wanting to edit out also.)  

A Triumph for Falvius (a very easy reader ☺)
Adara ~ Gromley
**Black Ships Before Troy ~ Sutcliff (read listen to audio with mum)
Detectives in Togas ~ Winterfield
The Dragon of Lonely Island ~Rupp
Galen and the Gateway to Medicine
Hatshepsut ~ Wilkinson
Quetzal Quest ~ Hagen & Hawkins ( Aztecs & the Maya - set in modern times)
Roman Mysteries, The (series) ~ Lawerence
Shadow Hawk ~ Norton
Stories for the Silk Road  too expensive for a fun book, we'll pull in a Core F option for A.China
The Magicians Nephew (study) 
Twice Freed (read with mum)
Victory on the Walls (Nehemiah) ~ Hyman ?
**Wanderings of Odysseus, The ~ Sutcliff (read listen to audio with mum)
Within the Palace Gates ~ Siviter (reading level? too easy?) time of Nehemiah

House of Love ~ Cheney (read by mum)

For Jay:
Cyrus the Persian ~ AB Publishing
Herodotus and the Road to History ~ Bendick (time of Malachi)
Jason and The Golden Fleece ~ Riordan     (or Colums version ?)
Famous Men of Greece online book & audio option
Famous Men of Rome  online book & audio option
Looking for the King: An Inklings Novel ~ Downing (time of Christ tie-in)
Hostage Lands ~ Bond (Romans/Celts)
Mystery of the Periodic Table ~ Wiker
Victory on the Walls ~ Hyman  (check writing style?)
The Pharoahs of Ancient Egypt ~ Payne
Well of Sacrifice, The ~ Eboch
Within the Palace Gates ~ Siviter (reading level? too easy?) time of Nehemiah
White Stag, The ~ Seredy (delay use in middle ages)

Greenleaf Guide to Ancient Literature ~ Shearer (I really like the writing and teaching style of this guide)
I'm proposing to only use lessons 1, 2, & 3 .. Jay is just 13, after all :)

Created For Work ~ Schultz   (with dad)
Do Hard Things ~ Harris
Gifted Hands ~ Carson

Family Read Alouds:
A Boy of Galilee ~ Johnston (free kindle edition)

Aeneid ....still looking for a picture, or chapter book version we like ☺
Miriam ~ Gormley (Moses as a baby & Miriam as a young girl)
Our Young Folks Josephus ~ Shepard  (Read aloud)
I'm currently listening through The Jewish Wars by Jospehus to see if it's suitable for Bobs.

Pillar of Fire ~ Ingham          Moses
Prince of the House of David, The ~ Ingham     Christ
Polycarp ~ Newsom
The Children's Homer ~ Collum (?)
Vinegar Boy ~ Hawse (our Easter time read aloud)
Warrior Scarlet ~ Sutcliff        set 900 years before Christ

Family Time Book Basket:
(which can be a random collection of things, not necessarily ancients influenced - we share the reading during this time.)
Aesop's Fables with Scripture Reference ~ Shelia Carroll
Aladdin: or, The Wonderful Lamp ~ Colum
Ali Baba & the Forty Thieves ~ Colum
A Sparrow Alone ~ Petersen (girl as central character- in the time of Christ)

Book of Virtues, The  ~ Bennett     continue with
Dirk's Dog, Bello ~ DeJong
Fallacy Detective, The ~ Bluedorn
Favourite Poems Old & New         from SL G . Shared read aloud
Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends ~ Mally
Michael O'Halloran ~ Porter         weeks end read aloud
Silk Route: 7,000 mile of History  (China tie in  - covers BC & AD)
Tales from Shakespeare ~ Lamb      continue with

Other Audios options (some will be relistens):
A History of Greece, Vol 1 & 2 ~ Robinson (Bobs)
A History of Rome Vol 1 & 2 ~  Robinson (Bobs)
Beric the Briton ~ Henty (Both)
Cat of Bubastes, The (Daisy
Enchanted Castle, The ~ Nesbit (Greek gods & godessess) (Daisy)
For the Temple ~ Henty (Both)
Hannibal: One Man Against Rome ~ Lamb (Bobs)
Screwtape Letters ~ Lewis (Both)
Till We Have Faces: A Myth Retold (Greek) ~  Lewis (Bobs)
Young Carthaginian , The ~ Henty (Both)

To be continued .........
For those looking for a quick listing of free audio downloads for Ancients, don't forget to check on  My Audio School.

This list is more for my own reference (& Eliz's (-; ) and I'll be adding and crossing out as we go along.

Part 1 of our Ancients history list, spines and non-fiction (mostly) options can be found here

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