17 October 2012

Audio Books - Starting mid October 2012

Here is a free for trial list of kindle books, they also come with a free audio download .... you will need an audible account to make good on the audio downloads though.

With regards to any audio books we mention from audible ......be sure to check if there is a special price, or no cost, on the kindle edition on amazon first - Chareen from Every Bed of Roses introduced me to downloading books via amazon, along with a free kindle app, a little back. I was amazed at the huge savings to be had, just by switching around between audible & amazon.
The best time to purchase through audible is when they have a mega sale on, which they have just had, and needless to say the children and I have already spent our audio book allowance for the rest of this schooling year.

Along with our lovely real books ☺ reading pile we have the following audio books lined up to listen to; the list doesn't include our current audio books.

Updating: It's early November & the children have just about listened through all these ... ah well, they just have to press replay, or relisten to something else  :-D

Audio books for Modern Times (& some classics - from any era):
For Both Children

SL audio
Gone-Away Lake 
By Elizabeth Enright Narrated By Colleen Delany

SL tie-in
Return to Gone-Away Lake (Unabridged)
By Elizabeth Enright Narrated By Colleen Delany

Humor – Modern Ages go along
William's Happy Days (Unabridged)
By Richmal Crompton Narrated By Martin Jarvis

Gulliver's Travels:
A Signature Performance by David Hyde Pierce (Unabridged)

For Daisy
Modern Ages Go Along
Seven Professors of the Far North (Unabridged)
By John Fardell Narrated By Jennifer Van Dyck

Bedtime revisits 
2 SL titles (already read these)
Homer Price (Unabridged)
By Robert McCloskey Narrated By Mike Ferreri

The Story of Dr. Dolittle (Unabridged)
By Hugh Lofting Narrated By Bobbie Frohman

Elsie's Womanhood (unabridged)  - Daisy has already read the book for this one.
Martha Finley Narrated By Marguerite Gavin

For Bobs
WWII tie-in
The Raft (Unabridged)
By Robert Trumbull Narrated By Tom

David Copperfield (Unabridged)
By Charles Dickens Narrated By Simon Vance

The Three Musketeers (Unabridged)    (revisiting again)
By Alexandre Dumas Narrated By John Lee

Men of Iron (Unabridged)
By Howard Pyle Narrated By Robert Whitfield

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