14 January 2013

Ancient History Schedule wks 01-16

This link  https://www.dropbox.com/sh/nrtj9oycnveq45z/xK-Pg05Iix
will take you to the first 16 weeks of the history schedule we'll be using for Bobs and Daisy during this year.
The readings colour code:
Daisy - Purple,
Bobs - green, and
mine is in pink(ish)

Option 1:  The link above is to dropbox -  once there:
Click the darker blue Download button at the top of the screen.
(Hold down the Ctrl key) and click on download as a zip file,
which will open another tab,
Save to a file on your computer before opening.

Each week is stored as a separate pdf.

Option 2: IF you just want a quick view inside each week (the only problem with this view is dropbox can tend to scramble the fonts in the pdf) :
Click on the blue Ancients 2013 file (left hand side)
Then just click on each weeks pdf.

And if you're wanting to download that page.....
(Hold down the Ctrl key) and click on download,

which will open another tab

wk00 explains a little of how we've arrived at our final choices. Last years history schedule was a little too open end for the children to use with ease, so this time I've broken things down into weekly chunks, so the children can see what they need to be doing/reading next.

We start back to scheduled learning, in full force, in less than 2 weeks - this week, and next,  we are starting to sloooooowly ramp up all with the academic subjects first.


Stacey said...

Oh, wow! Thank you, thank you, thank you! We're studying ancient history next year, and this is fabulous.

Chelle said...

@ Stacey: you're very welcome!

@ Yve (check your email ☺) & I may get organised and do a folder post here too - maybe.