25 January 2013

Ancient History ~ Book Basket Reading List

The books in this list are just a random selection of titles placed in our book basket that we'll pick and choose through during scheduled book basket slots - or whenever, or to switch a not being enjoyed book out and swap one of these (or another) title in☺

These books don't take the place of enjoying library time selections- unless the children wish them to.

I won't be taking the time to pretty this list up (the pdf is prettier m.a.nz)  just fitting this post in around nana-nap time :-D

Literature & Other - Anyone:
The Book of Virtues ~ W.J. Bennett
Favorite Poems, Old & New. illustrated edition ~ Helen Ferris (Beginner’s Bookshelf)
Asterix & Obelix’s Birthday: The Golden Book (a “new to us” Asterix)
Nonfiction - Anyone
Adventures on the Ancient Silk Road ~ Priscilla Galloway
DK History : The Definitive Visual Guide
Holman Bible Atlas ~ Thomas V. Briscoe
Journeys Into the Past: Life in the Biblical World ~ Readers Digest
The Rhys Griffiths Read Aloud Stories: Vol II.  New Zealand History ~ S.J. Woodward
Material World ~ Peter Menzel
Pictures Telling Stories: The Art of Robert Ingpen ~ Sarah Mayor Cox
People Who Made History in Ancient Rome ~ Patricia Levy
Life at the Time of Jesus ~ Miriam Feinberg-Vamosh
Living in the Time of Jesus of Nazareth ~ Peter Connolly
Toi Matarau 2: Teaching Visual Art in Aotearoa ~ Sherrit & Tohiariki
(Rotate other art books in)

Literature - Family Reading:
Kite Fighters ~ Linda Sue Park (SL F)
Kiwi Adventures ~ Bartha Hill (easy)
The Drovers Road Collection: Adventures in NZ ~ Joyce West (Daisy read this by herself)
Dirks Dog, Bello ~ Meindert DeJong
A Girl of the Limberlost ~ Gene Stratton Port
Gateway of the Sun ~ Lori Wagner
Nonfiction - Family Readings
Illustrated Dictionary of Mythology ~ Philip Wilkinson

Literature - Bobs (13yrs):
The last 2 Richard Hannay books ~ John Buchan
Shadow Hawk ~ Andre Norton (Ancient Egypt) Veritas Press title
The Phantom Toll Booth ~ Norton Juster (SL title)
The Westing Game ~ Raskin (SL title)
The Dog Who Wouldn’t Be, or, Lost in the Barrens ~ Farley Mowat dropped
Traitor ~ Jean Fritz
Here Lies the Librarian ~ Richard Peck
The Mystery of the Roman Ransom ~ Henry Winterfeld (SL 6)
The Prisoner of Zenda ~ Anthony Hope (mum to pre-read first)
World War 2 Tales ~ Bentley Boyd
The Silver Branch ~ Rosemary Sutcliff
The Lantern Bearers ~ Rosemay Sutcliff
Nonfiction – Bobs:
Warships Inside Out
The Lego Ideas Book ~ Lipkowitz
Start Here ~ Alex and Brett Harris

Literature - Daisy (11yrs):
Elsie Dinsmore series ~ Martha Finley (continue with series)
A Year Down Yonder ~ Richard Peck (needs portions edited out)
Centerburg Tales ~ Robert McCloskey
King of the Wind ~ Marguerite Henry (SL 5)
The Great Brain, &, Me & My Little Brain ~ John D. Fitzgerald (SL)
Hitty: Her First Hundred Years ~ Rachel Field
Benny, Boy of the Prairie ~ revised by Sandy Queen
The Incredible Journey ~ Shelia Burnford (SL 5)
Mountain Born ~ Elizabeth Yates (SL)
Listening for Lions ~ Gloria Whelan (Africa) (SL F)
Champion Dog: Prince Tom ~ Jean Fritz
Thursday’s Child ~ Noel Streatfeild
Nonfiction/Other – Daisy:
Roman Soldier’s Handbook: The Usborne Official
Pharaoh’s Handbook: The Usborne Official
Murderous Maths (various)
Horrible Histories (select ones)
Sewing School ~ Plumley

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