29 January 2018

Rethinking School in 2018 ~ podcasts and the audiobook

Another extra ….  
I’m endeavouring to listen through Susan Bauer’s podcasts on Rethinking School. Links below.
(For teacher/outschooling friends: the interviews are not a negative hate on all things out school  ☺  the podcasts are on making the way we educate/school each child work for them personally.  I don't agree with some of Andrew Kern's theologically input, shrug, ymmv. )

Part 1
Part 2 

The first podcast encouraged me to want to read through Bauer's book
 Rethinking School: How to Take Charge of Your Child's Education;  however, using an audible credit to purchase the audiobook was more economical for my back to schooling budget - we start next week.  Christina Moore is the perfect narrator for this book.
Update: Despite the fact that I’m not the target audience for this book - we’re nearing the end of our home educating; and, are not US based - Rethinking School was an easy and engaging listen.  Understandably, portions of this book are American,  K-12 grade schooling, centric.  Chapter 21 was of the most interest to me, especially since Ds is taking a road less travelled after highschool, which does not include University.
There are some help filled suggestions in this book which would make it an excellent read for someone newer to home educating, or whose children are younger or pre-teen, or those who are wrestling with their child’s brick and mortar schooling or in their own homeschooling journey.  Sometimes we can get stuck in a rut, that the route we are taking is the only one,  and can not see the wood for the trees: to have someone who is further ahead of us in the educate-the-children journey offer some concrete suggestions can be a game changer.

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reader19 said...

Thank you for sharing! I'll see if I can get these on my phone; my computer wasn't allowed access but perhaps my phone will! I started reading Just As I Am by Billy Graham yesterday! So far it is really interesting---thanks for recommending it a few weeks ago.

Thanks for sharing! It is great to hear from you! Sending you a big hug for your day!