04 March 2018

Picture Post March 2018

I'm still a little short of time to post yet, but still wanted to share an NZ picture post :)
Our favourite local lake to walk around
The other side of the same lake.

Our house build is at this stage.  We're all learning so much.
The start of narrowing down books for Daisy to read this year. 


reader19 said...

Hello Friend!! So lovely to see what we've been praying for each day! I bet you are learning SO much! And you will have it all done exactly how you want it done! That has to be such an immense blessing and dream come true! That lake is such a beauty! Such wildlife all abuzz there, I'd love it! Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy season to share a few pictures with the rest of us!!! It is a gloomy cold day here in Michigan and your cheery photo's were in God's perfect timing! Sending you a big warm hug! Love to you!

Chelle said...

I was hoping to gift you with a tiny virtual visit via those few pictures :)
Thank you for your prayers over our build - it's definitely been needed; we are learning SO much, some of it I wish we'd not have needed to learn ;-p
You'd love the lake, so much wildlife and you can get so close to the birds since they are used to people. Hope that Spring gifts you with regular reprieves from gloomy days. Sending a care filled hug in return. Much love to you Tracy ♥