08 November 2017

Our Months Ahead ~ Oct til Dec

Regular Blog posting is definitely a back-burner activity for me this year, yet I still keep an updated record, offline, of what we are hoping to achieve each week.
We are currently three weeks ahead with our proposed literature/Church History schedule for books to study/read and Daisy has completed one of her English courses, Essentials in Literature, for this year, and has a few weeks worth of work left to complete on the other one, Essentials in Writing.
Jay is taking a much slower pace with Te Kura (NCEA) based subjects than we had imagined at the beginning of the year due to other educational irons, of his own interest, he has in the fire.
I'm not going to talk much about Te Kura based NCEA courses until we've completed our journey; however, I will say we've been tempted to ditch the whole NCEA, credit collecting, process for Jay a time or two :-P

And as promised, in a previous post, a few pictures of our nosy cows.  Whatever we're doing they want to see or, worse, be involved in it.
Ringside seat.  The neighbours steers rush to the fence to see what we're doing
The electric fence is the only thing keeping our calves from getting VERY close.
L. Mozart,  R.Mocha
L. Beethoven,  R. Bach.  Yes, all our cattle have names.

Scheduled Learning (updating as time allows)
The Book of Acts 

Book Basket for Oct-Dec
The Abolition of Man  ~ Lewis  (audio) 
The Misanthrope ~ Moliere   (1666)  (audio)
Stories ~ C.S Lewis
Writing Great Fiction: Storytelling Tips and Techniques cover art
Writing Great Fiction: Storytelling Tips and Techniques ~ The Great Course (audi0.  we purchased this from audible as one of their daily deal offers.)

Church, Literature, & Book Basket
Book Basket for Oct-Dec:  
The Church Ages
Book of Proverbs ~ KJV Life Application Study Bible
Leaders and Misleaders ~ Van Heerden  (business. NZ)
Image result for margin swenson
Margin ~ Swenson  (business. Christian)
Three Men on The Bummel ~  Jerome  (humour)

Audio’s schedule to listen to Oct-Dec:
Sparkling Cyanide cover art

Church History & Geography    
Rose Book of Charts      p. 46  AD1900 

History, Literature, & Book Basket: 
Book Basket For Oct-Dec:
Bible study with mum, continue
The Church Ages
Three Men in a Boat ~ Jerome
The Ghost in the Tokaido Inn ~ Hoobler

Oct-Dec Free Reading/audios:
the following titles are all very light reading; as Daisy is neck deep in reading and fact compiling, for a research paper
Image result for journey under warning
Journey Under Warning ~ Locke
Young Pioneers ~ Lane
Prisoner B-3087 ~ Alan Gratz   (available thru NZ  e.pukapuka)

Audio’s scheduled to listen to Oct -Dec:
The Three Musketeers ~ Dumas  1625+    switched book to audio.  Purchase $0.00 kindle first and get the audiobook read by John Lee for $0.99 
Mrs Pollifax and the Hong Kong Buddha ~ Gilman    continuation with our worldview study:  others may like to know this title includes psychics, Zen Buddhism, fame & multiple marriages, terrorists
Sherlock Holmes, unabridged, mysteries (various)  Daisy's sweet friend, Fleur, got Daisy interested in listening to Sherlock Holmes' (non-dramatised) stories again.  They've been card crafting while they listen.



reader19 said...

LOVED seeing your cows!!!! The landscape is also so beautiful! Wow! I love seeing the Agatha Christie and Sherlock Holmes entries---two of my most favorites!! Thanks for sharing your cows with me! It is always such a treat to peek into your world! Praying for you, friend! Hope all is going well with your busy endeavors! Sending you a hug from rainy, gray Michigan!

Chelle said...

Those cows would love to SEE you (IRL) too Tracy - up as close as they could get. Thank you. This is the spot we are building our home in. It's so peaceful. Kindred spirits with who-dunnit authors (yay). I love the glimpses into your world too - Michigan is so different to where we live... even your caterpillars (garden pests) look different Thank you for praying for us; much appreciated. Please know we are praying for you too (hug). TTFN XX