09 July 2017

Our Month Ahead ~ Books to Read in July 2017

Welcome to July.    So good .... that means only 2 months until Spring!
I'm trying to make the most of the winter months, so one of the indoors tasks we are working on is - trying to -  down scale the home educating items we've accumulated.
I've managed to cull the math section,  many of the history texts,  and most of the spare copies of things just sitting in boxes.  
Now it's time to thin out the educational Dvds and the homeschooling-helps-for-mum books.   Seems to be a lot of both ;-P
We want to down scale as it's time to get rid of younger years 'stuff'  and we're hoping to move home before the end of the year;  the less I have to pack and then find a new home for will be win-win in the long run.

Switching topics to our month ahead and the items in our home educating book baskets; some of the titles still being read are from last month, along with any new books, listed in bold type, to be read in July.  
Beneath are our initial literary/book basket selections for  July  - I'll update with any extras as we go along.   
YLR stands for Younger Level Read: not all books have to attain to the pinnacle of rich literature to be appreciated.  Daisy and I enjoy reviewing new finds, to us, in children's literature.   The C which may appear beside any item, during this month, means completed:



    Family Book Basket:
    Shorter listen at only 3hrs long.

    I'm going to see if I can encourage the family to listen to The Swoose ~ Dick King-Smith with me; I know it's for younger years but June Whitefield has crafted a laughter producing narration.

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