01 July 2017

Audible or Amazon ~ July Sale on Over 1000 Children's Audiobooks

I'm not an affiliate ... so this is just a share-the-joy post   :)
There are so many good audio stories on sale  over at Audible during July for  $3.95 USD  ($5.39 NZD)   or less; or,  if you don't have an  Audible account you can still purchase directly through Amazon.com

ETA: For NZ readers make sure you check for any recently added audiobooks  at ePukapuka, as some of the titles on sale at audible/amazon are available free through our local libraries.

If you'd like a jump start with audible, beneath are some linked chapter book suggestions from us, other than more obvious titles on offer from authors such as:

Laura Ingalls Wilder
C.S. Lewis (1)
Frances Hodgson Burnett
(  Heidi  )
L.M. Montgomery
Eleanor Estes       2 titles
George Selden     1 title
Brian Jacques         our family is not fussed on this series, many are :-)
Gertrude Warner         Box Car children books, scroll thru the list
Enid Blyton
Authur Ransome 
Kathryn Lasky          I recommend previewing each book in the Ga'hoole series before handing to your children, some topics needed discussion here - we used this series to discuss differing world views, and one title we skipped completely
Louisa May Alcott
Marguerite Henry      1 title
Scott O'Dell       2 titles
Jean Fritz
Martha Finley
Dick King-Smith titles   so many.     I've linked a few of our choices beneath
Russell Freedman       U.S history 4 titles
Padraic Colum      2 titles
and etc.....

Links to Audiobooks on Sale:
Starting with younger years books first...
James Herriot's Treasury for Children: Warm and Joyful Animal Tales ~ James Herriot
Buttons the Runaway Puppy ~ Holly Webb     love Phyllida Nash's narration! 
Tatum and Nutmeg ~ Emily Bearn
Tatum and Nutmeg: A Seaside Adventure ~ Emily Bearn
The Green Ember Series  ~ S.D. Smith      all three are for sale 
The Reluctant Dragon ~ Grahame
The Ordinary Princess ~ M.M. Kaye  ex.SL title

The Wouldbegoods ~ Nesbit      wonderful.  a childhood favourite for my two
All-of-a-Kind Family ~ Taylor  series
Pollyanna ~ Porter   purchase the Free kindle at amazon and the audio book becomes $0.99
The Star of Kazan ~ Ibbotson
The False Prince ~ Nielsen
Freddy and the Ignormus ~ Walter Brooks
Pippy Longstocking ~ Lindgren
The Toby Man ~ Dick King-Smith

 Johnny Tremain ~ Esther Forbes     lots of character development in this story
Black Ships Before Troy ~ Sutcliff
I, Juan de Pareja ~ de Trevino    ex.SL title
A Long Walk to Water ~ Park
The Revenge of the Whale: The True Story of Whaleship Essex ~ Philbrick
The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood ~ Pyle    brilliant narrator 
Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm ~Wiggin 
The Westing Game ~ Ellen Raskin
The King's Fifth ~ Scott O'Dell    well read!

I've purchased to preview  - such a hardship - these next titles, perhaps to share with young children that visit: 
The Witch of Blackberry Bottom ~ Dick King-Smith      she's not a witch at all
The Swoose ~ Dick King-Smith
Pax ~ Sara Pennypacker      a RAR interview recommended this title - so time to hear it for myself

There's an Owl in the Shower ~ George

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