17 March 2016

Recommending this podcast: On Living a Story Formed Life

The Read Aloud Revival podcast with Sarah Clarkson,  On Living a Story Formed Life,  is the one RAR podcast  - out of those in series I've listened to - I've returned to, to listen, absorb, and encourage my reading-aloud literature loving heart.... I'm going to listen through with my teens.
Sarah isn't sharing a brand new, never heard of concept, but I love the word choices she uses to convey her thoughts.

And,  since I've mentioned it to a few other mums of late, I thought I'd share the podcast here too, for others that may not have come across it yet:        On Living a Story Formed Life


reader19 said...

Hello Friend!
I'm so enjoying these podcasts! Thank you for sharing them, this is an area that I've never looked into (podcasts), so I am very appreciative of you opening this door for me. I hope you continue to post your recommendations and share this material.
Hope you are doing well this day...praying for you all!
A big hug for you, friend!

Chelle said...

How lovely to find your message here!
Popping over to your space ;-)