31 July 2017

Our Month Ahead ~ Books to Read in August 2017

Winter time  =  start building a house:  It feels official - that we really are building a new home -  now that profiles for the house have been pegged out and the building team, which includes Dn & Jay (17),  have all the frames up for the work shed.  

Winter builds, that are accompanied by excessive rain and the resulting mud, are such fun  ;-P  
Adding to the fun is the irritating fact that our small herd of cows are determined to get into whichever paddock you are working in: and, they've managed to Houdini themselves through the fences a few time to get on to the building site.  Nosy & naughty.   
I may add some photos of them another day.

Needless to say the weeks feel like they have speed up a bit more for our family, but as we're on a one way trip we're electing to enjoy the journey.

Here is our month ahead and the items in our home educating book baskets; some of the titles still being read are from last month, along with any new books, listed in bold type, to be read in August.  
Beneath are our initial literary/book basket selections for  August  - I'll update with any extras as we go along.   
YLR stands for Younger Level Read: we figure not all books have to attain to the pinnacle of, college worthy, classically rich literature to be appreciated.  Daisy (15) and I enjoy reviewing new finds, to us, in children's literature.   The C which may appear beside any item, during this month, means completed:



    Family Book Basket:
    • Bible (KJV)      St. John   Ch: 19-22
    • Then Sings My Soul BK 3 ~ Morgan    Select songs
    • The Abolition of Man  ~ Lewis      Brit Lit
    • Just as I Am ~ Billy Graham  The children wanted to carry on listening to this with me after hearing a small portion one day, so we've switched it to a family book basket read.
    • The Misanthrope ~ Moliere    1666   
    • The Edwardian Farm   BBC   DvD


    reader19 said...

    So exciting to hear the progress on your home build!!! I do hope you can share some photo's at some point, it would be neat to see! Thanks for the book suggestions and titles. Stopping by here for a cuppa with you and your good company! Sending you a big hug!!!!

    Chelle said...

    Tracy, just getting to your comment now... so nice to find ♥
    I'll be sure to get photos of the build to you, if not here then via email :)
    Nothing much to see yet.
    Thinking of you as you head towards restarting schooling full time (?)
    TTFN ;)
    with love,