30 June 2017

Artist / Picture book Illustrator Study ~ Highschool

Winter time gifts us with extra hours indoors to get the practical aspect of our artist / illustrators study up and running for Daisy.
We are not going to be going fathoms deep with this one - it's the kind of study that a planning mumma (ahem ;) ) could get seriously submerged in resource gathering.... and then we'd never start.

We signed up, briefly, to the members section on Read-Aloud Revival, as we plan to use the following interviews as a leaping off point:
Illustrator 101   members section - Workshop
Patricia Polacco     members section - Author Event  P.P      author/illustrator
Jonathan Bean   members section - Author Event  J.B    author/illustrator
Tomie dePaola  members section - Author Event  T.P    author/illustrator

Books about select picture book illustrators already read:

I'm placing these few links here for me to find again quickly:
Exploring Language: Static Images - Picture Books     NZ English
Thumb templates for writers and illustrators 

Daisy will be choosing some favourite illustrators of her choice to study, one illustrator a month, and then I'm asking that she:
1:  craft a brief illustrator biography,
2:  select various books by that illustrator to work with,  discuss techniques,
3:  recreate an illustration using the artists techniques.

Both of us are really looking forward to working on this together since we are devout picture book appreciators -simple picture books and sophisticated picture books, we like both.

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