10 April 2017

Book List: 70 + Books for Teen Girls ~ Read by Daisy at age 14

Posting this separately, to save anyone interested from having to sort through the paraphernalia in the original post that housed this list.
Here are some of the books that Daisy read through during 2016, aged 14, and enjoyed.
(scheduled reading)
Runaway Settlers ~ Elsie Locke      (younger,  but still a good read for Daisy)  (NZ Hist)
Boys Without Names ~ Sheth   (not for sensitive readers.  Story ends well)
The Screwtape Letters ~ Lewis     (audio)
Nothing Else Matters ~ St. John   (has romantic interest as an underlying theme)  

Free Reading (includes audiobooks):
Stepping Heavenward ~ Prentiss  (we had some great mum & daughter discussions while reading this book)
Northanger Abbey ~ Austen   (audio option)
Mansfield Park ~ Austen  (audio option)
Hope Glynne’s Awakening ~ Goldsmith Cooper
The Black Star of Kingston ~ S.D. Smith   (Daisy didn't enjoy this as much as The Green Ember)
The Secret School ~ Avi  (audio)
Curtain: Periot’s Final Case ~ Christie (audio   needed discussion. Content issues, unexpected twist at the end)
The Young Carthaginian   ~  Henty   (audio read by Jim Weiss)
Christy ~ Catherine Marshall   (mature themes, needed discussion)
The Keeper of the Bees ~ Stratton-Porter  (mature themes, needed discussion)
The Harvester ~ Stratton-Porter   (mature themes, needed discussion)
Duplicate Death:  Inspector Hemingway Series, Book 3 ~ Heyer  (audio) (some content issues)   
Mother ~ Norris  (she said it ends a bit quickly)
The Chestry Oak ~ Seredy   (wonderful story)
Betty Green ~ Benge    (& Other Benge titles not already read)
A Little Bush Maid ~ Mary Grant Bruce  
Mates At Billabong ~ Mary Grant Bruce  
Norah of Billabong ~ Mary Grant Bruce  
From Billabong to London ~  Mary Grant Bruce  
Betsy-Tacy ~ Lovelace   (read a few in the series.  easier reading. We found that some of the content in the later books is very boyfriend/girlfriend focused, casual dating etc...  :-/ )
The Dragonfly Pool ~ Ibbotson  (no magic in these books. Wonderful story)
Agatha Christie (select titles only.  audios)
Mrs. Pollifax  (series)~ Dorothy Gilman  various titles. Unitarian beliefs in every book. Review here.)
The Gammage Cup ~ Kendall    (does have romance, but is clean)
The Boy in Striped Pajamas ~ Boyne  (sober, emotive. discussion generator!)
Alas, Babylon ~ Frank (sensuality! edited out)
The Cottage Tales (audio series, beneath, about Beatrix Potter) ~ S.A Wittig  (see my review here)
1.Tale of Hill Top Farm ~ Wittig Albert
2.Tale of Holly How ~ Albert
3.Tale of Cuckoo Brow Wood ~ Albert    bks 2 & 3 focus on Potter, purportedly, believing in fairies - the Holly How book is over focused on that theme - and neither Daisy or myself enjoyed those titles as much as the others
4.Tale of Hawthorn House ~ Albert
5.Tale of Briar Bank ~ Albert
6.Tale of Applebeck Orchard ~ Albert
7.Tale of Oat Cake Crag ~ Albert
8.Tale of Castle Cottage ~ Albert

Dick Barton and the Firefly Adventure ~ Edward J. Mason , Morris West (audio)   very corny! old time radio.  We enjoyed it :-D


reader19 said...

What perfect timing!!! I love when God uses you to help me!!!! We are really looking into our book schedule and thinking..think. think. think!
Thank you, friend!!!

Chelle said...

Glad that our 'been there, done that' posts can help you to idea hop.... do remember that this was Daisy's booklist from last year... we do have one developing for this year; and, Daisy has no problem reading from a wide range of books - from very easy reading to young adult level lit. However, if I assigned her less challenging books all the time, she'd baulk.
Sending a hugXX