02 May 2017

Our Month Ahead ~ Books to Read in May 2017

Thinking of the all the Southern hemisphere families we know as we all endeavour to settle into home educating during the winter months; and of the Northern hemisphere home educators as they wind down their learning year and prepare for summer time break.

We've just had 2 weeks of term break and are now back to scheduled learning.  Ho-hum ;)
It feels like we've been going full pace during term break attending to around -the-home projects and tasks, which is so good as it's nice to start a new term with a sense of achievement during the weeks away from scheduled learning.

I think I'll skip creating weekly updates from now on and just go for Our Month Ahead posts as this years reading assignments, and book lineups, are intentionally pretty spread out to allow time for all the other subject areas we are working in; and, not sure about other highschooling years, educating at home, families but our reading time has definitely morphed into a vastly different look this year:  the sheer number of books we read has become less and yet we discuss so much more (age and maturity stage of teens) - and the literary goals do not seem to be, so much, about completing the books but about immersing ourselves in the thoughts and discussions surrounding the themes in the books..... along with rabbit trails, which happen constantly and are creating some delight filled distraction.

Beneath are the titles we completed during the end of April , along with the books to be read during May.  (I'll update with any extras as we go along. The C beside each item means completed.)
Our literary/book basket selections for this Month:

Family Book Basket:
KJV Life Application Bible.  Excellent Bible.

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