10 May 2016

Mrs. Pollifax series .....

This is not intended as either a promotional or disapproving post, but as an extra info type up for a few others that may be interested in our take on Dorothy Gilman's  Mrs. Pollifax series.
I do enjoy researching the background of authors with books we read, especially if we are going to immerse ourselves in a series by them.  Books definitely promote a writers world view.

A few biography sites on Dorothy Gilman tout her as holding Unitarian beliefs; and, the prevailing beliefs the characters promote in the Mrs. Pollifax series seem to support this - with Mrs. Pollifax agreeing to reincarnation, physic insight, offering a buddist blessing,  and then praying that God would protect someone... all in a few chapters :-)  Mrs. Pollifax on the China Station
Clairvoyants, pyschics, astrologists, and upholders of theological humanitarianism (the belief that Jesus Christ possessed a human nature only) are all treated with the same Unitarian open handedness.

The series is engaging, and we're enjoying the story aspect !! , yet I'm making sure I preview each audiobook before handing them to Daisy so that we can discuss any "religious" themes undergirding the storyline in each book. 
So far I've previewed:
The Amazing Mrs. Pollifax  (Instanbul)
The Elusive Mrs. Polliax  (Bulgaria)
Mrs. Pollifax on the China Station

We won't be going through every title, maybe just 5 or 6 (and not book 8 as quite a few reviewers note that one as being 'darker' with Gilman detailing the torture of Mrs. Pollifax  - not a theme I'm wanting to include in a 'cozy mystery' book for Daisy.    ETA:  We skipped the first book until the children were quite a bit older as it’s heavy on adult despair and suicidal depression.)

The titles I'm selecting out are definitely driven by geographical location to compliment our Modern Times History study this year.  Yet we're  also using this as an opportunity to, once again, compare and contrast religious world views and beliefs as we read - a topic study we're focusing on this year, .... we have a great diversity of religious beliefs amongst our family and associates and it's interesting for Daisy to spot them in the literature she's reading this year.
I just love using a literature based approach to education.


Kendra said...

Oh goodness I adore Mrs Pollifax!

Chelle said...

Grin. And if only you'd thought to tell me about her.
I'd never heard of her until I read Gladys Hunt's Honey for a Woman's Heart.
Mrs' Pollifax does make for good reading !! and as a perfect world views & geography tie-in for this year.

Kendra said...

I just started reading her stories this year when I found Bk 1 in a $4.95 sale over at Audible! ;)

Chelle said...

Good find! We've had to wait until it's credit time ;-)