14 February 2017

2017 Book List in Reading Order ~ info post for me

2017 Book Lists in Reading ORDER
Daisy (15):  
TGC: Classics of British Literature ~ Prof. John Sutherland (audio. selections)
8: Anglo-Saxon Roots—Pessimism and Comradeship
16: Chaucer—Social Diversity
17: Chaucer—A Man of Unusual Cultivation

AllSorts Selection (Includes Brit Lit books)
2: Elbows off the Table ~ Patsy Rowe   (etiquette refresher)
2: The Hound of Ulster ~ Rosemary Sutcliff  (Celts.  Cuchulain Saga.  Read before Beowulf)
4: The Prince of the House of David ~ J.H. Ingraham   (AD 30's) (Christian Classic)
5-7: How to Write Clearly ~ Beechick   (N/F English)
8: Anglo-Saxon Poetry (selections) GG  (Brit Lit)   
  -Deor's Lament
  -The Seafarer
  -The Wanderer
  -Caedmon's Hymn
  -The Dream of the Rood
9: Beowulf   GG   (Brit Lit)    (the illustrated version is a family favourite)
9: Spring Tide ~ Mary Ray    (Roman. AD 311)
16: Knight's Fee ~ Rosemary Sutcliff  ('England'   1066 tie-in)
17-19: Chaucer (selections)  GG  (Brit Lit)   
17c: I Rode a Horse of Milk White Jade ~ Wilson  (1339.  Animistic themes)
20: Hamlet   GG (Brit Lit)   (Read alongside:  Brightest Heaven of Invention) (Play)
21: The Three Musketeers ~ Alexandre Dumas (1625-28)  (French Lit)
25: The Hobbit ~ Tolkien ( re-read for lit study EiL)  RAR #41 Listen & discuss
26: Nicholas Nickleby ~ Charles Dickens  1861 (Brit Lit) audio, dramatised  (Brit Lit)   
28: Silas Marner ~ George Elliot    1861  (Brit Lit)   
31: Moonfleet ~J. Meade Falkner  (pub 1898)  setting 1757
34:  Surprised by Joy ~ C.S. Lewis   (1955) (essay.  Auto bio /Christian) (Brit Lit)   
Free Reading (optional titles)
3: Three Little Great Ladies ~ W. Percy Smith (Young Ladies of Virtue Series
3: Dora: A Tale of Influence ~ author unknonw (YLoVS   which are similar to Lamplighter books)
4: A Little Child Shall Lead Them ~ Amy Le Feuvre (YLoVS)
4b: Christie's Next Things ~ Minnie E. Kenney
6:  The Faerie Queen ~ Edmund Spenser (1590's epic poem) (unabridged audio(Brit Lit) 
7:  Just Binnie ~ Dick King-Smith (younger, easy reading.  good story though)
7: What She Could: & Opportunities ( A Sequel) ~ Susan Warner
Cadfael (abridged audiobooks)
The False Prince ~ Nielsen   (audio series)
The Samurai’s Tale ~ Haugaard  (Japan 1500’s)  
The First Four Years ~ Wilder (American Classic)
A Tree for Peter ~ Kate Seredy  (illustrator.   Young read)

Daisy  NZ Focus  
Stories of Old New Zealand      (Universal Books) (Out Of Print)
The Women of New Zealand ~ Helen M. Simpson    (O.O.P.)
        (NZ titles.  easy!! reading)
The Rhys Griffiths Read Aloud Stories Vol II  New Zealand History  
Journey Under Warning ~ Elsie Locke  (1843)

Jay (17): 

AllSorts Selection
A: The Marshmellow Test  (documentary, already watched) LC
1: Short Stories by Saki   (British)  (H.H Munro 1870-1916) (English/Short Stories)
4: Surfeit of Lampreys ~ Ngaio Marsh (NZ author.  pub. 1941) (English/Mystery)
4b: Litecoin ~ Branson  (Business
5: Died in the Wool ~ Marsh (NZ author) (English/Mystery)
6-8: Leaders Who Last ~ Dave Kraft (christian) LC
9-13: Babylon's Ark ~ Lawrence Arthur   (profanity edited out) (English/Modern Bio)
17-22: Leaders and Misleaders ~ Andre Van Heerden (Business  NZ) LC
18: The Abolition of Man ~ C.S. Lewis (christian) (audio option) LC
23-27: Surprised by Joy ~ C.S.Lewis   (1955)  (English/Essays/Autobio)
23-24: Steven Covey  pdf to read  LC
28: The Most Dangerous Game ~ Connell   (1924) (English/Short Stories)
28-31: Margin ~ Richard Swenson (christian) LC
29: A Letter to God ~ Gregoria Lopex Y Fuentes   (1940) (English/Short Stories)
30: A Sound of Thunder  ~ Bradbury   (1952) (English/Short Stories)
33-36: Have a Little Faith ~ Mitch Albom    (English/Bio)
32: Three Men on The Bummel ~ Jerome (English/Humour)

Other Subjects Books

Poetry/Speeches/Essays ( delight led selection, including)
St. Orfeo  (Poem. Translated by Tolkein)  Circa 1300
Luthien Tinuviel  (Poem from the Silmarillion) 

To Kill a Mocking Bird ~ Harper   (American Lit.  pub. 1960)  US Hist Fict
Sparkling Cyanide ~ Agatha Christie
Curtain: Periot's Final Case ~ Agatha Christie

Book Basket
Bible (KJV)
1: Short Stories By Saki ~ H.H.  Munro  (car time audio)    (free. library loan)
4-22: Church Ages    (Dn to read aloud and discuss)
16: TGC  1066: The Year that Changed Everything ~ Prof J.Paxton (audio. 3hrs)
23: Hamlet ~ Shakespeare (BBC Production.  audio)   (free. library loan)

...... then there were nine ~ Phyllis Johnston (NZ hist)
Other titles.  To select as we go along

Plays & Films
A: Longitude DvD  (content issues)
21: The Misanthrope ~ Moliere  (1666)  (play)   
33: Arsenic and Lace ~ Joseph Kesselring (play)
Of Gods and Men (2011)   ? DvD 

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This is a very helpful post. I especially like how you added the years, or timeframe, of the titles, so I know where I could fit them in. Thank you so much for sharing, it seems I need to rework or schedule a bit! Sending you a big hug and a chilly fruit salad for your warm temps!