21 February 2017

Our Week Ahead ~ Mon 20 Feb 2017

Summer has certainly arrived late in our region - the hot balmy weather most hoped for over the Christmas break didn't happen - we are having days with significant heat in them now.
(Perfect weather to be at the beach, the lake, lounging in the pool ....... We, however, are doing scheduled learning, painting the house, stacking away firewood for winter and reorganising our very scruffy shrub gardens; and, enjoying visiting family!)

Our learning for the week ahead contains the following:

History & Geography    
Rose Book of Charts      p.34  AD1, AD100

History, Literature, & Book Basket: 
1: Book Basket:
The Prince of the House of David ~ Ingraham 

2:  Audio’s in Feb:
The Faerie Queen ~ Edmund Spenser (1590's epic poem)   (unabridged audio)
1:  Essentials in Writing 10 
2:  Essentials in Literature
o   The Secret Life of Walter Mitty 
3: Greenleaf Guide to Medieval Lit
o   Bede   (AD 731)  wk 1 of 3   (Lesson 1)

Church History, & Geography
Rose Book of Charts      p.34  AD1, AD100

Literature, & Book Basket:
1: Book Basket:  
1:  The Whisper of Glocken ~ Carol Kendall
o   2: Lite Coin ~ Branson
o   3: How to Read Slowly ~ Shire p.1-21  
2:  Audio’s in Feb:
Surfeit of Lampreys ~ Ngaio Marsh (1941)  NZ/Britain

Business Studies 
o   The Leadership Challenge ~ Kouzes/Posner p.3-21

All:   St. John Ch:7+

Book Basket
Christian History Made Easy ~ Jones   Ch:1

1:  Read Alouds:  
o   Short Stories  by Saki

2:  Other: 
C.A. book ~  Dn to read and discuss

My Book Basket:
1 Samuel (KJV Bible)
Surprised By Joy ~ C.S. Lewis (audio)

(Previewing the following titles for Daisy)
The Girl Who Drank the Moon ~ Kelly Barnhill (Modern fairy tale.  Check out authors worldview)
The Clocks ~ Agatha Christie
Juno ~ Fleur Beale (appears to justify adultery, details 'mystic' powers)


reader19 said...

Hello dear friend! I'm feeling better and closer to getting caught up here. Thanks for sending me your 'hello's!' We need to catch up soon on how your critters are doing!!! Thinking (and praying daily) of you! Sending a big hug your way!!!!

Chelle said...

off to leave my 'paw print' on your blog ♥♥