16 November 2016

Our Week Ahead ~ Monday 14 November 2016 (Week 33 of 35. YAY!)

It's very satisfying to look at our proposed schedule for learning and to see just 2 weeks left, after this one, before we start wrapping up our learning year.
Here is where the roles reverse and the children start really 'encouraging' me to get their academic learning work load cleared so they can shift gears and enjoy the freedom of becoming totally delight-led in their activities.  Not sure about other homes, but once our history/literature schedule is wrapped up things seem to go from a semi-structured educating day into ones filled with projects, crafts, hours of online study, and piles of books, and audiobooks, taking over our home.  So good!

November Monday 14 2016

 History & Geography  
1:  Bp Early Modern Times:      
o   Ch: 32  Vietnam War  p.508-515 (selections only)
3:  Encyclopedias
o   KFH     p.446-47 Civil Rights  (1950-present)
o   DKH     Vietnam War p.430-31
o   BP Map 31    wk 2 of 2

History, Literature, & Book Basket:
1: Book Basket:
Animal Farm ~ Orwell  (compare ending with the one in the animated film.  Watch during class time.)
Nothing Else Matters ~ St. John (1976)

Free Reading:
Alas, Babylon ~ Frank (sensuality edited out)
The Gammage Cup ~ Kendall (fantasy)

We've been using Essentials in Writing ~ Matthew Stephens which has assisted Daisy so much with learning to write.  Her writing style has definitely developed this year. (Makes for one very happy mum and student).  She's just handed in her final writing assignment for 2016 and crafted a very interesting, and rather well written, piece.  Her topic was Up Helly Aa ;-)  something I knew nothing about prior to reading her essay.  

All:  Luke 23+

History & Geography
Notes:   Post WWII Healing Revival 1947-1958.

Hymns For November:  Review

o   Animal Farm (animated cartoon)
o   Sir Edmund Hillary 1919-2008    
o   Messenger ~ Becker (Thurs watch with DN & discuss)
o  Billy Graham (documentary)

Economics   Economics for Everyone ~  R.C. Sproul  jnr   (dropped)

1:  Read Alouds: 
 o   Evidence Not Scene ~ Darlene Rose (WWII/ missionary)  start reading to Daisy
o   The Boy on the Wooden Box ~ Leyson  (WWII/ German/Polish Jew) Dn reading this to us 

4:  Short Stories:  

1:  Essentials in Writing Level 12
Use EiW for extra instruction while creating two 500 word essays this week.

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