14 November 2016

Our Week in review ~ Monday 07 to Friday 11 Nov 2016 .. homeschooling high school

ETA:  Thinking of all the students kept awake by the earthquakes in NZ over night - and still required to sit NCEA exams today, tough day ahead for all.

Last week:
2016 has been a very different educating at home year for us, with half of Jay's highschool topics being done via the NZ Correspondence school.
This month is requiring he drop, pretty much, the non-NCEA portion of his schooling courses so he can complete his Te Kura generated work and post it in for assessment.
It's certainly made Jay & me appreciate the curriculum choices we've used in previous years: we'll definitely be taking a different approach with NCEA for Daisy when her turn comes around.
I have no wish to rinse and repeat Te Kura's journey with NCEA English.
Our post for this week is actually our week in review for Daisy, as typing up about Jay's essay topics and the rough drafts being agonised over composed isn't overly interesting to others.   Along with our household taking turns with a common cold (nasty thing), we also got distracted by the election in the U.S.A.  The children have been extremely interested, and more so as the led up to election day loomed nearer.  We've learnt so much about American politics this year, and how the U.S run their government - which has been a interesting delight-led topic for us to rabbit trail on during our Modern Times history studies.

The items crossed out are things we just did not get to; mostly, Daisy just felt like sitting quietly reading and nursing her 'cold' filled head.

November Monday 07 2016

History & Geography  
1:  Bp Early Modern Times:      
o   Ch: 30 Africa  p.66,468b-470a, 473b-474a, 475b
o   Ch: 31 Cold War, Nuclear Arms Race, Space Race 477-482a, 484b-487a,489b-492a
2:  ITTC: 
o   Flannery O’Connor  – (1953, 1956, 1964) p.353
3:  Encyclopedias
o   KFH     p.462-63 St Africa  (1990-2000)
o   KFH     p.436-37 Cold War (1045-89), 456-57 Environment 1950-present
4:    Read online about Rwandan Genocide (1994)

An hour watching history videos on Khan Academy (Archdukes, Cynicism, and World War , Imperialism, Visiting Babylon, Archdukes, Cynicism, and World War I, Communists, Nationalists, and China's Revolutions,  USA vs USSR Fight! The Cold War, Sal teaches Grover about the electoral college :D,  World War II)

o   BP Map 31    wk 1 of 2

History, Literature, & Book Basket:
1: Book Basket:
Animal Farm ~ Orwell  (compare ending with the one in the animated film.  Watch during class time.)  reassigned for next week

Free Reading: 
Boys Without Names ~ Sheth (not for sensitive readers.  The boys in the factory are kidnapped and held for slave labour)

Journey to Jo’burg ~ Naidoo    SL Core F

Hope Was Here ~ Bauer  SL 300  (edited out the portion with sensual contact.  A bit of a bubble gum read, and not the style of writing Daisy usually read. or enjoys.  She said it was okay.) 

The Green Book ~ Walsh   ex.SL 100  (interesting thought in this book.  makes for a good conversation topic afterwards.)

Drawn From New England : Tasha Tudor ~ Tudor      illustrator study

Dn is reading a title from Daisy's book basket  The Boy on the Wooden Box ~ Leyson  to all of us.  It's easy reading for him, and makes for enjoyable listening.  Well written.  We all figured we didn't want to be reading through a really heavy, involved, or deeply meaningful literary work, just now, as there is so much heavy brain work going on in other subject areas.

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