01 April 2016

My Book Basket ~ As at April 01 2016

Since I find it interesting to see what others are reading, or about to, here's a quick look into the current selection in my book basket.

Current Sip Reads:
The Book of James (KJV)

Catharine ~ Jane Austen   
Catharine is out of the book,  Jane Austen: The Complete Novels. pub Oxford.  The book is written in the old style Austen used, which makes for slower reading especially with the teeny tiny print the book uses.... I'd like to switch to a kindle edition, if I could find it for free

There's a Sheep in My Bathtub ~ Brian Hogan   A modern missions story.  I'm about 1/4 of the way through and Brian writes well so the book makes for interesting read.

To Start Next:

The Shepherd King ~ Mark Meadows   (Solomon's Bride series Bk 2)

Great Journeys in Old New Zealand ~ Ell

I usually get through audios at a much quicker pace, as I can listen while I work.

Nearly Completed:
Tramp for the Lord ~ Corrie Ten Boom   I'm really enjoying listening to this!

Weapons of Mass Instruction ~ Gatto    A sobering, worthy, listen.   Totally recommend. 

About to Start:
To Kill a Mockingbird ~ Lee    I'm wanting to get through this before Jay needs to read it.

Night ~ Wiesel    A scheduled read in  Essentials in Literature  8  for Daisy, so I'm wanting to get this listened to before she required to start reading it.

ETA:  I'm also going to give The Great Gatsby ~ Fitzgerald a listen through, and TRY to finish War and Peace ~ Tolstoy.  With my own personal reading I try, mostly, to read in the era of history we are study


Lorna said...

I do so admire people who read a lot, like yourself. I have a large pile of To-Be-Read books and I wont tell you how long it has looked the same way! (I dust it periodically ). I bought 2 books recently too. One of them I purchased the audio version so I will actually get through that one.
I like the look of the Honey For a Woman's Heart.
~L xx

Chelle said...

Maybe if you saw my good-intentions, and discard, pile you'd see how much I didn't read :-)
(Your family responsibilities are more 'blessed' ♥♥ than mine, but I found once Daisy got to around age 7-8yrs I was able to start being much more intentional in generating opportunities to read things other than books for/about/or to the children.)
With the books I select out to read - sometimes I'll only read a paragraph a day - they are a necessary portion of my 'joy in the journey' with life as a wife, and, a mum who home educates. (Other woman feel ministered to when they garden/sew/play an instrument/cook... I need to ingest good books (written or spoken). The beauty of words 'feeds me' mentally and spiritually.
I may write a post about it yet ;-)
Honey For a Woman's Heart is so well written! I devoured a chapter at bedtime last night.