29 March 2016

Books We're Reading, in place of Our Week Ahead Post

We're going through a new learning curve with Jay transitioning, more and more, over into his young adult studies - so our home educating line-up is feeling rather scrambled while we try to integrate fully outsourced subjects into the mix for Jay.

I've decided to skip posting Daisy's entire Week Ahead lists for a bit and will just share books we're reading, and possible audiobooks listened to,  or,  any film studies we've completed instead.

Our book baskets:

·       Family
Currently Reading:
Bible:  The Book of Luke Ch: 9
Read Aloud: The Nickle- Plated Beauty ~ Beatty (1886)     
Life Lessons:  Outliers ~ Gladwell   
Short Stories:  Stories by O'Henry (1900's)  (American Lit)   I enjoy this edition .. especially since it has pictures ;)
Completed Titles 
Short Stories:  (character study) The Necklace ~ de Maupassant (1884)   French Lit  
Film Studies:  Mansfield Park  (BBC.  1983 version)
  • Daisy 

Completed Titles
1:  Turn Homeward, Hannalee ~ Beatty  (1865) (historical fict)
2:  Northanger Abbey ~ Austen  (Brit Lit)
3:  Rowland Bingham ~ Benge (Missionary)    
4:  Mildred Keith ~ Finley    
5:  Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead ~ Stoppard  (Play.  content issues.  Read with Greenleaf Guide Yr2 Lit))
6:  The Red Badge of Courage ~ Stephen Crane (American Lit)
Currently Reading
1:  William Booth ~ Benge (Missionary)    
2:  Christy ~ Catherine Marshall
New Zealand History Focus
1:  Runaway Soldier: The Kimble Bent Story ~ Nigel Ogle  (1837-1916)
2:  The Runaway Settlers ~ Locke   (1859+)

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