03 April 2016

Week of April 04 2016 ~ Mostly Books

A lingering thought from last week;  fretting about (home educating) things adds no value to our day.
(and Prayer surely does change things!)

We've finally managed to get Jay's (3 new) online learning classes started.  Next comes the dialoguing with the teachers to try and ascertain what Jay can skip/shift/reinvent.
Our interaction with Te Kura staff, thus far, has been very favourable.

As the items in my Family book basket are still the same from last week - it was a very short week for us with just three days of scheduled learning - I'll only post the items in Daisy's book basket this week:

·       Daisy 
History & Geography
2: Bp Early Modern Times: Ch:9  Immigration to the U.S p.124-128a     
3:  KF   p.340-341  (Industrial Revolution) 1836-1913
4:   Shutting Out the Sky 1880-1934 ~ Hopkinson (N/F book)    (This is a really interesting book!)

Mapping:  Bp Map 9:  Ellis Island
Review:  Continents & Seas (Lizardpoint)

History, Literature, & Book Basket:
1: Book Basket:
1:  William Booth ~ Benge (Missionary)   
2:  Runaway Settlers ~ Locke

2:  Audio’s for April:

(and, she decided to relisten to some younger years favourites also, just because she can ☺
Daisy enjoyed the first 2 books - The Saturdays, and, The Four-Storey Mistake -  during our read through of,  what was then called, Sonlight's Core 2.  )  


reader19 said...

We totally love Enright too----have you all read/heard The Saturdays? I love that one a lot too. We read them aloud, I haven't thought of looking to hear them on audio; great idea. We went to the downtown library last week and they had a bunch of audio books on sale for .50! Things like Ramona the Brave, Long Walk to Water....so exciting!

I requested (from our local library) four things I've found on your blog, or your links:
Seeds of Contemplation, Planet Narnia, (audio) A Girl of Limberlost, the Sally Clarkson book - A Lifegiving House (this one will take a long time for my turn to come).

I so appreciate all your sharing! So thankful! Sending you hugs from Michigan---and a cuppa warm tea (on this cold morning) and some celery with almond butter! "I'm not going to eat it, just taste it!" says Winnie the Pooh!

Chelle said...

The Saturdays (book) was good. We don't have the audio, but if it's the same reader Daisy would be sure to like it.
Nice library sale. Well done!!
I hope you enjoy A Girl of the Limberlost as much as we did (the mother is awful initally, but stick with it)
And it's too soon to say whether I'm going to ♥ the Clarkson book - I think I will though.
The Thomas Merton book (Seeds of... ) is one of Susan Bauer's recommendations (Merton is not my cup of tea, at all :-D)
And I had to go google search Planet Narnia; it sounds like a book my Catholic friends may enjoy (??)

Book sharing is a semi-compulsive need ;-) (Always happy to help Tracy. Books and hot tea are some of the best staples in my home educating life)

Grin. Nice W.T.P quote to go with your healthy snack.
Appreciating the hugs from Michigan! And send some back your way from out autumnal coasts. (Loving the beauty of the leaves along with slightly cooler days! Our summer was an absolute stinker.)