17 April 2016

Audiobooks in April ~ Just a few More

I'll get off this topic soon...... once the Audible sale is finished I'll get back to posting about other things.  ( I'm not an affiliate of Audible, so these posts have no hidden agenda ☺)

For anyone that was wanting to listen to Elizabeth Gaskell's book Cranford:
if you "purchase" the amazon kindle edition for $0.00  first the well read audiobook,  over at audible , becomes a very affordable  USD $0.99
The same can be done with Wives and Daughters, though if it was me I'd be selecting out another reader to go through the audiobook with.  The other options cost USD $2.00 more than the edition read by Nadia May, but with over 25 hours of listening to get through, that's still very good value for money; and, would gift someone a huge amount of listening time while they tackle some those 'before winter hits' jobs.

Reading through Gladys Hunt's Honey for a Woman's Heart has given me some new authors and titles to consider; one author I've decided to try is Dorothy Gilman, and I went with her book The Amazing Mrs. Pollifax  as it had one of the highest ratings.  I'm hoping this will be an enjoyable new series for Daisy to listen through, since she's listened to most of the appropriate Agatha Christie titles we have.
Update:    For others that appreciate knowing of things like this too, before handing an audio title to their teens: one of the characters says, "What the h3ll" quite a bit, the author includes a mention of horoscope driven personality traits, clairvoyant gypsy. & karama.


reader19 said...

I happened to stop by yesterday to catch-up and saw the post about the sale!!! Oy, I almost missed it! I got Cranford too! I just couldn't think fast enough to decide what else I needed! But, I am thankful I got one! Thank you so much for sharing that with us!!!! Your latest posts are fantastic, and I so appreciate you sharing! Our snow is gone and things are greening up here. We have three spring Daffodils blooming!

Chelle said...

Hoping that missing seeng the sale is not a huge disappointment for you!? the audible sales are a 'savings' must if we are going to enjoy quality items so I make sure I have our wish list loaded with possibilities for when the sales swing round.
So good to read that spring has sprung for you!!! Enjoy your lovely new outdoor space!!
I enjoyed reading your praise post ( via bloglovin) this morning! God is so good!!!
I'm laying down homeschool tools for a week or so, as its our term break. And I'm taking a blog holiday too :-). I'll be getting some autumn outside jobs done.
See you when we get 'back'
Blessings to you and your family Tracy !!