18 April 2016

Week of April 18 2016

We start our term break on Thursday this week so our line up consists of books, and items, to finish reading before then.

April Monday 18  2016

·       Family
All:  Luke 10+

History & Geography
1:  Read Alouds:
·        The Road from Home ~ Kherdian (1915)       The Rabbit trails we're taking with this book are very interesting.  All of us are appreciating this title as our current family read aloud.  Recommend!!
·        Outliers ~ Gladwell    

2:  Book Basket:
·        Do Hard Things ~ Harris   together, book basket time

4:  Film Studies: Watch a portion of the BBC (1972) : War and Peace  production, to help visualise most of the characters.       War and Peace is a very involved book - so many characters!

·       Both
History & Geography
1: The Story of New Zealand  ~ Bassett:  
Ch:10  Family Life in the Late 19th Century p.95 -105
Ch:11  Many Settlements Become One p.106-120
Ch:12  The Rise of Farmer Bill p.121-134

4:   ITTC: Leo Tolstoy ~ Cowan p.279-280a

Short Stories:
How Much Land Does a Man Need ~ Tolstoy (1886)
Three Questions ~ Tolstoy   (1903) Russian Parable
·       Jay
History, Literature, & Book Basket:
1: Book Basket:  
1:  NZ Road Code 
3:   Fahrenheit 451 ~ Bradbury  (Utopian)     Reading Response required.     (content issues)

2:  Audio’s for April: 
3:  Churchill’s History of WWII:
The Second World War.  1: Milestones to Disaster 

·       Daisy
History & Geography
Mapping:  New Zealand
Review:  Mountains and Rivers  (Lizardpoint)

History, Literature, & Book Basket:
1: Book Basket:
1:  William Booth ~ Benge (Missionary)   
2:  Tales from The Perilous Realm ~ Tolkien

2:  Audio’s for April:
The Black Star of Kingston  ~  Smith
The Secret School ~ Avi
Curtain: Periot’s Final Case ~ Christie (needs discussion. Content issues)
1:  Essentials in Writing, Level 8  Mon, Tues
2:  Essentials in Literature 8  Weds

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