12 October 2015

Our Week Ahead ~ Monday 12 October 2015

Only posting up a few extra things this week as we're still reading through much of last weeks type up - and will be for perhaps up to 2 more weeks after this one, especially with Jay's book basket.
Jane Eyre ~ Bronte
Barnaby Rudge ~ Dickens (Audio)
Christian Men of Science ~ Mulfinger: Maury 1806-1873
ITTC: Austen: Pride & Prejudice 1813 ~ Cowan

Allie, a Sonlighting friend, was interested to see what Jay thought of Jane Eyre ~ Bronte and on the off chance that anyone else may be interested in reading my brief reply - here it is, slightly edited:
I waited to reply until Jay was a week into Jane Eyre. He's actually enjoying reading this - and is appreciating, not only the storyline but Bronte's writing style too.
(He's pretty well read in the classics, so I knew the writing style wouldn't be an issue.)
My initial concern was that the protagonist was a pre-Victorian era girl ;-) and he'd quibble at reading further. 
He didn't.
No quibbling.
The rest of the characters in the book are so well developed that Jay has been able to enjoy it as a gothic read, as opposed to a book about an orphaned girl.
It's generating some good discussion - especially around character, or lack of, conduct; and how embracing biblically based instruction could change each event happening.
There is NO way I'd want Daisy to be reading this book, yet. In a few years yes, right now? no.  She has had exposure to a very abridged version of the story, but not the unabridged tale with all it's angst, mental illness, 'bigamously' intended marriage, and woe.
She's more than content to read Jane Austen :-)
ETA: Jay said to say while he didn't, initally,  mind reading this book, it's not a book he'd recommend or want to every read again ;)
Insane wives, and men with bigamous intent put him right off.

Also adding, Daisy flew through Emma... now we just need to focus on the written/discussion portion of that book.  Which we'll do after our term break.

Since Daisy wasn't feeling well last week, we decided she needed to spend most of one day just curled up on the couch reading.  Time well spent, as she got to devour They Loved to Laugh ~ Worth in one sitting.  She really enjoyed that Sonlight recommended book and now has it on her bookshelf as a keeper.
For any wondering about this book for their teen daughter; They Loved to Laugh has wholesome, character based, romance, without sensuality or promiscuity.  And the story ends with a very satisfactory conclusion.

October Monday 12 2015
 ·       Daisy
History, Literature, & Book Basket:
1: Book Basket:
1845  Under the Hawthorn Tree: Children of the Famine ~ McKenna (repeat read from younger years as she can't remember it) 

Free Reading for this month
The Daisy Chain ~ Charlotte Yonge
Famine Triology bk2: Wildflower Girl ~ McKenna (optional)
Famine Triology bk3: Fields of Home ~ McKenna (optional)

2:  History Reading: 
Dickens: His Work and His World ~ Rosen

6:  Audio’s for this month:
The Unknown Ajax ~ Heyer
Emma ~ Jane Austen  (Dvd)  *Film study.  Use NCEA notes.

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