08 October 2015

Picture Books: A few visuals... and links

Just popping up some visuals of a few of my more favourite New Zealand picture books beneath.. so that I can pin them ;-)

For anyone is in the frame of mind to see our, very slowly growing, pins of favourite picture book covers; I'm archiving them on Pinterest.  This is not a list of every great picture book out there, just my personal favourites and mostly they are titles we own.  (Second hand book sales have been a wonderful place to find discarded gems.)

I count myself as very blessed ☺ as Daisy appreciates picture books too; and, she has her own small collection going.  During her high schooling years we are using picture books for art/illustrator studies.
Jay is more interested in plastic model artisans, and their painting techniques. ;-)

With the next two boards, I'm also only pinning books *we* like, not trying to create an exhaustive list of every title available.

After the War ~ Bob Kerr
Opening 2 page spread. 
We like to keep flipping back to the opening pages to note the change the years have created.
The Great Monsieur Vertelli ~ Robin Peirce
 Clicking on the picture will allow you to read the page beneath.

The Immigrants ~ Alan Bagnall (Sarah Wilkins' artwork reminds me of Rita Angus' painting style)

Opening flap.

Caesar The ANZAC Dog ~ Patricia Stroud 

The Battle of the Mountains ~ Peter Gossage.  The black line templates in the back are a wonderful go-along activity with this book, they help to make this our favourite Gossage book.

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