08 May 2015

Fun Extra for Little People ~ All About Reading

We've long been advocates of All About Spelling and I received an email from a homeschooling associate a few days ago mentioning that All About Learning Press, the parent company of All About Spelling, is offering this fun, downloadable, freebie:
Click Picture to Go Straight to the Download Page

There are so many things a homeschooling mum can do with a fun set of cards like this, other than just for reading....
  • Create a lapfolder with an envelope to hold the cards on one side and the uncut print out glued in place on the other side so that your child can match them up; jigsaw puzzle style.  Another variation is to match up a cut mother card to the baby card on the lapfold, and a baby card to a mother card on the uncut board.
  • Play pick a card charades (sounds and actions allowed) where the 'guessers' have to say the name of the mother and the baby to get the set.
  • A game to play with slightly older children is to print out & cut up 2 or 4 sets for a game of memory match.      Printing out coloured sets and black and white sets to use together will create more interest... or confusion :)
  • Or for children that like to play clothes line match n peg; secure a length of string at your child's height for them to peg the matching pairs to ... just like matching up the pairs of socks to peg on the clothes line.   (Daisy used to enjoy playing games like this ;) ).

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